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  1. 1. PRESS RELEASE FROM NUIQUE LTD.So you think Omega 6 is good for you?A lot of people think if they are taking Omega 3,6,9 that are taking a more ‘complete’Omega.Omega 9, the human body can make itself, so you don’t need any extra.A 100 years ago people died from omega 6 deficiency, that’s no longer the casetoday.Omega 6 although essential for survival is abundant within a variety of foods weeat. Here are just a few foods with high amounts of omega 6 fats, French fries,Sunflower oil, Corn oils, all oils, nuts, seeds, cakes crisps/ chips, fried chicken, friedfoods, red meat, snack bars, milk /eggs, cakes. Even olive oil contains 12% OM6!What is important to remember is the balance between Omega 3 and Omega 6.Too much Omega 6 is detrimental to the absorption of Omega 3 and hasa negative effect on your health!Omega 6 makes you fat!The ratio should be around 1:1 to 4:1 (Omega 6 to Omega 3) but in typical Westerndiets it can be anything from around a staggering 50:1 in favour of the Omega 6,which would account for the rise in obesity and heart disease amongst many otherconditions. The Western diets contain far too much omega 6, so you really don’tneed to take any more in supplement form.Why take Omega 6 with Omega 3 when they compete with each other for absorptionwithin the body? Omega 6 always wins. You may as well not bother with an Omega3 at all, it’s just money down the drain.Too much Omega 6 will only go into storing in the body where we don’t want it,around the stomach in most cases!Where does Omega 3 store? In the brain, eyes and heart.
  2. 2. Omega 3 V’s Omega 6Omega 3 Omega 6Omega 3 Kickstarts the Omega 6 Reduces themetabolism metabolismOmega 3Reduces fat Omega 6 Boosts bigger fatcells cellsOmega 3Activates the Omega 6 Activates the body tobody to burn fat store fat Omega 6 Stores in substantial amountsOmega 3 Canonly store insmall amountsSo what’s the alternative?Nuique EPA & DHA, is the purest dose of pure Algae Omega 3 on the market as it isunadulterated providing a massive 100mg EPA and 400mg DHA per 2 capsule dailydose. 60 capsules per bottle, 1 months supply. There are many Omega 3supplements out there, yet are bulked with other Omega PUFA’s which you don’tneed.Avoid nasty fish oil toxins!
  3. 3. Nuique is now the first choice when choosing a non fish Omega 3 direct from thesource of Algae. The best choice in sustainability and developed in a controlledenvironment.Best for Mums and mums to be!Our high dose DHA makes it the number one choice for pregnant or breast feedingmums and best for baby too by squeezing the oil directly into their milk once movedonto the bottle.Why is NUIQUE EPA & DHA so revolutionary?NUIQUE’s new supplement contains high levels of EPA & DHA, 500mg, the activeingredients only found in oily fish and algae. It’s naturally low in Omega 6 andsaturated fats and we don’t add additional Omega 6 in the form of Sunflower oil orSunflower lecithin.We feel it’s about time the lid is lifted on supplements that boast of ‘a completeOmega 3’ or ‘Omega 3,6,9’ or stating 1000mg Omega 3 when only 400mg areEPA/DHA, what’s the rest in the capsule?? Many consumers are fooled into thinkingthey are getting a superior Omega 3 product.Humans cannot manufacture long chain Omega 3 EPA & DHA, they have to get itfrom their diet by consuming either oily fish or an algae oil supplement.Algae are the source of long chain essential fatty acids (PUFA’s) and fish obtainOmega 3 from their diet of algae. When we created Nuique Vegan omega 3, wewent straight to the source and bypassed the fish.The future without question, should be algae derived Omega 3, why? It’s pure,unadulterated and 100% natural, great for all the family, and is especially importantfor expectant and breastfeeding mothers. NUIQUE OM3 is guaranteed to be free oftoxins, heavy metals and PCBs because it’s grown in a controlled pharmaceuticalgrade facility, away from the sea. Therefore customers can be sure of the highestquality and purity of our algae oil without having to take a fish oil.Simon Worth, General Manager of Nuique Ltd says “One day in the not toodistant future all long chain Omega 3 will come from algae and not fish! Whyplunder our oceans when there’s a perfectly sustainable, toxin free alternativeto fish oil?”NUIQUE EPA & DHA Vegan/Vegetarian Omega 3, is naturally low in omega 6 withno added Sunflower oil or Sunflower lecithin, delivering a whopping 100 mg EPA &400mg Omega 3 per 2 capsule, easy to swallow, daily dose.IN SHORT?
  4. 4. NUIQUE , Vegan omega 3 is: High strength EPA & DHA non-fish marine oil from algae Vegan and Vegetarian approved Great for the brain, eyes, joint and cardiovascular health Fully sustainable – we just grow it! Free from toxins, heavy metals, PCB’s Very low in omega 6 and saturated fat with no added OM6 inthe form of Sunflower oil or Sunflower lecithinFree fromSunflower oil and Sunflower lecithin, wheat, dairy, sugar, gluten, GMO’s and allanimal products and by-productsSourceshttp://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sunflower_oilhttp://www.omega-9oils.com/omega369.htmhttp://www.mcvitamins.com/essential%20fatty%20acids.htmhttp://www.superfoodsrx.com/nutrition/nutritional-research/why-mayonnaise-is-not-a-good- source-of-omega-3.htmlhttp://mediterraneanheart.wordpress.com/2009/04/11/sunflower-or-olive-oil/http://www.mercola.com/nutritionplan/beginner_fats.htmhttp://www.ehow.com/about_6557536_sunflower-seeds-omega_3.htmlhttp://mens-total-fitness.com/omega-6.html http://www.optimal-heart-health.com/omega_3.html http://www.unconventionalhealth.com/A-Bad-Rap-for-Omega-6.htmlOmega Six - The Devil’s Fat by Robert Brown