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  1. 1. <img> Sadie Lai
  2. 2. What?• <img> is for inserting images on webpage
  3. 3. Function• Allows images to display on webpage
  4. 4. Attributes - Src• src - specifies URL of the image• required when linking an image
  5. 5. Alt• Alternate text for if image cannot be displayed• Text description for the image
  6. 6. height• Specifies height of image
  7. 7. Width• Tells width of image
  8. 8. Usermap• Specifies image as client side image mapping• Associated with <map> element
  9. 9. Code example• <img src="" alt="h.NAOTO skirt" height="720" width="1280">
  10. 10. Website example
  11. 11. Usermap example