The Coming of America


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The Coming of America

  1. 1. The Coming of America
  2. 2. Why the American Came to the Philippines?
  3. 3. • The Spanish-American War February 15, 1898The American warship Maine. Havana, Cuba April 19, 189 Cuba free from Spain. April 24, 1898 Declared a war between Spain and America.
  4. 4. • New Lands The United States wanted new lands for their businessmen to development and to trade.
  5. 5. • American Bases The United States was looking for Asian naval bases and shipping ports.
  6. 6. The Americans believed it as their mission to civilize the Filipinos, to educate, and train them for democracy. • Policy of “Manifest Destiny”
  7. 7. • The Filipino Invitation The Filipinos asked the Americans to come and help them fight the Spaniards.
  8. 8. The Battle of Manila Bay
  9. 9. Commander of U.S. Navy Asiatic Squadron Hong KongCorregidor Battle of Manila Bay -ended on May 1, 1898 Commodore Dewey
  10. 10. The Return of Aguinaldo
  11. 11. The Filipino war leaders return to the Philippines. Aguinaldo left Hong Kong on board the McCullough. May 19, 1898 Cavite Aguinaldo and Dewey met each other.
  12. 12. Filipino Victories Against Spain
  13. 13. The Filipinos united behind Aguinaldo to win the revolution. • Cavite• Laguna• Tayabas• Batangas• Pampanga June 1898 Aguinaldo and the Filipinos had conquered the whole of Luzon except Manila.
  14. 14. Dictatorial Government
  15. 15. Headed by Aguinaldo Ambrosia Rianzares Bautista Adviser of Aguinaldo May 24, 1898 end of dictatorial government
  16. 16. Declaration of Philippine Independence
  17. 17. June 12, 1898Rianzares Bautista –Philippine independence at Kawit, Cavite-read the Declaration of the Philippine Independence. It was signed by Filipino leaders and Colonel L.M. Johnson of the Artillery.
  18. 18. The Second Revolutionary Government
  19. 19. Apolinario Mabini Gave up the title “Dictator”. The Filipinos were beginning to manage their own government.  new adviser of Aguinaldo. (“Sublime Paralytic”)
  20. 20. Surrender of Spain
  21. 21. Surrounded on land by 12,000 Filipino troops and cut off from the sea by Dewey’s American warship. American Military had 11,000 soldiers under the command of Gen.Wesley Merritt. “Battle of Manila” began at 9:30am of August 13, 1898. Spanish white flag of surrender hoisted on the Intramuros. August 14, 1898 the Americans and Spaniards signed the terms of surrender.
  22. 22. The Treaty of Paris
  23. 23. December 10, 1898 Ended the Spanish-American war. Aguinaldo sent a prominent Filipino diplomat but the American senators did not entertain Felipe Agoncillo. Signed Paris, France
  24. 24. “Fighting, having begun, must go on to the grim end.“ --General Elwell Otis