Sadigh Gallery Early Summer Savings 2013


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Sadigh Gallery's Early Summer Savings 2013!
Great deals on authentic ancient artifacts from various cultures. Great and unique gift ideas at affordable prices for Father's Day. To place an order, call us TOLL FREE 1-800-426-2007 or visit our website
For Online Orders: Enter the Item Number in the search box of our website.
For Phone Orders: Have the Item Number and the Page Number ready for faster service.
Thank You!

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Sadigh Gallery Early Summer Savings 2013

  1. 1. 32611 374903137934132 anatolian. Terracotta bowlwith three legs on a pedestal base. Brown painteddesigns on the outer surface and base. 2000 BC(16” x 12”). Regular $1,800 Sale $1,40031541 asian. Bronze horse and two-wheeledcarriage.Covered wagon with raised dragon motifand ornate open fretwork.Green patina.1700’s AD(15”x 11”).Regular $1,800 Sale $1,40038777 assyrian. Carved black basalt frag-ment.Low relief of a crowned bearded wingedseated King with floral designs behind him.700 BC(13”x 10½”).Regular $7,500 Sale $5,00032835 babylonian. Cylinder shapedterracotta tablet with 48 lines of cuneiform inscrip-tion.Very rare. 606-539 BC (4” x 1¾”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,70043300 canannite. Bronze duck bill shapeddigging tool,the shaft missing.Green patina.1200 BC(2¾”x 2½”).Regular $400 Sale $30034341 celtic. Solid bronze sword with a dou-ble swirl handle,Comes mounted on a base.700-200BC (23½”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,80031617 cycladic. Carved black basalt femaleidol,the Late SpedosVariety.2400 BC (8”x 3”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,80032611 greco-roman. Terracotta oil lamp ofSerapis.100 BC (4½”).Regular $400 Sale $30037568 Holy Land.Terracotta amphora with two handles andsmall mouth. Thick earthen patina. 200 AD(20” x 13”). Regular $900 Sale $600 32800Phoenician32800 Brilliant fused circular and oblong greenglass beads,six white fanglike beads and three facependants.Light earthen patina.Modern setting.500-300 BC (24”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 32848 Core-formed dark blue glass Amphoriskos,wound with blue, brown, and light green marbledfestoons. Some encrustations. 400-200 BC(4¾” x 2”). Regular $1,200 Sale $9000059328250russian41907 Hand-painted wooden iconSaint Alexander on a golden background.1800 AD (8½” x 7”).Regular $400 Sale $300 . 42083 22kt gold coin with an intricateornament on one side and inscriptionson the reverse. 1871 AD (1”).Regular $2,500Sale $2,000419074208331379 luristan. Bronze sword with thehilt with a triple raised dot pattern to eitherside, the bottom of the flared hilt forming thehead of a lion to either side. Green patina.Mounted on a base. 1200-800 BC (15½”).Regular $800 Sale $60037564 PERSIAN. 22kt gold bracelet withopen fretwork of a floral leaf design with smallround turquoise beads.Pin closure,wearable.Weight:1.25 oz.200 BC (7¼”x 1”).Regular $8,000 Sale $6,00037490 Peruvian. Elaborately carved woodenicon with folding doors and hand-painted details,the Madonna and the infant Saint John the Baptistinside the frame.1900 AD (11½”x 8”).Regular $500 Sale $40038809 syro hittite. Large freestandingterracotta female idol with birdlike features,beak-like nose, wearing a crown. Hands heldacross her chest. Light earthen patina. 3000 BC(11” x 3”). Regular $1,500 Sale $1,00034341375643880938777316173283543300341323154143670431894260243654EGYPTIAN37148 Bronze plaque of Apis bull Godin an elaborate crown, winged female oneither side. Holes for hanging. Green patina.26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC (2¾” x 3”).Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 43189 Carved beige alabaster flask with two small loopsprotruding from the sides.Middle Kingdom.2040-1786 BC(5”x 2½”).Regular $3,000 Sale $2,000 43654 Carved black limestoneminiature model of a sphinx.Fine rendering shows the structuraldetails, including miniature blocksof limestone composing the statue.Dirt patina. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC(8¼” x 4½”).Regular $1,500 Sale $1,00043670 Carved black limestoneseated scribe in a kilt, spreading a scrollwith hieroglyphs.Wearing a tripartite wig.On a base with hieroglyphs. Dirt patina.Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (7” x 4¾” x 3¾” ).Regular $800 Sale $600 42602Wearable glazed faiencedouble-sided Eye of Horus.18thDynasty.1570-1342 BC (2½”x 2”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,5003714837568ORDER BY PHONE ONLYCALL TOLL FREE 1-800-426-2007OR 212-725-7537ORDER BY PHONE ONLYCALL TOLL FREE 1-800-426-2007OR 212-725-7537EARLY SUMMER SAVINGSEARLY SUMMER SAVINGS3280000593greek00593 3 Macedoniansilver Alexander the Great drachm coins.336-323 BC (¾”). Regular $450 Sale $35028250 Necklace made of gold and blue glass andagate beads. 400-700 BC (21”). Regular $1,200 Sale $80043790 Macedonian. Silver Philip II tetradrachm coin, theobverse with the head of Zeus, the reverse with a King onhorseback, and inscriptions. 359-336 BC (1”).Regular $1,800 Sale $1,4004379032848SADIGH GALLERY ANCIENT ART, INC. 303 Fifth Avenue, Suite 1603 New York, NY 10016 Tel: 212-725-7537 Fax: 212-545-7612
  2. 2. PAGE 2PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-753731090 Dogon Tribe. Bronze mermaid holding a bowlin both her hands, resting on a base. Brown patina.1900’s AD (13” x 8½”). Regular $700 Sale $500 33724 Dogon Tribe. Bronze canoe in the shape of acrocodile with a rower at each end, and two couplessitting in the middle. Dark earthen patina. 1800’s AD(13½” x 3½”). Regular $600 Sale $450 34816 Dogon Tribe. Two-piece iron vessel with removablelid with a bearded male face. The base of the lid andbody of the vessel both have four nude figures, maleand female. The body also has two turtles, and twosnakes. Pedestal base. Dark patina. 1800’s AD(17½” x 9”). Regular $900 Sale $600 35170 Dogon Tribe. Thin bronze elongated nude malewearing a crown, linear scarifications on the body. Richgreen and rust-brown patina. 1800’s AD (19” x 2¾”).Regular $900 Sale $600 38056 Ethiopian. Silver wash metal cross forged andetched with the Madonna and Child, the back with Jesusin Judgment, the bottom with an angel on both sides.Early 1900’s AD. (14½” x 4½”).Regular $500 Sale $400 40157 West African. Iron shackles used during theAfrican Slave Trade. Light rust patina. 1600’s AD. (15¾”).Regular $400 Sale $300 21855 Carved white marble Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddessof Mercy, seated on an elephant. Light earthen patina.200-400 AD. (15” x 22”). Regular $1,500 Sale $1,200 23490 Carved black basalt stone Kuan Yin, leaningover a lion/dragon creature. 400 AD (26” x 13”).Regular $4,800 Sale $3,500 25139 Carved white marble three faced Kuan Yin,with multiple arms, on a lotus throne, her arms radiatingaround her in a gesture of blessing and holding weaponsin other hands. 400 AD (28” x 15”).Regular $3,000 Sale $2,200 26692 Large polychrome camel on a terracotta base,draped with a decorative saddle blanket with Foo Dogface on both the sides. Light earthen patina. 1200-1300AD (10” x 11½”). Regular $1,400 Sale $1,000 26999 Carved amber sphere with many animals carvedon it. 1700’s AD (3”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 27425 Large polychrome horse on a terracotta basewith fine details. Light earthen patina. 1200-1300 AD(18” x 16”). Regular $1,400 Sale $1,000 29871 Complete bronze facial mask helmet with a spearpoint to the top and a crown with traces of gold gildingto the decorative edges. Green patina. 1700’s AD(12” x 8”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 29889 Carved coral Laughing Buddha, Pu-Tai. 1700’s AD(5½” x 3”). Regular $800 Sale $600 30296 Large magnetic meteorite that landed inMongolia. Made from iron and nickel. Approximate weight:15 lbs. (7½” x 5½”). Regular $4,500 Sale $2,500 30549 Carved green jade disc with a fierce dragon onthe surface. 200 AD (9”). Regular $1,200 Sale $900 00007 (3): 5 Lead Civil War bullets. 1860’s AD (1”);Native American wooden pipe. 1700-1800’s AD (9”);Colonial silver shipwrecked Atocha coin. 1622 AD (1¼”)Regular $700 Sale $500 31964 10 Lead Civil War bullets. 1860’s AD (1”)Regular $200 Sale $150 42976 Silver shipwreck coin pendant from the Spanishtreasure ship, the Nuestra Senora de Atocha. In a vermeilpendant setting. 1622 AD (1½”)Regular $500 Sale $400 30638 Carved golden amber statue of twoelephants copulating. 1700’s AD (3¾” x 3¼”).Regular $500 Sale $350 31097 Carved jade sword with dragon head handle.Scroll carving on the curved pointed blade. Song Dynasty.1100 AD (27”). Regular $2,000 Sale $1,500 31138 Three carved coral seated monkeyssymbolizing Mahatma Gandhi. 1700’s AD (3” x 2”).Regular $600 Sale $400 31192 Carved golden amber infant sits with ababy dragon on its lap. 1700’s AD (3½” x 2½”).Regular $600 Sale $400 31537 Bronze long handled ceremonial dagger axe.Geometric designs and a low relief dragon are visible.Traces of green. Comes on a base. 1300 AD (13½” x 6½”).Regular $600 Sale $400 32893 Carved variegated jade erotica piece:a couple copulating. 1700 AD (8½” x 6”).Regular $800 Sale $600 33534 Solid bronze spearpoint with a raised centralridge. The surface with a raised face, the two side rings asthe ears. Depicted on both sides. Dark green patina.400-200 BC (13½” x 3”). Regular $900 Sale $600 33686 Carved amber vessel with a garden scene. 1700’sAD (4¾” x 2½”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 34165 Bronze sword, with the raised face of a dragonwith a human face and incised geometrics on the hilt.Green patina. Mounted on a base. 400-200 BC (25½”).Regular $900 Sale $700 34563 Carved light green jade horned dragon, on abase. Traces of brown. 1300 AD (11” x 7½”).Regular $1,200 Sale $900 34576 Carved variegated red jade bull in alert position.1300 AD (13½” x 9½”) Regular $1,500 Sale $1,200 3109026692274253029629889000074297630549306383109731192315373289333534336863416534563AFRICANAMERICANASIAN34576269994015729871218552513938056311382349033724351703481631964
  3. 3. PAGE 3PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-753734581 Carved green jade beads necklace. Bead: 1”, Necklace:42” 1300 AD. Regular $300 Sale $200 35044 Japanese. Metal sword, the scabbard with metalsheeting, the hilt with a woven metal decorative motif. Rustpatina. 1900’s AD (40”). Regular $500 Sale $350 35126 Bronze four armed Manjusri seated on a lotus basein a close-fitting dhoti. Dark green patina. 1700’s AD (8” x 5”).Regular $500 Sale $400 36828 Large carved light green jade ceremonial sword, alow relief dragon on one side, Chinese inscriptions on theother, the hilt with a dragon head. Traces of brown encrusta-tion. 1300 AD (24” x 3½”). Regular $900 Sale $600 36994 Hollow iron Buddha head. Gold gilding on the faceand a light earthen patina. 1700’s AD (6” x 3½”).Regular $500 Sale $300 37021 Two-piece bulbous shaped bronze container with thelid still intact. The surface with intricate inlay designs, raiseddragon handles to the side. Green patina with earthen encrus-tations. 1700’s AD (12” x 6”). Regular $800 Sale $600 37312 Carved amber head of Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddess ofMercy. 1700’s AD (6” x 3”). Regular $600 Sale $400 37346 Carved black basalt Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddess ofMercy, on a lotus base. Light earthen patina. 200-400 AD (38”x 8”). Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 37508 Carved light green jade Chinese monk or philosopherwith a pointed cap with Asian calligraphy, and a flowing robe.1300 AD (11½” x 6”). Regular $1,800 Sale $1,400 37704 Carved light brown jade statue of two fierce dragonswith turtle shells in battle. Traces of green. Earthen patina.1300 AD (14” x 6½”). Regular $1,800 Sale $1,400 37744 Carved dark green jade erotica piece: a couplecopulating. 1700 AD (7” x 3”). Regular $600 Sale $400 38747 Bronze winged God standing on a crowneddeer on a lotus base holding a sword and coiled rope, wearinga draping garment and a helmet. Traces of green patina.1700’s AD (6¾” x 2½”). Regular $600 Sale $40040877373463750837704377443964039640 Magnetic, iron and nickel, polished meteoritethat landed in Mongolia.Approximate weight: 3 lbs. (3”).Regular $900 Sale $600 39773 Hollow bronze standing horse. Traces of greenpatina. 1300 AD (9” x 7¾”) Regular $700 Sale $500 39964 Large carved amber standing female pig.1700’s AD (9¾” x 4”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 40551 Iron statue of Sitatapatra, the eight-armed fourfaced divinity, seated on a lotus base. Traces of red, green,and gold gilding on the surface. 1700’s AD(14¾” x 10¼”). Regular $900 Sale $700 40877 Ceremonial bronze axe with engraved geometricson either side, the knob above the handle with a face ofa lion. Traces of a green patina and earthen encrustation.400 AD (26½” x 11”). Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 40955 Green glass statue of a Laughing Buddhareclined on a base, holding a beaded necklace. 1600’s AD(7¾” x 5½”). Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 41682 Terracotta tomb statue on a base with horns,fangs, and in a triumphant stance standing on top ofa dead boar. Traces of paint and some encrustation.1200-1300’s AD (12¾” x 7½”).Regular $1,800 Sale $1,400 41771 Hollow bronze statue of a soldier holding upornaments while riding a horned dragon. Rare piece.400 BC (11½” x 10”). Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 41774 Silver mirror with seated figures and open-mouthed animals pulling carriages with linear and dotteddesigns in low and high relief. 1300 AD (7”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 397733996440955416824177141774 4233242354426624269736994350443512636828ASIAN42332 Carved coral seated female frog with a small babyfrog on her back. 1700’s AD (4” x 2½”).Regular $500 Sale $350 42354 Glass rabbit statue with festooning patterns to thesurface. 400-500 AD (3½” x 3”).Regular $800 Sale $600 42662 Carved variegated dark green jade Foo Dog seatedon a base. 1700’s AD (9” x 6” x 3½” ).Regular $900 Sale $700 42697 Carved light green jade statue of Overseas Lohan,standing with a rod and a round plate-like object on his back.Holding a leaf in his right hand. 1300’s AD (10½” x 4¾”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 42705 Carved light green jade Kuan Yin, Chinese Goddessof Mercy, standing on a lotus base holding a lotus flower, theother hand holding a ball offering, a shrine behind her head.Traces of brown. 1300 AD(14¼” x 4½” ). Regular $2,500 Sale $1,800 43283 Carved dark amber complete skull. 1700’s AD(5” x 3”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 43501 Carved solid white marble nude female on a base,one hand with a fruit-like object, the waist cloth intricatelycarved, elaborate crown, three strand necklace, the left armmissing. 400 AD (44” x 12” x 10”).Regular $4,000 Sale $3,000 43686 Complete genuine human skull in good conditionwith some missing teeth. Found in Mongolia. 1000 AD(9” x 5½” ). Regular $4,000 Sale $3,000 373124368643501427054328334581405513874737021
  4. 4. PAGE 4PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-753700029 (3):Carnelian scarab.(½”);Lapis lazuli scarab.(1”);Turquoise scarab.(¾”),2040-1786 BC.Regular $350 Sale $175 00344 (3):Faience Ushabti.663-525 BC (2”);Mummy bead necklace with blue beads.600-300 BC (28”);Terracotta Hathor oil lamp.300BC (4”x 2”) Regular $250 Sale $150 00508 (5):2 Lapis lazuli scarabs.2040 BC(¾”);2 Soapstone Eye of Horus.600-300 BC(1½”);Bronze ankh.600 BC (2”).Comes in ashadow box.Regular $550 Sale $35001145 5 Faience Ushabtis with hieroglyphs.Comes in a shadow box. 663-525 BC (Four are2”, one is 4½”) Regular $500 Sale $35002588 (3): Faience ankh with hiero-glyphs. (2½”); Green soapstone cat. (1½”);Green soapstone fish. (2” x 1”), 305-30 BC,all wearable. Regular $400 Sale $250 03580 (3): Carved green soapstoneHorus standing on a base. 305-30 BC (3½”);Faience Osiris statue in mummiform with arow of hieroglyphs. 715-332 BC. (4¾” x 1¼”);Wearable carved turquoise scarab amulet.2040-1786 BC (1” x ½”)Regular $750 Sale $50026798 Stucco over linen cartonnage footcase. Geometric designs in red, yellow, gold,blue, green, ivory and black, the sandaledfeet with gold toenails, eleven rows ofhieroglyphs on the bottom. Ptolemaic.305-30 BC (10” x 7½” x 8”)Regular $5,000 Sale $4,00027414 Mummy wrapped vulture. Depictedon the ceilings of temples as a symbol ofprotection. Comes mounted in a wooden boxframe with a removable acrylic cover.Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (16” x 12½”)Regular $15,000 Sale $10,000 28038 Rows of Hieratic writing in blackink on linen mummy wrapping. Mountedin a shadow box. Third Intermediate Period.1085-715 BC (3½” x 3”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,50029811 Carved white marble squattingfigure symbolizes the hope of resurrection.Rows of hieroglyphs carved to the frontin the form of a panel. 18th Dynasty.1570-1342 BC (12” x 7”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,50029940 Sandstone carving of the godOsiris, the god Horus in the center andNephthys, brother of Osiris, on the left.Two lines of hieroglyphs above them.Light earthen patina. New Kingdom,18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC (21” x 8”).Regular $2,800 Sale $2,000 30138 Limestone plaque with a roundedtop, a bird standing on the bottom insidea building with two birds standing on thetop, the bottom with an inscription. CopticPeriod. 324-640 AD (13¾” x 9½”)Regular $4,500 Sale $3,000 31354 From a limestone statue, bare leftfoot with a carved scorpion on top. 26thDynasty. 663-525 BC (7” x 4”)Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 31503 Carved light green limestone heartscarab with two Eyes of Horus on the top,cartouche on the bottom. Third IntermediatePeriod. 1070-712 BC (3½” x 2½”)Regular $700 Sale $50031551 Carved limestone head.Mounted ona base.Egypto-Roman.30 BC-324 AD (12½”x7”) Regular $1,800 Sale $1,200BYZANTINE01289 5 Bronze cross pendants. 600-900 AD (1¼”) Regular $250 Sale $150 29304 Bronze cross pendant with the Madonna and Child. Dark green patina.600-900 AD (2”) Regular $400 Sale $300 30803 Bronze religious figure wearing a robe, and holding a large cross to thechest. Green patina. 1300 AD (3”) Regular $500 Sale $400 32454 Gold coin of Emperor Michael VII. On the obverse, Christ. 1071-1078 AD (1”)Regular $1,200 Sale $1,000 32804 Bronze cross pendant. Green patina. 600-900 AD (3”) Regular $400 Sale 300. 35889 Green iridescent glass bottle, linear wrap design on neck. Some encrustation.600-900 AD (7½” x 4½”) Regular $2,500 Sale 1,500. 37032 Carved limestone plaque, one side with the image of Jesus crucified, the otherwith a cross. Two holes on one side for hanging. 600 AD (2½” x 1¼”)Regular $900 Sale 600. 2930401289 3280435889308033703200029 0034400508EGYPTIAN03580267982994031503011450258827414298113013831551280383135432454
  5. 5. PAGE 5PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-7537355843572635587338973462634356 Ceremonial short bronze knife withwooden handle. Green patina. 26th Dynasty.663-525 BC (8½”).Regular $400 Sale $30034626 Carved two-sided brown limestoneseated Bes, believed to guard against evilspirits and misfortune, on a four-sided basewith hieroglyphs. Phallus visible. Traces ofred. Middle Kingdom, 18th Dynasty.1570-1342 BC (5” x 2”).Regular $1,500 Sale $1,00034852 Carved cream alabaster vessel.Third Intermediate Period. 1085-950 BC(10” x 7”). Regular $800 Sale $600 35328 Carved marble ram reclined ona base, incised patterns are carved ontothe surface, a ruler stands in front.Earthen encrustations. Ptolemaic.305-30 BC. (16” x 12” x 6”).Regular $5,000 Sale $3,500 35584 Stucco over linen cartonnage frag-ment with Khnum, holding a branch; Seth,and another God holding an ankh. Two linesof hieroglyphs. Displayed in a shadow box.New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty. 1200-1085 BC(7” x 6”). Regular $2,200 Sale $1,500 35587 Gold hoop earrings with theportrait of two male pharaohs facingeach other. 1800 AD (1¾”)Regular $3,000 Sale $2,000 35612 Carved marble seated scribe ona raised base. An open scroll upon the lap,incised hieroglyphs to the front of the base.Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (13½” x 8” x 5½”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 35726 Sarcophagus terracotta mask froman anthropoid coffin. Some earthen encrusta-tion. Mounted on a base. 18th Dynasty.Gaza 1570-1342 BC (12½” x 12½”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,800 36104 Green glazed faience Ushabti withten rows of hieroglyphs. 26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC (7”). Regular $900 Sale $60036231 From a sarcophagus,a mask with awhite stucco face with black hair,detailed eye-lashes and eyes.Egypto-Roman.100 BC(6½”x 5½”).Regular $3,000 Sale $2,20036416 Blue glazed faience Ushabti withhieroglyphs to the front panel. 26th Dynasty.663-525 BC (5¾”).Regular $800 Sale $60036737 Carved wooden comb withintricately incised geometrics to the top ofeither side. Old Kingdom. 2780-2680 BC(5½” x 2½”) Regular $300 Sale $200 36946 22kt gold hollow hedgehogpendant. Hole for wearability. Ptolemaic.305-30 BC (½”).Regular $4,500 Sale $3,000 37049 Faience glazed seated Isis & BabyHorus, Isis wearing a crown. Ptolemaic.305-30 BC (4” x 1½”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 37140 Carved limestone inlay of the godAmun, the creator of all things, with visiblephallus. A baboon seated on his head. Holethrough the baboon’s ear for hanging.18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC (6” x 1½”).Regular $2,200 Sale $1,500 33638 Carved brown limestone containerwith two handles and pedestal base, thesurface with two cartouches. 26th Dynasty.663-525 BC (8¼” x 5”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 33732 Stucco over linen cartonnagefragment with a horned bull peeking outof tree branches. A house on the lower rightcorner. Two lines of hieroglyphs. Displayed ina shadow box. New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty.1200-1085 BC (7” x 6”).Regular $2,200 Sale $1,500 33790 Carved light green limestoneheart scarab. At the bottom, hieroglyphsand Egyptian symbols.Winged scarab andEgyptian symbols on the top. 18th Dynasty.1570-1342 BC (3½” x 2½”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 33824 Carved brown limestone canopicjar with base and stopper, incised onto thefront, four rows of hieroglyphs. On thestopper, Hapy, protector of the liver.18th Dynasty. 1570-1085 BC (6” x 3½”).Regular $2,200 Sale $1,500 33897 Carved variegated limestonesphinx. 26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC(4” x 2¼”). Regular $900 Sale $600 33999 Sandstone carving of a scorpionon top of an Egyptian hand.With hieroglyphsymbols. Light earthen patina. New Kingdom,18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC (13½” x 8”).Regular $1,800 Sale $1,200 34254 Sandstone carving of Sekhmetwearing a crown. hieroglyph symbols on theright. Light earthen patina. New Kingdom,18th Dynasty. 1570-1342 BC (9½” x 7”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 31677 Predynastic. Round terracottavessel with a smooth finish, very smallmouth. 5000-3000 BC (14” x 11”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 31885 Stucco over linen cartonnagefragment with a standing Atum, holding astaff and Isis, holding an ankh. Displayed ina shadow box. New Kingdom, 20th Dynasty.1200-1085 BC (8” x 6”).Regular $1,600 Sale $1,200 32000 Large Carved brown limestoneheart scarab. On the top, cartouches, falcons,and animals, six lines of Egyptian symbolsand hieroglyphs at the bottom. ThirdIntermediate Period. 1070-712 BC(3½” x 2½”). Regular $800 Sale $600 32009 Carved brown limestone plaquewith five lines of hieroglyphs and Egyptiansymbols, with a loop at the top. From theBook of the Dead. Third Intermediate Period.1070-712 BC (5” x 3½”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 32011 Carved brown limestone Ptah withstaff in hand at the chest, long chin beard.26th Dynasty. 663-525 BC (8½” x 2¾”)Regular $1,200 Sale $800 32815 Bronze standing male figure hold-ing a staff, on a base. Green patina. 26thDynasty. 663-525 BC (5”).Regular $400 Sale $300 33584 Carved brown limestone Ushabtion a four-sided base with hieroglyphs.A frog rests at the top. 26th Dynasty.663-525 BC (4¾” x 2” x 1¼”).Regular $1,800 Sale $1,400 33634 Large carved green limestoneplaque with a winged scarab and Eye ofHorus, and cobras. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC(5½” x 3¾”). Regular $600 Sale $400 31885320003200932815316773425433732339993382433634356123435633638371403704936104320113694636737364163485233790362313532833584EGYPTIAN
  6. 6. PAGE 6PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-75372422142625409814023337367 Carved solid limestone mold withsix different sides: a fish, sword, female deity,knife, two birds, and a bull. Late Kingdom.715-332 BC (6½” x 3” x 4”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 37597 Carved black limestone statue ofBes, believed to guard against evil spiritsand misfortune. Standing on a base. Dirtpatina. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (8” x 3” x2½”). Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 38069 Carved black limestone seated catwith a cobra to the front, fish on the head,a cartouche to the sides, hieroglyphs tothe base. Dirt patina. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC(6” x 3¼” x 10½”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,50038264 Limestone statue of a ruler inbetween two lions. Traces of red. 26th Dynasty.663-525 BC (5” x 4”).Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 38364 Carved green limestone head of ahorned cow,the horns long and curved.18thDynasty.1570-1342 BC (2¼”x 1½”).Regular $1,000 Sale $700 38563 Carved lapis lazuli fish, details ofscales and fins.An ancient Egyptian phal-lic emblem. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (2” x 3”).Regular $800 Sale $600 40199 Carved carnelian standing hippopota-mus. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (3” x 1¾”).Regular $1,200 Sale $700 40233 Carved black basalt head of anEgyptian pharaoh, the headdress with aUraeus cobra symbol. Mounted on a base. 26thDynasty. 663-525 BC (10¾” x 8”).Regular $1,500 Sale $1200 40978 Predynastic. Large round terracottavessel. Incised lines marked towards the bot-tom of the surface. Comes with a metal tripod.4000-3000 BC (22” x 22”).Regular $5,000 Sale $4,000 40981 Carved variegated green stonereclined horse statue.Ptolemaic.305 - 30 BC(2¾”x 3½”).Regular $800 Sale $60040995 25 Arrowheads carved from vari-ous colored stones. 5000-1500 BC(1”-1¼”). Regular $400 Sale $30041266 Glass horse statue.Traces of blue,red,black,green,and white.500 BC (4¾”x 1¼”).Regular $4,000 Sale $2,500412664311843667EGYPTIAN3759738069409954097838563382643736742625 Carved black basalt cosmeticpalettes. On its underside, an incised rowof hieroglyphs. 3500 BC (6” x 4” ).Regular $600 Sale $400 43118 Carved green soapstone four-sidedstatue with a Ushabti to the front, andhieroglyphs. A nude Bes rests at the top,phallus visible. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC(6¾” x 1½” ).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 43632 Carved black limestone head ofAnubis. Dirt patina. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC(7½” x 8” x 3¾” ).Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 43667 Carved black limestone statue of aseated couple with a smaller standing figurein between their legs. A line of hieroglyphsincised on each of their dresses. Hieroglyphson the base and the side. Dirt patina.Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (6½” x 3½” x 3¼” ).Regular $1,800 Sale $1,200 43671 Carved black limestone kneelingNeferetum, with a tripartite wig, crown,and cobra headdress, hieroglyphs on thebase. Dirt patina. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC(13½” x 6¼” x 3½” ).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 43632383644367140199GANDHARAN00066 10 Bronze arrowheads withlong tangs. Comes in a shadowbox.700-400 BC (6”-7”) Regular $1000Sale $70024221 Bronze reclining sphinx, a smallrectangular platform resting on her back. Green patina.400 BC (2½” x 3½”) Regular $2500 Sale $1500 39516 Terracotta oil lamp with a standing owl. 400 BC (3¾” x 2¼”)Regular $800 Sale $600 0006622092EUROPEAN430694309522092 Carved white marblestatue of theVirgin Mary on ahemisphere.1800’s AD (12”x 3”).Regular $450 Sale $30043069 Carved wooden female portrait.1700’s AD (15½” x 11½”).Regular $800 Sale $60043095 Hollow bronze statue of a soldieron a decorative base. A spear in one hand,wearing an armor with cloak over oneshoulder, and a helmet decorated witha winged dragon. 1700’s AD (18” x 7”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,5002746043169 Carvedblack basalt torsoof a Goddesswith elaboratelystylized nippleswith a detailedcollar wearingvarious strandsof necklaces andornaments witha snake armbracelet to theupper left Mounted on a base.200 AD(28½”x 16).Regular $9,000 Sale $6,000GREEK3951627460 Carved black basalt seated figurewith an elaborate beard and hairstyle, theelaborate costume made from strands ofpearls, the flowing sash wrapped aroundthe arms, the hands to the chest, twosmaller figures at either side of thecushioned base. 200 AD (29” x 17”).Regular $6,000 Sale $4,000 43169
  7. 7. PAGE 7PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-75372596043532GREEK42836 Silver Lysimachus tetradrachm coin, the reversewith the portrait of Alexander the Great. On the reverse,a seated Athena with spear and shield, her right handextended on which stands the figure of Nike. 297-281 BC(1”). Regular $800 Sale $600 43223 Owl shaped terracotta vessel with beige and redhighlights. Earthen patina. 400 BC (6¼” x 4”).Regular $800 Sale $600 3919439318HOLY LAND00524 (3):3 Iron crucifixion nails.(4”- 5”);(2) Bronzecrucifixion nails.(5”- 6½”);Terracotta oil lamp.(4”x 2½”),100 BC-100 AD.Regular $400 Sale $300 25360 Brass menorah with a lion on either side of the TenCommandment tablets that are surmounted by a crown, eightoil holders and a center oil holder. Late 1800’s AD (9½” x7½”). Regular $400 Sale $300 25732 Bronze oil lamp with the raised image of theseven-branched Menorah.Deep green patina.100 BC-100 AD(2¼”x 3½”).Regular $500 Sale $35025960 Terracotta oil lamp with seven-branched Menorah.100 BC-100 AD (4½”). Regular $800 Sale $600.33409 Biblical. Silver Shekel of Tyre “Thirty Pieces ofSilver” coin in a gold frame. 126-70 BC (14” x 14”).Regular $600 Sale $400 0052425360257323340941740421094305142727307173813243404 Parthian. Silver Mithradates I tetradrachm coin.Obverse with a bearded portrait, reverse with nakedstanding Herakles with inscriptions. 171-138 BC (1”).Regular $18,000 Sale $12,000 43532 Parthian. Silver Mithradates II drachm coin.Obverse with a portrait with a short beard, reverse witha enthroned archer surrounded with Greek inscriptions.123-88 BC (¾”). Regular $800 Sale $600 4340442836432234196238600417594185841740 Hebrew. Carved gray basalt panel of Menorahfrom a temple. Rare and exceptional piece. 100-300 AD(18” x 12” x 3¾”). Regular $7,000 Sale $5,000 42109 Hebrew. Silver coin of the Temple of Jerusalemmounted in a modern vermeil pendant setting, on thereverse an ornament and inscriptions. 134-135 AD (1¾”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 42727 Hebrew. Green mold-blown glass pilgrim jar ina hexagonal form with cylindrical neck, flaring mouth,rolled rim, Menorahs, Lozenge shapes and Temples. Someiridescence and encrustations. 100-300 AD (3½” x 2¾” ).Regular $800 Sale $600 43051 Terracotta storage jar used for storing wine. Theupper part is glazed. Light earthen patina.100 BC-100 AD(29”x 17”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,5003036730367 Bell-shapedterracotta vessel. Black figureswith red highlights: a figurewith phallus visible on one side,and the other with a reclining figure. Earthen patina.400 BC (8” x 7”). Regular $2,500 Sale $1,80030717 Rhyton shaped terracotta vessel with wideflaring lip. Orange motif of Greek Gods on a blackbackground. Earthen patina. 400 BC (8” x 6”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,800 36294 Dark terracotta vessel of a lion, a ram ontop, the head of the ram as the opening of the vessel.On a square base. 400 BC (7½” x 8”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 38132 Hand-painted wooden triptych icon of Christ’sdescent into Hell.The birth of Jesus and an angel on one side,the Last Supper and an angel on the other.Sterling silver leafborder.1900 AD (10½”x 12”).Regular $600 Sale $400 38600 Terracotta vessel in the shape of a spotted wild boar.Black with red highlights. Earthen patina. 400 BC (6¼” x 5”).Regular $700 Sale $500 39194 Silver Demetrios Poliorketes tetradrachm coindesigned in a modern vermeil pendant setting, thereverse with a naked Poseidon. 294-288 BC (1½”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 39318 Seated robed terracotta hollow statue of a femalean angel kneeling on her lap.Heavy earthen encrustation.400-300 BC (6¾”x 3”).Regular $900 Sale $600 40244 Hydria shaped terracotta vessel.Black figures on anorange background:an erotic scene showing a female sharinga vine with a nude male with a tail and a profound phallusfollowing her from behind,on the other side a robed reclinedbearded male holding a drinking vessel.Light dirt patina.400 BC (7¼”x 6½”).Regular $1,800 Sale $1,20041759 Bronze dagger, the hilt with a central knob foreasy handling, a single raised ridge to the blade. 400 BC(10½”). Regular $800 Sale $600 41858 Hand-painted wooden icon of Saint George ona golden background depicting. 1900 AD (8½” x 7”).Regular $400 Sale $300 41962 Hand-painted thirteen panel wooden icon with theVirgin and Mary in the center on a golden background andwith portraits of Saints George,Nicholas,Constantine and Helen,Demetrios,Catherine,Archangel Michael,Antonios,Prophet Helias,Panteleimon,Spyridon,Rafael,and a Saint with a child.1900 AD(15”x 11”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 3629440244
  8. 8. PAGE 8PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-753730911388474116131874 Central American.Mortar and chapelcarved from volcanic Tuffa from the Mexicanregion of Central America.600-900 AD (Mortar7”,Chapel 6½”). Regular $800 Sale $600 34855 Olmec Culture.Carved variegatedbrown jade flattened mask,linear marks andcarvings to the forehead and ears,side holesfor suspension as a pectoral.1150-550 BC(7½”x 6½”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 37247 Mayan Culture.Cylindrical shaped ter-racotta drinking vessel,either side with warriorsin elaborate costumes.Dark patina.600-900 AD(6½”x 4”). Regular $900 Sale $700NEAR EASTERNPERSIAN00086 (4) :Lapis lazuli inlays on Clad silverjewelry.Bracelet (7”),cuff bracelet (adjustable),earrings (2”),and necklace (22”).All 3000BC-1900 AD.Regular $400 Sale $300 38390 Carved black stone flattened bowlwith a wide mouth, two knobbed side handles.Covered dark patina. 2000 BC (11½” x 5½”).Regular $1,500 Sale $1,00030911 Stylized double matrimonial ter-racotta drinking vessel with a male ridinga horse on either side, the spouts in themiddle. Hand-painted designs. Buff with alight earthen patina. 1200 BC (8½” x 7”).Regular $9000 Sale $6,000 38973 Flattened bronze soldier wearing aheaddress, with sword, the shield protectingthe chest, prominent nose and brow. Greenpatina. Mounted on base. 1200 BC (7¼” x2”). Regular $1800 Sale $1,200 00380389734182541121 Silver cosmetic tool with a standingram with button-hole eyes and curled hornsto the top. 1200 BC (4” x 1½”).Regular $2500 Sale $1,50041825 Hand-painted three-footed terra-cotta vessel in beige, brown, and orange withgeometrical and linear patterns and designsaround the surface. 2000 BC (5” x 5¾”).Regular $2000 Sale $1,500 MESOPOTAMIAN000863839043513 Islamic.22kt gold dinar with prayerinscriptions from the Koran.700-900AD (1”).Regular $800 Sale $600 43525 Exceptionally rare solid silverstatue of a standing stag with long antelers.With beautiful green patina.500 BC(3”x 3”). Regular $40,000 Sale $25,000 43529 22k gold single earring with a femalewith an elaborate headdress.500 BC (1”).Regular $8,000 Sale $6,000 43547 Bronze ring with an oval center piecewith a standing bearded figure holding a staffor spear.200 BC (Size 3).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 PRE COLUMBIAN318743485537248372473149133931292984301043547347963839943529417004351337248 Mayan Culture. Three-footedterracotta bowl with a seated warrior inan elaborate costume, the feet of spottedjaguar heads. Dark patina. 600-900 AD (9”x 2½”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 37924 Jalisco Culture. Hollow terracottakneeling female, an infant clinging on, scarifi-cation to the shoulders, a cap with raisedridges, tresses of hair falling to the shoulder.Beige pigment. Earth patina. 100 BC-250 AD(9¼” x 5½”). Regular $900 Sale $700 42157 Mayan Culture. Terracotta platewith a dancing warrior in an elaboratespotted jaguar costume. 600-900 AD (8¼”).Regular $1,200 Sale $800 42741 Mayan Culture. Carved, flattenedvariegated small green jade mask withincised lines. Hole at the top. 600-900 AD(4¾” x 3”). Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500379244274143525 4215700380 (3): Bronze horse. (5” x 2”);Bronze lion. (2¼”); Bronze deer.(2” x 1¾”), 1200 BC.Regular $300 Sale $20029298 Bronze horse.Geometric designs onthe body.Dark green patina.200 AD(5”x 4”). Regular $800 Sale $600 31491 22kt gold brooch with green andred glass inlays,and dangling pearls.Wearable.200 AD (1½”x 3”).Regular $25,000 Sale $18,000 33931 Bronze horned animal with a circularred garnet stone on its back.Glass stones seton each leg and the sides of the face.Traces ofgold gilding.200 BC (3”x 2”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 34796 Black steatite cylinder seal:a malefigure in a chariot and horse.Hole forwearabillity.500 BC (1¼”x ¾”).Regular $700 Sale $500 38399 Thin sheet of silver with opengrillwork,the embossed central panel of adeity in long robes in combat with a wingedlion.Decorative border surrounding the entirescene.500 BC (4”x 2½”)Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 38847 Pear-shaped variegated green stonemace head.500 BC (2½”x 2¼”).Regular $300 Sale $200 41161 Bronze shield with a groove patternalong the edge and a protruding circular knobto the center with incised calligraphic inscrip-tions around the front surface.200 BC (10”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 41700 Silver tetradrachm coin with theKing on the obverse, a standing and seatedfigure facing each other on the reverse. 200AD (1”). Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 43010 22kt gold ring with a portrait ofKing Shapur I. 241-272 AD (Size 11)Regular $8,000 Sale $5,000 41121
  9. 9. PAGE 9PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-753734994339024140732833362024258831455 Homo Habilis stone hand axe. Great Rift Valley, Africa.1.8 Million Years Old (8” x 4”). Regular $400 Sale $300 38274 Teardrop-shaped amber pendant with a Prehistoriccentipede. 12 Million Years Old (1 ¾”). Regular $400 Sale $300 42979 Stegosaurus dinosaur egg from the Henan Provenance, China.Cretaceous Period. 65 Million Years Old (3” ). Regular $500 Sale $350 PREHISTORIC ROMAN00402 (3): Carnelian bead necklace. (24”); Faceted carnelian bead necklace. (22”);Rock crystal bead necklace. (22”), 300 AD. Regular $300 Sale $150 05148 (3): Terracotta oil lamps. One with Thetis riding a dolphin, 100 BC-100 AD (3¾”),one with a horned animal next to a plant, 100 AD (3”), and another with a young man,possibly Eros/Cupid, 100-200 AD (4”). Regular $600 Sale $400 22357 Made from red or brown Tesserae in a grid of gray Purbeck, a marble mosaicfloor panel of a bearded male with long hair and moustache. Mounted on a wooden panel.300 AD (21” x 18½”). Regular $4,000 Sale $3,000 30558 Green iridescent glass vessel. Some encrustation. 100 AD (2½” x 3”).Regular $500 Sale $400 30970 Made from red,black,and beige Tesserae,a mosaic floor panel of a large and small fish.Mounted on a wooden panel. 300 AD (23”x 19”).Regular $3,500 Sale $2,500 32833 Bronze pendant of an owl.Green patina.100-300 AD (2”) Regular $300 Sale $200 33902 Ceremonial carved rock crystal garment pin of a rooster head,the pin and chain in22kt gold.Modern lucite base.200 AD (4¾”).Regular $6,000 Sale $3,000 34328 Blue iridescent single-handled four-sided glass bottle.Some encrustation.100 AD(5”x 2½”).Regular $500 Sale $350 34994 Bronze inlay of Medusa. Green patina. 100-300 AD (2” x 2¾”).Regular $300 Sale $200 35000 Hollow terracotta nude female sitting on a base, with delicate features, holding ababy. The bell shaped base with the letters VEN. Earthen patina. 200 AD (14½” x 6”).Regular $1,500 Sale $1,000 35171 Bronze Romulus and Remus pendant. Green patina. 100-300 AD (2” x 1¾”).Regular $400 Sale $300 36202 Bronze door knocker of a lion with full mane, the ring in its mouth. Holes on thesides. Green patina. 100 BC (5” x 3¾”). Regular $700 Sale $500 38884 Long bronze blade with a long tang, the wooden shaft missing. Green patina. 100AD (17” x 2”). Regular $400 Sale $300 41407 Blue double Unguentaria four-sided glass vessel. Some iridescence.100 AD (6½” x 1 ¾”). Regular $1,200 Sale $800 42521 Original 22kt gold ring with a garnet inlay in the center. 100 AD (9).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,800 43835 Bronze plaque of a fierce lion with full mane, hollow in the back. Holes onthe sides. Brown patina. 100-200 AD (10 x 8½” ). Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500004022235730558309700515835171388844252143835314553827442979SUMERIANSYRIAN00264 (3): Bronze ringmoney. (1”); Terracotta tabletwith cuneiform. (1¾” x 1½”);Iron arrowhead. (1½”), 2000 BC,Comes in a shadow box.Regular $550 Sale $400 34371 Red terracotta tablet with cuneiform writingsto the front and four lines on the back. 2000 BC (5½” x 4”) Regular $1,800 Sale $1,200 36860 Carved dark brown stone bald, bearded figurewith hollowed out eyes. Comes mounted on a base. 2500BC (4½” x 2½”). Regular $2,200 Sale $1,50039387 Carved from black stone, a royal couple seatedback to back, both in ankle length robes, the male witha bird in hand, the bottom of the base with inscribedcuneiform. 2500 BC (3¾” x 2½”).Regular $4,500 Sale $2,500 41216 Carved marble cosmetic tool used for grindingeye make-up, the stylized figure has large button-holeeyes, the top of the head recessed for grinding, thehandle to the back. 2500 BC (4¼” x 2¾”).Regular $2,500 Sale $1,500 42588 (3): One beige stone cylinder seal with designs(1”), one beige stone stamp seal with a winged animaland a figure (1”), one green steatite stamp seal with ananimal (1¼”). All wearable. 2000-3000 BC.Regular $400 Sale $300 002643686039387412164175734495343714170734390350003432834390 Bronze thin, standing figure with a tall cap or crown. Standing on around base. Green patina. 2000 BC (6”). Regular $500 Sale $300 34495 Wearable black steatite erotic cylinder seal: two couples copulating. 200 BC (¾”).Regular $400 Sale $300 41707 Bronze oil lamp with a bearded face serving as the ansa with raised designs tothe surface. Traces of green patina. 200 AD (3” x 1¾”). Regular $500 Sale $35041757 Carved black stone wall fragment of a seated king holding a drinking vessel with anattendant holding a vessel behind him,a figure holding up a vessel and an attendant on his kneesin front of the king.Cuneiform inscriptions to the upper right.1000 BC (11¾”x 6½”).Regular $9,000 Sale $6,000
  10. 10. PAGE 10PHONE ORDERS ONLY (800) 426-2007 or (212) 725-753700130 (2): 25 Asian jade beads with designs. 1300 AD (1”);50 Middle Eastern stone and glass beads in various colors.100 BC-1300 AD (½”-1”). Regular $400 Sale $30000154 (20): 8 Roman bronze. 200-450 AD; 3 Byzantinebronze. 1000 AD; 2 Indian Bull & Horseman copper. 900 AD;(2) Holy Land Widow’s Mite bronze. 103-76 BC; 2 Orientalbronze. 103-37 BC; Persian Umayyad silver dirham. 800 AD;Roman silver denari. 150 AD; Greek Alexander the Great silverdrachm. 336-323 BC, comes in a shadow box. (½”-1”).Regular $500 Sale $35000276 (3): Egyptian faience Ushabti with hieroglyphs.663-525 BC (4½”); Mummy bead necklace with blue beads.600-300 BC (28”); Holy Land bronze Crusaders’ cross.1096-1099 AD (2” x 1½”). Regular $425 Sale $30000681 (2): European original King James bible leaf. 1611 AD(20” x 12 ½”); Geneva bible leaf from the Old Testament.1613-1614 AD (13” x 9”), London, both in black frames.Regular $450 Sale $35002795 (3): Persian blue glass perfume bottle. Early 1900’s AD(11½”); Near Eastern lapis lazuli inlays on a modern clad silvernecklace setting with small red accent beads. (22”); Near Easternlapis lazuli inlays in a modern clad adjustable silver braceletsetting, 3000 BC-1900 AD. Regular $500 Sale $35003168 (3): Sumerian terracotta bead necklace. 3000 BC (28”);Egyptian lapis lazuli scarab silver swivel ring. 2040-1786 BC(Sizes 6½-11); Persian variegated green stone mace head 500BC (2½” x 2¼”). Regular $500 Sale $35003348 (2): Persian ceramic vase. Early 1900’s AD (8” x 5”);Sumerian terracotta tablet with cuneiform on both sides.2200 BC (2” x 1¾”). Regular $500 Sale $35003437 (3): Roman silver denarius coin in a modern vermeilring setting. 150 AD (Size 9-10½); Egyptian handmade silverCoptic cross. 324-640 AD (3”); Carved green limestone scarab,wearable. 305-30 BC (¾”). Regular $550 Sale $40003452 (3): Roman lapis lazuli standing bar pendant. 200-400AD (1¾”); Egyptian carved green soapstone scarab. 663-525 BC(1¾” x 1¼”); Phoenician hollow terracotta Mother Goddess idol.1000-500 BC (6¾”). Regular $580 Sale $40003617 (2):Roman light purple iridescent glass bottle with a singlehandle.100 AD (4½”x 2½”);Egyptian blue glazed faience Ushabtiwith hieroglyphs.663-525 BC (4”).Regular $900 Sale $600001300316803617050660527305320052670474303348052940374000154 0279503452052960479100681039040415303437VARIOUS CULTURES04224054880027603740 (2): Greek Macedonian silver Alexander the Great drachmcoin. 315 BC- 294 BC (¾”); Byzantine gold Coin of Constantine X.1059-1067 AD (1”). Regular $1,500 Sale $1,20003904 (3):Roman bronze Kheiron.200 BC (1½”x 1½”);NearEastern clad silver bracelet with lapis lazuli inlays.3000 BC-1900 AD(Length 7”); Holy Land silver cross with glass accent beads.1800’s AD (2”x 1½”).Regular $600 Sale $40004153 (3): Greek Macedonian silver Alexander the Greattetradrachm coin vermeil pendant setting. 315-294 BC(1”); Holy Land silver cross pendant with lapis lazuli inlaysand small multi-colored glass beads. 1800’s AD (3”);Near Eastern clad silver cuff bracelets with lapis lazuli inlays.3000 BC-1900’s AD (Adjustable). Regular $400 Sale $30004224 (2):Byzantine gold Coin of Constantine X.Constantine isdepicted in regal apparel.On the obverse,Christ enthroned.1059-1067 AD (1”);Greek silver tetradrachm coin with Athena and anowl on the reverse.400 BC (1”).Regular $2,000 Sale $1,60004450 (3):Syrian bronze figure with a cap on a round base.2000 BC (6”);25 Egyptian blue faience beads.1570-1342 BC (¾”);Roman bronze key.100-200 AD (1½”).Regular $900 Sale $60004743 (3): Egyptian bronze reclined cat. 663-525 BC (2” x1”); Roman freestanding bronze figurine of bearded Herakles.100 AD (2½” x 1½”); Egyptian carved green soapstone fish.305-30 BC (1½” x 1”). Regular $700 Sale $50004791 (3):Celtic.Bronze garment pin.700-200 BC (3”x 1½”);Roman Hand-carved rock crystal beads restrung on a modernnecklace setting. 300 AD (22”); Byzantine.Wearable bronze crosspendant. 600-900 AD (2”). Regular $400 Sale $30005066 (3): Holy Land. 5 Bronze Widow’s Mite coins. 103-76 BC(½”); 5 Roman bronze coins. 200-450 AD (½”); Greek. Bronzecoin with a face surrounded by flowers. 120-63 BC (¾”).Regular $400 Sale $30005267 (3): Phoenician. Terracotta flask with two handles.300 BC (6¼” x 5”); Sumerian. Tapered shaped terracotta foun-dation cone incised with numerous columns of cuneiform. 2200BC (3½” x 1½”); Byzantine. Bronze cross with circular patternsat each end. 600-900 AD (2”). Regular $700 Sale $50005273 (3): Roman. Bronze phallus pendant. 100-200 AD(1½” x 2”); Mesopotamian. Bronze lion. Loop at the topfor hanging. 1200 BC (2¼”); Roman. Bronze owl pendant.Loop at the top. 100-300 AD (1½” x 1¾”).Regular $700 Sale $50005294 (3):Egyptian.Faience ankh pendant.Ptolemaic.305-30BC (1¾”);Roman.Bronze bracelet with an animal head on eachterminal.Green patina.100 BC (3”);Mesopotamian.Elongated bronzehorse.Green patina.1200 BC (5”x 2”).Regular $350 Sale $20005296 (3): Egyptian. Faience amulet of lion-headed GoddessSekhmet. Ptolemaic. 305-30 BC (2” x 1”);Roman.Bronze bust inlayof a noblewoman. Green patina. 100-200 AD (1¾”);Holy Land.Hebrew Lapis lazuli inlays set into a silver setting with a Star ofDavid.1800’s AD (2½”).Regular $350 Sale $20005320 (3):Egyptian.Faience Ushabti with traces of brown glaz-ing.26th Dynasty.663-525 BC (4½”);Persian.Blue glass rosewaterpitcher with gold gilding.Early 1900’s AD (10½”x 4½”);Roman.Faceted carnelian bead,small gold accent beads,necklace.Restrung300 AD (21”).Regular $650 Sale $45005488 (3): Persian. Silver coin minted in the memory ofMohammed Reza Pahlavi, the Shah of Iran, and his Wife.1900’s AD (1½”); Greek. Macedonian silver Alexander the Greatdrachm coin. 315-294 BC. (¾”); Byzantine. Bronze coin withtwo rulers, initial M with inscriptions on the back.800-1200 AD (1”). Regular $750 Sale $50004450INSTRUCTIONS FOR ORDERING:This is a FIXED PRICEoffer. Shipping prices are based on the size andweight of the order, $10 per order for most orders.Rush shipping available. 10 day return priviledge,less shipping. All items are guaranteed authenticand come with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity.