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Business letter

  1. 1. Letters The three Basic letter formats Block Format Place all the letters elements flush against the left-hand margin. Do not indent the first word of each paragraph Modified Block Format Same as the full block with 2 exceptions: date line and closing signature are place on the right side of the page Simplified Format Has no salutation & no complimentary close, but always has subject line Useful for impersonal situations, or where the identity of recipient is not known; involves less typing
  2. 2. Elements of a letter Heading : your address and name placed according to the format you have chosen  Spell out words such as avenue, street, apartment etc. (but use Apt. if the line is too long)  Put an apartment number to the right of the street address. If street address is too long, put apartment no. on the next line.  Spell out numbered street names up to Twelfth.  To avoid confusion, put a hyphen between the house and street no. (1021-14th Street)  For example:  4217 East Eleventh Avenue  Apartment 3  Austin, TX 78701
  3. 3.  Date Spell out the month Avoid Using use ordinal indicators, such as 1st, 3rd October 20, 2007  Inside address   Use correct personal title (Mr., Ms., Dr., Professor etc) and business title (Director, Manager, etc  Write the firm’s name exactly, adhering to its practice of abbreviating or spelling out such words as company and corporation.  Place the reader’s title after his or her name or on a line by itself, whichever best balances the inside address.  Use the title Ms. For a woman, unless you know that she prefers to be addressed in another way.       Ms. Susan Wardell Director of planning Acme Bolt and Fastener 23201 Johnson Avenue Arlington, AZ 85322
  4. 4. Attention Line: used when you don’t name the reader (“Attention Personnel Manager)  Place the line 2 spaces below the inside address  Place the word Attention against the left margin. Do not follow it by a colon.  If the first line names an office, address the office, use an attention line, or use a subject line.   Salutation:  agrees with first line of the inside address. A colon or comma always follows it.  If the first line names an individual (Ms. Ann Burdick), say “ Dear Ms. Burdick:”  If the first line names a company (Dougherty Contracting), repeat the name of the company (“Dougherty Contracting:” or just “Dougherty Contracting:”) or use the simplified format with a subject line.
  5. 5. Examples  Personnel Director  Firari & Firari, Accountants  Dear Personnel Director: (or)  Attention Personnel Director (or) Subject line Follow the word subject with a colon  For emphasis, you may either completely capitalize or underline the subject
  6. 6.  Body              of the Letter Single-space the body. Try to balance the body on the page. It should cover the page’s imaginary middle line. Use several short paragraphs rather than one long one. Use 1 inch margin in the right and left Complimentary close Use simple closings such as “Sincerely” or “Sincerely yours” Capitalize only the first word of the line. Place a comma after the close Place the company name immediately below the complimentary close Allow space for the handwritten signature Place the writer’s title pr department, or both, below his or her typed name. Examples: Sincerely yours, Sincerely,
  7. 7.  Name and Signatures Planning Business letters  Approaching your audience Style The “You” approach Types of Business Letters  Letters of inquiry  Transmittal letters  Specification change letters