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Some Waste & Shipping Container

  1. 1. Package Designs & Sample Fabrication Work Photo’sWaste and Shipping Containers In Strong Tight/IP-1, 2 & 3 CI-ST-9 Shipping Container CI-ST-90 Shipping Container
  2. 2. Waste and Shipping Containers 7A Type Variety of Configurations and PayloadsCI-7A Type A End View CI-7A Type A Side View – 90 Cu/Ft Version CI-12 Overpack Cover Removed Closed Package
  3. 3. Inside Top Lid Containment Cap Containment Top View
  4. 4. Xcel Engineering also provides a wide variety of pails, drums and overpacks that meet UN and DOT 7A Type A in steel, fiber and plastic materials CI-48 – 48 Inch Cylinder Overpack Side View
  5. 5. CI-48 – 48 Inch Cylinder Overpack Base Pallet Burial Container SystemInner Burial Container – C/S Outer Burial Container – S/S
  6. 6. Cask Waste Liner
  7. 7. Versa-Pac Shipping Container Models VP-55 & VP-110The Versa-Pac Shipping Containers are comprised of 16 Gauge Outer Drums with a reinforcedbolted closure thru the top and a standard 12 gauge closure ring. It is connected to a fixed 10gauge inner containment area and it is closed using twelve ½” bolts and a 1/2” thick top flangewith folding handle. The insulated top plug is welded to the outer lid with 16 gauge sheet metalas the casing. The inner structure uses a patented stiffener system. It is vented to the outsideusing a single 1” Ø acetate plug. The insulation is a combination of ceramic glass fibers on thesides and polyurethane foam plugs in both the top and bottom. It has been designed as areplacement for standard 7A and Type A Fissile transportation packaging. The Criticality SafetyIndex (CSI) is 1.0. 55-Gallon Version – VP-55Inner Containment View Versa-Pac Standard Package Inner ContainmentThe Versa-Pac is designed so that it can be used directly or in conjunction with pails, drums orinserts that can be manufactured to accommodate a variety of smaller containers and vessels. The110 gallon Versa-Pac can accept up to a 30 gallon standard drum within the payload cavity. The
  8. 8. insert simply slides into the fixed inner containment cavity to adjust the inner dimensions. Insertscan also be insulated to provide additional thermal protection and to accommodate a leak testableseal, if needed. 55 Gallon Version 110 Gallon VersionInner Cavity Dimensions: 15” Dia. x 24” High Inner Cavity Dimensions: 21” Dia. x 29-5/8” High Tare Weight: Approx. 370 lbs. Tare Weight: Approx. 700 lbs. Payload Capacity: 250 lbs. Payload Capacity: 260 lbs. Versa-Pac Shipping Container Current Contents1). The contents of the Versa-Pac Shipping Container include solid, homogeneous (powder orcrystalline), or non-homogenous, uranium materials with no free standing liquids.Density is not limited. Materials shall be stable and in a non-pyrophoric form.Contents are presently limited to: A. Uranium Oxides (UxOy). B. Uranyl nitrate crystals in the form of uranyl nitrate hexahydrate, trihydrate or dihydrate. C. Other uranium compounds, e.g., uranyl fluorides and uranyl carbonates. Uranium compounds may also contain carbon or graphite. Uranium carbide is authorized for shipment. However, uranium hydrites are not authorized for shipment. D. Uranium metal or uranium alloys. E. TRISO Fuel (C/SIS/C coated ThUC2 particles pressed with carbon matrix to form rods.Contents may be pre-packaged in hpolytetraflouroethylene, aluminum, and carbon steel.Materials with auto-ignition temperature and melting point temperatures less than 600°F, and a 3hydrogen density greater than 0.141 g/cm , are not authorized. 2). Maximum quantity of materialper package is 350 grams U-235 enriched up to 100 Weight Percent. The net weight of theauthorized contents shall not exceed 250 lbs. for the Model No. VP-55 and 260 lbs. for theModel VP-110. 3). Contents are limited to normal form material with the A2 value applied to thepackage. The radionuclide inventory of the loaded contents, including U-234 and U-236, shall beless than the calculated mixture A2 value. 4). Decay heat is limited to 11.4 W. Criticality SafetyIndex CSI: 1.0 No materials, excluding the minimum steel wall thickness of the package, areused as neutron absorbers or moderators.
  9. 9. 110-Gallon Version – VP-110Inner Containment View Versa-Pac Standard Package
  10. 10. Successfully completed all HAC Required Tests. Cold conditioning -62 F 4 ft. Drop Test 30 ft. Drop Test Crush Test Puncture Test Open Pool Fire Immersion Test Helium Leak TestAuthorization will soon be sought for allowable shipment payload mass at any enrichment andallowable moderation ratios for Uranium Compounds, U-Metal and Uranyl Nitrate Crystals.Other materials now being considered for inclusion are Uranium Carbide, U-233, UN Liquid,Plutonium Oxide, Plutonium Metal, Mixed Oxides, U/Pu Alloys, Sources and Fresh Fuel Rods.For a complete review of the exact shipment payloads, weights and conditions, please contactXCEL Industries.The XCEL Engineering has a Tare Weight of approximately 305 pounds and a payloadcapacity of 108 pounds. It is available in either carbon steel or a stainless-carbon combination.Company offers a complete line of products that include pails and drums, 7A containers,Strong-Tight and IP containers, Custom built packaging and many other containers for Front Endand Waste Products. XCEL Engineering also offer a complete line of engineering and testingservices from design and testing of both new and current packages to writing the Safety AnalysisReport. The personnel of XCEL Engineering , have the experience and reputation for deliveringto the customer, quality products, on-time, with the supporting engineering and qualitydocuments at responsible prices.