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Senior Project Work Log


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This is where I recored what exactly I was doing at what time.

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Senior Project Work Log

  1. 1. Product Work LogName_____Sami Sadler____________________ Date ______March 14, 2012______Product _______Organizing and running a Baskeball Camp_____________Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:October 8, 2011 Met with my facilitator.5-8pm Commentary: When I met with my facilitator we discussed what I wanted to do for my senior project. Also I learned a lot about him by asking him questions so I could write the short biography about him.
  2. 2. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:December 10, 2011 Wrote Facilitator Biography4-5pm Commentary: I wrote a short biography about my project facilitator, Brandon Clay.
  3. 3. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Booking a GYM.December 15, 20111:30-2:55 Commentary: I went to a GYM I knew of and met with the owner. We went through and found all of the possible dates that I could hold my event on. We finally found a date that would work, we decided on February 19, 2012.
  4. 4. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:January 3, 2012 Emailing coaches to come help at my6:30-7:32 event. Commentary: I am contacting some coaches I know to see if they can come speak to the parents and train the players.
  5. 5. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:January 18, 2012 Made fliers and fact sheets.5-9pm Commentary: I made fliers for my camp that I can put up and give out to people so they will know all about my camps. I also made fact sheets for the parents. The fact sheets have all sorts of important things on how to get their kids recruited.
  6. 6. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Made a Facebook page.January 19, 20125-6pm Commentary: I made a Facebook page so that I can spread the word over the internet.
  7. 7. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions: Sent out flyers through email.January 30, 20125-6:55pm Commentary: I got emails for a lot of people and I emailed the flyers to some more people to get the word out better since it is coming up fast.
  8. 8. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:February 12, 2012 Made schedule for camp.5:58-7 Commentary: I planed the camp schedule. I put what time each drill would start and end so that my camp can run smoothly.
  9. 9. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:February 13, 2012 Emailed my workers.7-8:30pm Commentary: I updated my workers with the schedule for the camp so they know what is planned and what each of them are doing.
  10. 10. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:February 17, 2012 Printed all my stuff for my camp.8-8:20 am Commentary: I printed everything I needed for my camp. I printed the registration forms and the fact sheets.
  11. 11. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:March 11, 2012 Sorted out all of my pictures.11-2pm Commentary: I sorted through all of the pictures that I took at my camp and organized them. Then I edited ones that were blurry and such.
  12. 12. Date/Time: Activity: Comment/Suggestions:March 12, 2012 Put all of my pictures into Power6-10pm Point Presentations Commentary: I went through all the pictures I wanted to use and put them into a Power Point presentation for my finished product.