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Podcast script


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Podcast script

Published in: Education
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Podcast script

  1. 1. Podcast Script Audience profilingisanimportantwayforFilmProducerstoanalyse the audience theywantto make a filmfor.Filmproducersdothisby lookingatspecificdetailsaboutthe audiencetheywantto target,whenmakinga film. The Producerswill lookatdetailssuchasthe age range of the audience theywishtomake a filmfor,whatsocial classtheyare inby seeingthe amountof moneytheymake and theirjobtitle. Some of the questionsthe producerswillaskthe audience will be Sexual orientation,religionandrace , and gender.Theywill alsoask if the audience like mainstreamor alternative films. ThisisalsoknownasPrimaryResearchbecause the producersare askingthe informationstraightfromthe audience. If the filmproducerswoulduse someoneelsesresearch whichcouldbe foundon the internetorinbooksthiswouldbe knownassecondaryresearch. This type of informationwill helpnarrowdownthe type of audience fortheirfilm. Whenfilmproducers are lookingatthe social classof theiraudience theywill lookatthe audience’s income,job title, and theireverydaylifestyle suchastheirhobbiesandinterest. Demographicprofilingisagoodand importantwayfor film producersto get more indepth informationabouttheiraudience.If theymake afilmthatisaimedat higherandmiddle class people whohave higherpayingjobssuchas lawyersanddoctors, thenthe audience of lowermiddle class and lowerclass mightnot be interestedinthatfilm.Thismeansthatthe producer’saudience will be a lot smaller.The producershave totryand attract an audience of all classessotheyhave bigger audiences,makingtheirfilmmore successfull. Whenlookingatthe demographicsof theiraudience, filmproducerswill use the ABCscale.The ABC scale showsall the social classesof there are dependingonthe moneypeople make,andtheirjobtitles. Whenfilmproducersare lookingatdemographicprofilingtheywill use stereotypes whichalthough can be controversial oruntrue theyare how some producersnarrow downtheiraudience,when lookingsome of theirpersonal information.One of the stereotypesaproducermightlookat is gender.Mostromanticcomediesare targetedata female audience betweenthe agesof 16-35. This helpsproducers knowwho theiraudienceisgoingtobe whenmakinga film. Romanticcomedies are targetedtowardsfemales,because femalesliketothinkof themselvesasthe female protagonistinthemfilmsanda male characterin the filmisusuallyplayedbyanattractive actor. Thisis the same withactionfilmswhichare more targetedat a male audience ages16-35. Action filmssuchas the Fast and Furiousfranchise wasmore of a male targetedfranchise inthe earlyfilms but latermore femalesbecame interestedin .Thisfranchise isnow one of the mostpopular mainstreamblockbusterfilms. Actionfilmsare more targetedtowardsamale audience,becauseof the violence ,fastcars and the attractive femalesinthe film. I carriedout an Exitpoll forthe filmThe Martian,in whichIaskedthe audience whowatchedthe filma seriesof questions. 1. Gender 2. Age 3. What made You Want to Watch This Film? 4. Where didYou Hear aboutthisFilm? 5. Didyou enjoythe Film?
  2. 2. Aftercarryingout the exitpoll,Idecidedtoputmyresultsintopie chartsin orderfor the resultsof my exitpoll tobe clearer.Forthe firstquestionIaskedwhichIsGender,thatthe majorityof the audience whoansweredmyexitpoll were male,whichwhatIwasexpectingbecausethisfilmis targetedmore towardsa male audience. For the secondquestionwhichwasthe age of the audience membersthe majorityof the audience was betweenthe agesof 16-18, but audience membersof olderagesalsowenttowatchthisfilm. What made you wantto go and watchthe film,wasthe thirdquestiononmyexitpoll. The main reasonthe audience wantedtowatchthisfilmwasbecause of the filmtrailerortheyheardabout the filmfroma differentsource. Where didyouhear aboutthe film?My exitpoll resultsshow thatthe audience heardaboutthe film throughthe filmbeingadvertisedontv. My final questioninmyexitpoll wasif the audience enjoyedthe film,inwhichthe resultswere that the audience enjoyedthe filmexcept2or 3 people. ExitPollsare usedincinemaswhenpeople are going towatchfilms,after theygointothe screening people willaskthe audience aseriesof questions. AnExitPoll isa formof Quantitative and Film Producerswouldgetanaudience toanswera questionnaire withquestionssuchastheirage,race, education,income andhowmanyhourstheywork.Thisisknownas Quantitative researchbecause the producersare lookingatthe numberof audience member’sages,gendersandEmployment whichtheywill thenuse togeta betterlookat theirtargetaudience,whentheyputitintoa pie or bar chart. Qualitative researchbecause anexitpoll isatype of questionnaire.The informationwould be put intoa pie chart or bar chart to helpmake the collectionof informationthe filmdistributors have foundeasier.Itisalsoa form of primaryresearchbecause the informationiscomingstraight fromthe source.Questionssuchaswhatmade the audience wanttogo and watch the film would be in an exitpoll . Thisis sothe filmdistributorscangetto know more about theiraudience.Exit Pollsare importanttype of researchto helpthe filmdistributors getideasaboutwhatan audience will be interested,tosee infuture films.Theycandothisby seeingwhat age groups,genders,like aboutcertainaspectsof the film.Thisisusedto helpfilmdistributorssee whatwill make the audience wanttowatch a filmhelpingthe filmdistributorsearnmore moneybecausethe audiences will be muchbigger. Quantitative researchisalsocarriedoutusingquestionnairesbutunlike Qualitative researchreliesmore onthe numberof audience membersnotalotof personal question.
  3. 3. Social Grade Social Status Occupation A upper middle class higher managerial, administrative or professional B middle class intermediate managerial, administrative or professional C1 lower middle class supervisory or clerical, junior managerial, administrative or professional C2 skilled working class skilled manual workers D working class semi and unskilled manual workers E those at lowest level of subsistence state pensioners or widows (no other earner), casual or lowest grade workers