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Pmp – info


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Published in: Education, Business, Technology
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Pmp – info

  1. 1. PMP – Info Agenda• PMP• Why PMP?• What is so great?• Requirement / Process for PMP • Like us on facebook: ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  2. 2. PMP – Based on PMBOK• PMBOK • Project Management Professional Cert• PMI – Non Profit Organization • 393,413 active PMP certified individuals  worldwide (As of 31 July 2010)• Process based framework – Not a  methodology ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  3. 3. Why PMP• Structured Proj. Management Framework• Accepted globally• Great learning tool to see a big picture• What to do – Learn Proj. Management best practices – More Importantly : Things to avoid• Globally accepted certification (Prince2(UK),  ITIL(InfoTech)• Great for candidates looking for opportunities  ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  4. 4. Why so great• Global acceptance• Process based – No industry barrier• Not a cakewalk : Good recognition• Benefit organization with Exclusive Know‐How• Provides you with Greater Job Opportunities• You Will Have More Efficient Projects• Gain Invaluable Experience ……… ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not  reproduce or distribute without written  permission.
  5. 5. Requirements General  PM  Professional PM  Sign Code Category Education Education Experience Experience of Conduct Bachelors  35 contact  One 36 months 4500 hours Yes degree hours High School  35 contact  Two 60 months 7500 hours Yes graduate hours• PM Designation is not required• One should have experience in all knowledge areas however you can have majority of experience in one e.g. Developers/QA have most in execution• All the work experience must have been accrued within the last eight years prior to your application submission ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  6. 6. Certification Fee Applicant Status Examination Fees (US Dollars) PMI® Member $405.00 PMI® Non‐Member $555.00*PMI membership is $129*With PMI membership one pays less for exam.($405+$129 = $534)*Information up-to-date as of 1/16/2011 – carries most updated information. ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  7. 7. Preparation for PMP• Rita Mulcahy: Buy 7th edition • (This book has been FULLY updated to reflect PMIs new Exam Content Outline, for any and all  PMP exams delivered on or after August 31st of 2011.)• PMBOK: (Free PDF with PMI membership) (good as reference)• Free / Paid simulated exams (HeadFirst, PMStudy, PMPerfect {0‐$60} (Check more under Prep Resources )• Time commitment, No Hurry, Score 75%+ in  mock exams  ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  8. 8. Lessons Learned• Not an easy certification• Long time experienced PM may be tricked*• Not to fear : Need to understand Framework : Give respect• Needs time commitment• Not for life : need to renew every three years• Need to practice how not to be out of focus for 4 hours• Best analogy is DMV behind the wheel test : (expectation is to demonstrate perfect driving, you might be driving already escaping/fire-fighting issues)(PMBOK rules for exam) ©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  9. 9. Q/A©PMP360. Copyrighted material. Do not reproduce or distribute without written permission.
  10. 10. Thanks!!Dreams are Goals with Deadlines