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Term report marketing


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Term report marketing

  1. 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARYNescafe is looking to attract and retain a young and enthusiastic individualsMarket. Nescafé at the same time is targeting young female market too which it feelspotentially very strong in terms of coffee in Pakistan. These potentialconsumers areurban based, and are not price sensitive when purchasing coffeebut never the less stilltake it into account. They currently favor café coffee and do not frequently purchaseinstant coffee. Nescafe is looking to be the leadingbrand of instant coffee within thesupermarket café coffee market. Nescafe aimto encourage potential consumers to buyour new café menu range throughthe perception of the brand with respect tocompetitors within the gourmetsegment.In the SWOT Analysis We have detailed Nescafe’s strengths weaknessesand opportunities in the current market using demographic trends, historicalcontexts, industry analyses, market analyses, competitor analyses and marketsegmentation. Nescafe’s then follows this with the Marketing Objectives and Behavioralresponses of the consumers.We also identified a completely new segment of innovative consumers who arewilling to have a different feel of the coffee flavor. We introduced 3 different flavorsunder the umbrella of Nescafe with the name of Nescafe KappiKottai Coffee withdifferent SKU’S in Pakistan to attract variety seekers in Pakistan.Coffee under thename of Nescafe KappiKottai targeting the youth especially the young and excitingstudents and those who want to look different, stylish and sexy 1|Page
  2. 2. TABLE OF CONTENTS 1. History of the company____________________________________________4 2. Current Market Situation___________________________________________4 3. Market Description_______________________________________________5 4. Product Review__________________________________________________5 5. Competitive Review______________________________________________ 6 6. Channels and Logistic Review______________________________________ 7 7. Swot Analysis___________________________________________________ 8 8. Basic objectives of Nescafe________________________________________ 9 9. Marketingstrategy_______________________________________________ 9 10. Product strategy________________________________________________ 10 11. Postioning____________________________________________________ 10 12. Price Strategy__________________________________________________11 13. Place_________________________________________________________12 14. Promotion Strategy______________________________________________ 13 15. Marketing Research_____________________________________________ 14 16. Introduction of new KappiKottaiKold Coffee__________________________ 15 17. Target Market__________________________________________________ 17 18. SKU_________________________________________________________ 17 19. Product_______________________________________________________ 18 20. Price__________________________________________________________19 21. Place________________________________________________________ 19 22. Distribution Scenerio____________________________________________ 20 2|Page
  3. 3. 23. Promotion___________________________________________________ 2024. Product______________________________________________________ 2125. Actions Program_______________________________________________ 2126. Control______________________________________________________ 22 3|Page
  4. 4. History of the companyOriginal of Nescafe was born in Switzerland; it was the largest industrial company. Nescafe wasthe top 10 companies of the world. Nescafe got a Flagship Coffee Brand and make income toNestle (Thailand) mostly. Nescafe was market share about 80% from total coffee market about12,000 million bath.Nescafé, a brand introduced by the Nestlé company, can be traced back to the 1930s. In the UnitedStates, the Nescafé name was used on its products until the 1960s. Later, Nestlé introduced a new brandin the US called "Tasters Choice", which supplanted Nescafé for many years. Tasters Choice was alsointroduced into Canada at the same time, and continues to be sold as a separate product, branded assuperior to Nescafé, and is higher priced.NESCAFE’s mantra is HUM HAIN JAWAN! Celebrate your youth. Celebrate your individuality.Enjoy NESCAFE and lead your life your way.Nescafe products that are available in Pakistan include: Nescafe Classic Nescafe Frothe Nescafe Frappe Nescafe Matinal Nescafe GoldCurrent market situation Pakistan’s growing urban population and changing preferences of young consumers from tea towards coffee helped total coffee volume sales increase by 7% in 2011. While tea remains the more popular drink as compared to coffee, the demand for coffee is rising due to a higher social value placed on coffee. This can be seen in the growing number of coffee shops in large cities as compared to outlets exclusively serving tea and a growing number of young consumers exercising their spending choices in favor of coffee. Nestlé, with its brand Nescafé, led sales in 2011 with a 47% share in off-trade volume terms. Nescafé is considered synonymous with coffee in Pakistan, as it is the oldest and 4|Page
  5. 5. most prominent brand of coffee available in the country. A strong distribution network helps its cause as consumers can purchase Nescafé coffee from a wide range of distribution channels and any retailer stocking coffee would begin with Nescafé. Coffee will continue to gain in prominence and acceptability among consumers over the forecast period, leading to strong volume growth. Rising costs, especially costs related to importing, will push up unit prices, leading to stronger growth in value sales. This will put downward pressure on coffee, but, given the high rate of inflation across the board, coffee will not stand out in any way in terms of higher prices. Market descriptionNescafe currently market to a large and varied segment of the instant coffeemarket, howeversome of the obvious target markets are-The young adult café culture segment who not only drink coffee butconsume it for socialreasons.-Upscale, quality driven, higher income consumers-And the middle class consumerNescafe already has a strong brand name that gains brand recognition andloyalty with existingmarkets however Nescafe needs to build on brand equitytowards the younger generation whoare now distinguishing and generating thedemanding coffee culture.Nescafe Classic is thedominant seller. It is aimed at large overall market andtactically uses economic benefits. Thelow prices make it difficult to find abetter quality brand at such an affordable price.The Decaf,Fine Blend and Espresso ranges are also inexpensive and are aimedat an older market thatknow what they like in terms of drinking instant coffeeand are satisfied with basic coffee.Nescafe have produced and retained reliableproducts under their brand name.The strategy is to ultimately generate a segment with an emphasis on the young‘professional’s’lifestyle. Nescafe have noticed the increase of a coffee culturelifestyle that is being adopted bystudents and young professionals and havedecided to focus on the psychographics and lifestyledimensions of the intendedmarket.Nescafe aim to target the innovator and the thinker type consumer; with theintention ofturning them into Believers of the Nescafe brand as they age.Product ReviewNESCAFE CLASSICN E S C A F E , N e s t l e ’ s i n t e r n a t i o n a l f l a g s h i p b r a n d , i s l o c a l l y repackedand marketed in 2gm. and25gm. Sachet, 75gm.bottles and 500gm. Softp a c k s . T h e b r a n d e n j o y s a s p e c i a l position in the countrys coffee consuming segment. 5|Page
  6. 6. NESCAFE FROTHENESCAFE Frothe (Original), a premix in 18gm. single servesachet, wasl a u n c h e d i n J a n u a r y 2 0 0 0 . T h e p r o d u c t p r o f i l e Good Food, Good Life w a sdeveloped through consumer research andw a s accordingly offered as a sweet, creamy and foamycoffee.Encouraged by extremely good consumer response tot h i s c a p p u c c i n o s t y l e c o f f e e , F r e n c h V a n i l l a a n d M o c h a f l a v o r s wereintroduced in November to offer a wider choice and to e n h a n c e t h e y o u n g a n df a s h i o n a b l e i m a g e o f t h i s m i x e s category.NESCAFE FRAPPET o p r o m o t e s u m m e r c o n s u m p t i o n o f c o f f e e a n d t o c h a n g e consumerperception that coffee is only a winter beverage, N E S C A F E F r a p p e w a slaunched in June 3000. This iced,cr e a m y, r e a d y - t o - d r i n kc o f f e e i n 1 8 0 m l s l i m p a c k w a s positioned to appeal to the youtha n d g a i n a s t r o n g s h a r e from other summer beverages. The launch wasextensivelysupported by promotional programs in major towns and the product is fastgaining in popularity.Competitive reviewMaxwellTHE MAKERS of Maxwell House coffee and Pepsi-Cola soft drinks have formed a joint venture tosell ready-to-drink canned coffee. Maxwell is targeting matured drinkers of coffee who want tofeel the strongest of traditional coffee. The high prices of Maxwell indicates that the audiencethey look for are high income class people who want to sit back and relax at their home with acup of coffee in their hands. Maxwell in Pakistan comes in a 150g jar. The price of the jar isRs.525.MocconaTargets the main household shopper, aged 25 – 60, mid to highDisposable income. It is the most expensive instant coffee on the market andAdvertising stresses its rich, European background and flavor. This is potentially 6|Page
  7. 7. Threatening, as it would appeal to the younger ‘yuppie’ market that is enteringthe market. The current market price of Moccona in Pakistan is Rs.750 for a 150g Jar.RivaHave a specific target audience who are younger consumers like students.They are potentially threatening to Nescafe as their intended market developsLoyalty to brand at young age. Similar pricing structure to Nescafe. IncreasingMarket share. Younger brand. Launch of Riva in Australia affected the maturityAnd stability of the instant coffee market with respect to Nescafe.Riva price of a 150g jar isRs.625.LavazzaLavazza’sstrengths include an excellent international marketing campaigntargeted at younger female gourmet coffee drinkers. Lavazza responded torivals by building on their unique advantages; as a national firm with a homefieldadvantage; advertising to Italian tastes, culture and lifestyle. With theclaim ‘Italy’s favourite coffee’ and one of the more expensive brands in theircategory it obtainsa high-perceived quality. The price of Lavazza is Rs.650 of a 150g jar. Lavazza is only available inbig supermarkets like Agha’s and Hyperstar in Pakistan.Channels and logistic reviewDISTRIBUTION SCENERIO: MAIN IMPORTER DISTRIBUTORS RETAILERS CONSUMERS 7|Page
  8. 8. Coffee distribution is two intermediary level, wholesaler and retailers. The company hasVertical Marketing System. This channel is used to make Nescafe product available in themarket for customers convenience. It is ensured that Nescafe is convenience and extensivelyplaced in all super stores and grocery shops of Pakistan.Swot analysis SWOT Analysis 1. Strong Nestle brand name 2.Excellent advertising and visibility 3.Good product distribution and availability 4.Lots of flavors and varieties available Strength 5.Good quality control over the products 1.Health conscious people avoid coffee as it Contains caffeine 2.People avoid caffeine if they are health conscious 3.They have to pay a lot of sales and indirect taxes 4.They have a price point portfolio system Weakness 1. Tie-ups with corporates 2.Cheaper packets for rural areas 3.They must reduce their price according to the places they are selling their products 4.They can expand their business into the rural areas 5.They can simplify their taxing schemes Opportunity 1.Health conscious people avoiding coffee 2.Food inflation causes threats to companies like Nestle 3.Competitors in the global market Threats 4.Many people avoid coffee due to their health reasons 8|Page
  9. 9. BASIC OBJECTIVE OF NESCAFEThe basic objective of Nescafe is to capture the big hot beverage market of Pakistan, because itis found that Pakistan is a place where people are big Drinkers of tea and other hot beverages,so it is a promising factor for the brand like Nescafe to grow rapidly. Plus the Nescafe want fullcustomer loyalty towards their brand and they are successful in this regard.Marketing StrategyNescafe marketing strategy is based on a positioning of product differentiation. The strategy isto ultimately generate a segment with an emphasis on the young ‘professional’s’ lifestyle.Nescafe have noticed the increase of a coffee culture lifestyle that is being adopted by studentsand young professionals recently.Nescafe intend to address potential consumers who currentlydo not purchase instant coffee, who are students or young professionals, largely female, 18 –29years old who live in an either an urban or suburban area and have a low to middledisposable income. They are interested in presenting themselves as sophisticated, sexy andstrong but also fun, exciting and intriguing. They want to obtain a positive perception ofthemselves and are looking to differentiate themselves from teens and the younger generation.These consumers are socially inclined however don’t mind indulging by ones self. There is ahigh chance these consumers will be interested in organic and fair trade products.Nescafe secondary consumer market is to target the innovator and the thinker type consumer;with the intention of turning them into Believers of the Nescafe brand as they age.Upscale,quality driven, higher income consumers and the middle class consumer.New marketing strategies by nescafeNescafé Pakistan’s Facebook Page has come up with a brand new Application by the name ofNescafé Basement. Targeting the Pakistani youth, the application has been branded red whichis a color well associated with Nescafe and has motivated a large audience to attract a largeaudience towards their favorite coffee and its social media innovation.Nescafé basement is an innovative new platform for bathroom singers and striving music starsalike. It takes into lime light a host of new talent from the local scene. This young talent is thenfeatured on Nescafé Pakistan’s page, for Nescafé fans to admire and discover.Talent ranging from a diverse background and all walks of life are being given a chance toshowcase their performances. This gives them a fair amount of publicity and spotlight and anearly boost in their passion for music. You can find interviews and videos of these kids duringtheir jamming sessions, as well as a brief round-up of their music journey, their life and 9|Page
  10. 10. inspirations. These chosen singers were also aired on television through various channelsincluding Oxygene, Style 360, Tv One, Metro One and A Plus.PositioningThe Product positioning strategy includes that how the customer perceive your product in hismind. Nescafe have a favorable reception from the consumer in terms of attributes, quality,price, competitor and product use. The logo they use for Nescafe is “Open your mind”.At this moment Nescafe is following the multiple brand strategy because now they aretargeting the different segments in the market, for rapid expansion in market share, and theydoing it with the help of Nescafe frothe, Nescafe gold, Nescafe instant and Nescafe classic.Product StrategyNescafe following the strategy of producing Standardized products, they believe that with littlemodification in offering and style, its look to be little customized but actually it is a standardizedproduct.Nestle includes the product improvement, product imitation and product innovation.In the perspective of Nescafe the product innovation strategy play role, because theintroduction of the Nescafe vanilla might change the taste of consumer and styled Nescafe aproduct innovation follower.In this particular strategy, the emphasis on the Quality, because inhot beverage business the quality is also needed with taste. The ultimate objective of Nescafein terms of quality should be delight the customer in every way possible providing level ofservice, product quality, product performance, and support that are beyond his or herexpectations. It is found that Nescafe is maintaining quality with vending machines installing ininstitutions and other places. 10 | P a g e
  11. 11. Pricing StrategyMARKET ENTRY STRATEGYThis company is using marketing Skimming strategy when they enter into the market ofPakistan, because at that time they believe that their target customer for coffee belonged toupper class, after that with the success of this strategy they reduce their prices and target theupper middle class, but that strategy doesn’t form into penetration.PRICING STRATEGY FOR ESTABLISHING PRODUCTSFor Nescafe, the focus is focus on the maintaining prices because in circumstances where aprice change may be desirable, but the magnitude of change is undeterminable. It is found thecompetitors of Nescafe are very week in terms of having market share, so it give company aedge on competitors to maintain prices while introducing new product.PRICE LEADERSHIP STRATEGYNescafe is at the moment having a price leadership strategy and it is because it fulfills all therequirements of a successful price leadership.FLEXIBILITY IN PRICING STRATEGYYes they have flexibility in their pricing strategy but only for the Institutional businesses,otherwise they stick on with same prices in market. And this is because their competitors arenot powerful and not in a position to dictate Nescafe to create flexibility in pricing. 11 | P a g e
  12. 12. PRODUCT LINE PRICING STRATEGIESThe pricing for the Nescafe product line with lead competitoris :For 50g bottle Rs.75/- compared with Maxwell Rs. 80/-For 100g bottle Rs.135/- compared with Maxwell Rs. 150/-For 200g bottle Rs. 265/- compared with Maxwell Rs. 265/-For Sachet of Frothe Rs.8/-Place StrategyFOR PROMOTIONFor the promotion purposes Nescafe is using single channel strategy, which includes the onlywholesaler, which help the company to reach the optimal number of customers in a timelymanner at the lowest possible cost while maintaining the desired level of control. Company isalso providing product direct to retailers as wellCONFLICT AMONG CHANNELSWe find that there is no conflict among distributors in Pakistan because the company actuallydivided Pakistan into region and areas are assigned different regions for the distribution of theproduct. But the real problem is this that the smuggled coffee is actually sold by the retailersthrough some wholesalersthat creates a huge problem.SOLUTIONThe company is trying to solve this problem by employing ban on the smuggled coffee, and theyrestricted that if anyone found selling the smuggled coffee he would be sued by all means. 12 | P a g e
  13. 13. Marketing Promotion StrategyNescafe management concentrated on promotion, but emphasis is mostly on print media,which includes Banners, Newspapers, Articles, Broachers, and Handouts.They are tried advertised their product also through electronic media, but it is not used toproject the local culture of Pakistan and you see that the advertisement on the televisionproject the International cultural environment.They also advertised their product through events like giving sponsor cricket matches, heldcultural nights at Basant festival and Valentine day.The company is not using personal selling for the promotion of their product, because theybelieve that they are capturing their target customer at the percentage of more than 80%.So in our opinion they are using only advertisement for their promotion.STRATEGY OF MEDIA SELECTIONThe selection of the media in case of Nescafe is very different as compared to others. Nescafebelieves that their competitors are not retaliating in terms of advertisement on television, so itis better for the company to stay with advertisement on print media, so in this way they cansave their cost to great extent.VENDING OPERATIONSNescafe is adopting tool of vending operations helps the company to promote their product ininstitution and offices, it involves 100% investment from the Nescafe and 0% in investmentfrom that institution. Vending machines are coffee machines. 13 | P a g e
  14. 14. Marketing ResearchUsing research Nescafe is identifying the specific features and benefits that the target marketsegments value. Feedback from market tests,surveys,and focus group will help Nescafe todevelop more variation and innovation in the product along with product quality improvement.The reesearch will also enable Nescafe to know the taste and preferances of the target market. 14 | P a g e
  15. 15. Introduction of a new Cold Coffee flavor namedKAPPI KOTTAIKOld by Nestle for the first time inPakistan "Nescafe KAPI-KOTTAI KOLD"KAPI KOTTAI KOLD – A unique and identifiable symbol association, name or trademark whichserves to differentiate competing products, both a physical and emotional trigger to create arelationship between consumer and product. Our new product name is KapiKottaiKold. It is taken from TAMIL (SRI LANKAN) language which means cold coffee. It is very unique and attractive name. We are launching for the first time ever in Pakistan in good packaged form. A brand is much more than just a logo. It is a set of ideas, a measure of behaviors and a way of doing things. Our product is different than the other brands. Because we are putting some mints and cooling crystals in this coffee.This coffee will be in a glass and it will expired after six months. After purchase our coffee, you only have to put that glass in the freezer or put some ice then after having it, you will be fresh or cool. Our brand is truly for customers. We believe in customer orientation and providing them a want satisfaction driving us to continuously innovative in our product. We assume that the product will have different flavors however, at very initial stage only three flavors- combinations 1) White chocolate and dry fruits so the name of the flavor is suggested as "ICE WHITE CHOCOLATE". 15 | P a g e
  16. 16. 2) Vanilla and dry fruits so the name of the flavor is suggested as “VANILLA ICE COFFEE”.3) Oreo biscuits and ice so the name of the flavor is suggested as “OREO ICE COFFEE”.SLOGAN: “REFRESH YOUR MIND"Concept:Our slogan is “REFRESH YOUR MIND”. Our main idea of giving this slogan is that it talksabout the refresh (cool). As we know cold coffee energize us but the specialty of ourcoffee is its taste, breezy, refreshes and smell which you can enjoy anywhere anytime.We want consumer’s life to refresh and chill with unique taste and flavor. This is thereason of giving this slogan to our product. Our product will definitely refresh mind ofthe customer with unique taste in their life as soon as they start using it.We mean what we are saying in our slogan it will refresh your mind and you will feelcool after using it and we are keeping our promise by giving unique flavors in coldcoffee. What basically we are doing is refreshing our customer’s life and releasing histensions with strong taste, cooling crystals and unique flavors.The unique selling proposition (USP) is providing the quality coffee with the taste ofcoffee at value based pricing i.e. providing good quality and unique flavor (dry fruits)with the taste of white chocolate.So if you want to refresh yourself and be cool in yourlife then have “KAPI KOTTAI KOLD” which will “REFRESH YOUR MIND”. 16 | P a g e
  17. 17. TARGET MARKETSEGMENTING AND TARGETING: YOUTH AND PROFESSIONALSOur target market all those who want innovation, who want to be cool in their life, who want tohave varieties for e.g. youth around 18-29 and young energetic professionals.We understand that the target market is youth and professionals. As youth is future so, wehave kept our more focus towards youth because they are the one who always want be cool,releases their tensions and innovative.They observe a healthy, fresh and stylish lifestyle. They always want innovation in their lives.They are outgoing and there exist a cultural change. From typical Pakistani to AmericanizedPakistani influenced by western culture and media.POSITIONING:Nescafe Kappi Kota Kold places itself very unique in the mind of consumers by targeting theyoung energetic youth and making them perceive KappiKottaKold brand as an energetic andenthusiastic drink which is completely different if we look at the traditional concept ofcoffe.KappiKotta transformed the perception by introducing completely the new segment incoffe by developing new taste and innovative flavors which any one could even think of thatthese flavors can too come in to the coffee.SKUWe are offering different SKU’s in KappiKottaiKold Coffee. All these SKU’s are in 3 flavors asmentioned previously. Looking at the current status and target market of KappiKottaiKoldCoffee we are introducing different SKU’s which are as below: Coffee bags (50 coffee bags per packet) 150 ml Can (liquid) 17 | P a g e
  18. 18. 250 ml Can (liquid) 5 grams sachet (powder) 50 grams bottle (powder) 150 gram jar(powder) 300 gram family pack(powder)Product: Our product is different than the other brands. Because we are putting some mints and cooling crystals in this coffee.This coffee will be in a coffee bag , can and powder form. Our brand is truly for customers. We believe in customer orientation and providing them a want satisfaction and driving us to continuously bring innovativion in our product through offering different flavors. We assume that the product will have different flavors however, at very initial stage only three flavors-combinations 1) White chocolate and dry fruits so the name of the flavor is suggested as "ICE WHITE CHOCOLATE". 2) Vanilla and dry fruits so the name of the flavor is suggested as “VANILLA ICE COFFEE”. 3) Oreo biscuits and ice so the name of the flavor is suggested as “OREO ICE COFFEE”. 18 | P a g e
  19. 19. Price:We are initially focusing on cost plus pricing strategy as our product is in the introduction stage.By being cheap and providing innovative flavors in our coffewe are looking to seek good chunkof market. At the same time we will also be encouraging bundle pricing strategies in bigsupermarkets like macro and hyperstar to promote our brand.The introductory prices for KappiKottaiKold Coffee are: Coffee bags (50 coffee bags per packet)-------------------------------------Rs. 250 150 ml Can (liquid)----------------------------------------------------------------RS. 30 250 ml Can (liquid)..............................................................................RS. 40 2 grams sachet (powder).....................................................................Rs.6 50 grams bottle (powder).....................................................................Rs. 250 200 gram jar(powder)...........................................................................Rs.375 300 gram family pack(powder)..............................................................Rs.500Place:Distribution refers to the step taken to move and store a product from the supplier stage to acustomer stage in the supply chain. Distribution is a key driver of the overall profitability of afirm because it directly impacts both the supply chain cost and the customer experience.Distribution creates time and place utility.Since it is a convenient product, Exotic uses intensive distribution to make sure that the productis widely available everywhere. The product will be imported from Switzerland and will bedistributed to the 2 main lead distributors of pakistan: Pakistan commodities importers association 19 | P a g e
  20. 20. Jawed Iqbal Enterprises These distributor will further distribute to the locals distributor province city wiseDISTRIBUTION SCENERIO: MAIN IMPORTERS LOCAL DISTRIBUTORS WHOLESALERS RETAILERS CONSUMERSCoffee distribution is two intermediary level, wholesaler and retailers. The company hasVertical Marketing System. This channel will be used to make our product available in themarket for customers convenience. It will be ensured that our product is convenience andextensively placed in all super stores and grocery shops of Pakistan.Promotion:PRINT ADVERTISEMENTOur print advertisement covers the concept of Innovation. KapiKottaiKold (Coffee) is showingthat it has the best and unique flavors then other coffee brands. Our print advertisement consistsof the following features: 20 | P a g e
  21. 21. Innovators a new brand of taste :The print advertisement is giving the message that innovators have launched new cold coffeewith mint and cool crystals. It is a new and innovative brand which fulfills the consumer’s wantsand needs. So if you want a cup of pure cold coffee and with some flavors and want to refreshyour mind then have a “NESCAFE KAPI KOTTAI KOLD” coffee which REFRESH YOURMIND and you will “BE COOL”!!!TV ADVERTISEMENT :As everyone knows that TV advertising or marketing is an essential ingredient of success. Anyproduct or service which is not advertised on the TV tend to be less competitive and can evengive up in front of its rivals. We have planned to promote our product through TV advertisingalso, we will not only advertise on one channel rather we have a complete contingency plan ofadvertising it on different channels. Although we will be promoting our coffee powder throughradio but TV marketing and advertising is the most powerful tool used for this purpose as italways brings in positive and prompt results.RADIO ADVERTISEMENT :Our radio advertisement is showing the concept that how much we care for our customers as wethink them as a part of our family. So, “Nescafe” is introducing a new cold coffee “KAPIKOTTAI KOLD” with some UNIQUE flavors available in all the well known supermarkets inpackaged form rather than any other coffee brands in Pakistan.Action Programs :The Nestle kappikotai coffee will be introduced in October. Following are summaries of theaction programwe will use forfirst 5 month of next to achieve our stated objectives 21 | P a g e
  22. 22. January We will launch a Rs.0.5 million trade sales promotion campaign and exhibit at themajor industry to educate dealers and generate channel support for the product launch inOctober.Febuary We will start an integrated print/radio/tv/Internet campaign targeting youth andmiddle upper class group including professionals. The campaign will show the 3 newlyintroduced Nescafe Koppi Kota flavourswhich will add a new variety and taste in the coffee.March Increase up internet marketing campaign as it is the hub of youngsters that we aretargeting. Target colleges and universities and distributing free samples of kappikotacofee tothe youngsters.April We will arrange a best movie contest on our facebook official page. The best movie willwin a prize of Rs.500,000. The movie should reflect the theme of KappiKotta Coffee and any ofthe 3 flavor of Kappi Kota Coffee shall be visible in that videao.May We plan to move our advertising campaign to an extensive level. Radio and television addwill feature some young celebrities and sportsman mainly cricketers showing what they feelafter experiencing Nescafe Kappi Kota coffee.The add will feature the enthusiasm and energycreated after having Nescafe Kappi Kota.Controls:To ensure proper implementation and control for our action plan we will conduct auditinternally to closely monitor the goals and objectives. This will enable us to react very quickly incorrecting any problems that may occur. 22 | P a g e