The lakson group of companies


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The lakson group of companies

  1. 1.  The Lakson Group was founded by Mr.Hasan Ali Karabahi in 1954 as a trading concern. Lakson’s Portfolio –  Centering around consumer goods and services.  Detergents & soaps, toothpaste, food products, fast food restaurants, insurance, internet services, software, paper & board, printing, powdered beverages and tea, packaging, publications, surgical instruments, and textiles.
  2. 2. Century Insurance Company Limited McDonald’s Fast Food Express News/TV Channel 1984 1998 2008
  3. 3.  They want to become the leader in word “Business” so they want to expand their business in sphere due to which they acquire the fast food and Print & Electronic media markets in Pakistan.  Increased Demand of Fast Food Restaurants.  There will be a risk of Uncertainty of market conditions and Competition in a saturated business environment.  But, they have realized their potential and goes beyond the characteristics needs of the independent business.  They want to carry the process of business evolution to a higher level of complexity. Future Thinking:Picking the right markets and the right opportunities.    Century Insurance company Limited McDonald’s Express News/TV Channel 1984 1998 2008
  4. 4. Chairman Board of Members Advisor Executive Committee CEO CEO Board of Directors CEO CEO
  5. 5. Corporate Century Insurance Company Ltd. Express News/TV Channel McDonald’s Fast Food Executive Committee Investment Funds Affair BoD Audit Committee HR & CSR Admin Finance Broadcasting Internal Audit Advertise ment Corporate Sales Marketing Gender Promotion Accounts Operations Media P&E