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Marketing Plan for Honda's car protection facility in Pakistan

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Marketing plan metalheads

  2. 2. PROCEEDINGS• Company Summary• Services• Objectives• Mission• Keys to Success• Market Analysis• SWOT/PEST• Market Segmentation• Sales Forecast• Budgeting• Conclusion
  3. 3. COMPANY SUMMARY• Subsidiary of Honda.• Providing car protection services.• Growth in the market.• No other private company providing such facilities.• MetalHeads has a future vision of making these services affordable.
  4. 4. SERVICES• MetalHeads would provide armoring vehicle service according to the international protection criteria. – Use materials that have been properly certified by such recognized agencies as Underwriter’s Laboratories, National Institute of Justice.• MetalHeads workshop facility would be established near Tarnol on Fateh Jang road.
  5. 5. SERVICES• The complete armoring services include the following tasks: – Engine bay protection including battery, radiator and reengineered air scoop. – Interior floor bomb blast protection and ballistic armored walls. – Bullet proof and ballistic windows. – Reinforced door hinges and alignment supports.
  6. 6. SERVICES – Run-flat wheel inserts to keep vehicle moving under attack. – Complete ballistic armored firewall which provides maximum protection for vehicle occupants. – Large ballistic armored firewall which provide maximum protection during assault. Overlaps upholstered to match vehicle interior. – Suspension system reinforcement necessary to compensate for the additional weight.
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES – MetalHeads aims to provide high quality armoring services to its customers and to maintain long term profitable relationship. – MetalHeads looks forward to constantly grow the sales with time and maintain direct and indirect costs. – After three years MetalHeads would offer armored service which would be applicable to many vehicles.
  8. 8. MISSION – Always striving to fulfill our clients and employees needs through clear communication, teamwork and integrity, with the desire to provide superior quality, technologically advanced protection and safety services.
  9. 9. KEYS TO SUCCESS• Maintaining a reputable and untarnished reputation in the community.• Quality care.• Competitive pricing.• After sales services.• Technologically advanced methods.• Skilled workforce.
  11. 11. SWOT• Strengths – Honda is a reliable and well established brand name in Pakistan. – First company in Pakistan to offer armoring services. – Offered services are highly cost effective for customers. – Low bargaining power of customers.
  12. 12. SWOT• Weaknesses – Lack of trust due to no previous experience. – No brand loyalty. – High dependency on suppliers.
  13. 13. SWOT• Opportunities – High demand rate. – Cheap skilled labor availability. – High growth in terrorism rate.
  14. 14. SWOT• Threats – Government regulation. – High bargaining power of suppliers. – HIT may start civil vehicle armoring.
  16. 16. PEST• Political Situation – Political situation in Pakistan currently is uncertain. Such projects might face retaliation from government institutions e.g. Heavy Industries Taxila.
  17. 17. PEST• Economic Situation – Economic condition of Pakistan faces many difficulties. High dependency on foreign aid and weak industrial output has brought the Pakistan’s rupee worth down drastically.
  18. 18. PEST• Social Situation – Investment in car armoring services should not be facing any hurdles from the country’s social classes.
  19. 19. PEST• Technological Situation – Pakistan lacks proper infrastructure for such services to be fully operational. A lot of training for the professionals would be necessary to work on such a project.
  20. 20. MARKETING STRATEGY• In order to market our services we will send brochures to the government offices, armed forces and other political figures.• Advertise in “Pakistan and gulf Economist” and other business magazines.• We will also use direct marketing through our contacts and word-of- mouth marketing.
  21. 21. SALES STRATEGY• MetalHeads would sell their services by using the direct sale approach.• The owners of the company would personally contact all the customers in the target market to achieve the forecasted sales.
  23. 23. HONDA ACCORD (UNIT PRICE)Sr. No Part description Unit Price Quantity Total Price1 Armox 500 B6 Armored steel Rs. 350,100 4 Rs. 1,400,400 plates ( size 5x2 meter )2 Armass B6 bullet proof glass for - Complete set Rs. 1,100,000 Honda Accord3 Bilstein heavy duty Shocks Rs. 17,500 4 Rs. 70,0004 Firestone Run flat tires Rs. 15,000 4 Rs. 60,0005 Firestone Run flat inserts Rs. 7,000 4 Rs. 28,000 Rs. 2,65,8400
  24. 24. HONDA CIVIC (UNIT PRICE)Sr. No Part description Unit Price Quantity Total Price1 Armox 500 B6 Rs. 220,100 4 Rs. 880,400 Armored steel plates ( size 5x2 meter )2 Armass B6 bullet proof - Complete set Rs. 800,000 glass3 Bilstein heavy duty Rs. 14,000 4 Rs. 56,000 Shocks4 Firestone Run flat tires Rs. 15,000 4 Rs. 60,0005 Firestone Run flat Rs. 7,000 4 Rs. 28,000 inserts Rs. 1,824,400
  25. 25. Sales ForecastUnit Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Honda Accord 35 37 40Honda Civic 18 21 23Total Unit Sales 53 68 63Unit Prices Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Honda Accord Rs. 2,658,400 Rs. 2,658,400 Rs. 2,658,400Honda Civic Rs. 1,824,400 Rs. 1,824,400 Rs. 1,824,400Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Honda Accord Rs. 93,044,000 Rs. 98,360,800 Rs. 106,336,000Honda Civic Rs. 32,839,200 Rs. 38,312,400 Rs. 41,961,200Total Sales Rs. 1,258,832,00 Rs. 1,366,732,00 Rs. 14,829,7200Direct Unit Costs Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Honda Accord Rs. 2,000,000 Rs. 2,000,000 Rs. 2,000,000Honda Civic Rs. 1,000,000 Rs. 1,000,000 Rs. 1,000,000Direct Cost of Sales Year 1 Year 2 Year 3Honda Accord Rs.70,000,000 Rs.74,000,000 Rs.80,000,000Honda Civic Rs. 1,800,000 Rs. 2,100,000 Rs. 2,300,000Subtotal Direct Cost of Sales Rs. 71,800,000 Rs. 76,100,000 Rs. 82,300,000
  26. 26. BUDGETING
  27. 27. Start-up FundingStart-up Expenses to Fund Rs. 390,000Start-up Assets to Fund Rs. 17,640,000Total Funding Required Rs. 18,030,000AssetsNon-cash Assets from Start-up Rs. 20,640,000Cash Requirements from Start-up Rs. 2,000,000Additional Cash Raised Rs. 1,970,000Cash Balance on Starting Date Rs. 3,970,000Total Assets Rs. 24,610,000Liabilities and CapitalLiabilitiesCurrent Borrowing Rs. 0Long-term Liabilities Rs. 0Other Current Liabilities (interest-free) Rs. 0Total Liabilities Rs. 0CapitalPlanned InvestmentOwners (Honda) Rs. 20,000,000Investor Rs. 0Additional Investment Requirement Rs. 0Total Planned Investment Rs. 20,000,000Loss at Start-up (Start-up Expenses) (Rs. 390,000)Total Capital Rs. 19,610,000Total Capital and Liabilities Rs. 19,610,000Total Funding Rs. 20,000,000
  28. 28. THANK YOU