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Step 1 To Creating Your Website


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How to create your very own website that makes $250 a day,Free eBook inside

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Step 1 To Creating Your Website

  1. 1. ==== ====Get Your Free ebook On How To Make $250 A Day From Home ====In another article, "How to Create Your Own Website in Eight Easy Steps", I gave you an outlineon the steps I use to create my own websites and that of my clients. Within this article series I willgo into more detail of each step.Brainstorming & Researching Ideas to Find that Perfect NicheThis is a part I use to dread having to do. I wouldnt know where to start and would always besecond guessing myself on the niches I had chosen to pursue.Thanks to a mentor of mine, I was taught how to brainstorm and research a better way that leadsto finding that one perfect niche for me; which Im going to share with you here.Gathering IdeasIn my article that outlines the steps on how to creating your own website, I mentioned that I jotdown ideas on a piece of paper while searching through websites such as Google Hot Trends,Digg, StumbleUpon, or Technorati. In addition to those place I also use Bloglines to keep up todate with blog and news feeds Ive subscribed to receive. I have subscriptions to blogs that arewithin the niche topic Im interested in learning about or keeping on top of the news and industry ofthat niche.When Im not home I like to keep a small notebook with me at all times in order to capture ideas asthey come to me. I could be grocery shopping, playing in the backyard with my son, enjoying amovie, taking in a flea market when I might see something or think of something that brings on anew idea for a niche. Having that small notebook with me helps to capture those ideas without theloss of losing them, and be able to go back to them when I want to find another niche. (Its also agreat way to keep a note of things you want to remember, such as recording an appointmentstime and date.)Another gadget you might find useful is a small tape recorder, or even your phone if it has thatoption, to record your thoughts. This will allow you can play them back to write/type themelsewhere so they will be handy when you need that list.Note: You never know when an idea might be a great one until you actually give it a whirl. Justwrite down those ideas without judging them.Finding that Perfect NicheThe next step is to pick one of those ideas from your list and, with the help of the Wordtracker
  2. 2. Gtrends tool, see if that idea is actually worth pursuing.This tool by Wordtracker ( that utilizes GoogleTrends, allows you to see how much competition and how many searches in a given day aparticular niche has. Preferably you would like to see less than 30,000 search results (this is yourcompetition) within Google when you type on the niche youre researching, and more than 250searches by people for that niche phrase. These numbers are ideal because as anything higherwill be harder to rank well within the search engines due to the amount of competition, and if thereare not enough people searching for that niche phrase/topic you wont have traffic or very littletraffic to your site. Youll know when youve found a great prospect in a niche when you see bothline graphs showing green.If you want to go further to make sure that people are making money within that niche, if that isyour goal with creating your own website, then you might want to check to see if there are peopleselling products and/or within that niche. This is usually a good indication that people are makingmoney and people are willing to buy."Pick What You Already Know"Though picking a niche that you already know is great and highly recommended throughout theInternet Marketing world, you dont always have to do this. Its been suggested to me to pick aniche that I have some interest in and want to know more about, or even a niche that I have apassing interest in. You can always find information to write about through researching contentonline and your local library.Going with the "Mainstream"You might want to think twice about picking a niche that is extremely popular, as youll have abetter chance at coming out on top (if that is your goal) with a niche that isnt so popular. Nichesyoull want to avoid are network marketing, internet marketing, and health.Now of course, if youre going to be creating a personal website none of this niche pickinginformation will mean much to you and is best to be ignored.In ConclusionFinding a niche topic is extremely important when you want to learn how to create your ownwebsite. If you dont know the topic of your websites content, then really you have no reason tostart a website in the first place. No content equals no website. Simple as that. No one wants tovisit a "website" that is full of useless images and flashing banner ads.When brainstorming niche ideas you want to have something, a notebook or tape recorder, withyou at all times to capture those ideas. With the help of the Wordtracker Gtrends tool and your listof niche ideas, youll be one step closer to creating your own website with having found its topic.Tina Stephen [] is the owner of
  3. 3. [] that offers a wide variety of website design and development resources(article & resource directory, online courses, weekly newsletter) for those wanting to learnhow to create their own website []She has been designing websites for 6 years and owns her own web design business.Article Source: ====Get Your Free ebook On How To Make $250 A Day From Home ====