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Jule of the Orient - The Immortality Herb

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Healhy Living News Sadie

  1. 1. Meet the scientist Ingredients revealed 26 Reasons INSIDE behind Jule “Jiaogulan is not only the From jiaogulan to aronia and goji to lychee, read to Drink Jule of the Orient FREE rainforest’s most precious gift, but it is, in fact, nature’s about the 22 ingredients that pack Jule with a From fighting fatigue to boosting COPY greatest treasure.” powerful nutritional punch. your immune system, read how Jule can page 2 page 3 benefit you. page 4 HealtHy living U.S. Edition Vol. 1 Issue 1 The Story of Jule of the Orient ™ Remarkable herbal tonic combines ancient wisdom and modern science N early every civilization on Earth Longer and Healthier Lives FreeLife® Investigates the has developed a system of natural The jiaogulan plant is not widespread “Immortality Herb” healing based on the use of native throughout China; it grows mainly in the Thanks to the efforts on the part of plants. One of the great appeals of herbs is country’s rugged southern mountains. scientists, particularly the pioneering that you don’t need to become ill first in That is why the ancient masters of TCM Chinese research team guided by Dr. order to use them. To the contrary, there overlooked jiaogulan; and yet, the people of Jialiu Liu, jiaogulan recently came to are certain herbs that, if used on a daily the South have long treasured this twisting the attention of FreeLife International. basis, will help to heighten your body’s vine with five-leafed clusters above all FreeLife is an industry-leading company natural resistance so that you can head off other healing plants. It is described by dedicated to bringing people the most trouble before it starts. the local inhabitants as xiancao, or the effective, scientifically validated nutritional “Immortality Herb,” because people within products. With that corporate mission, The most protective and health-restoring certain villages in the Southern provinces jiaogulan appeared to be a natural for herbals are the liquid preparations called of China, where jiaogulan tonic is drunk FreeLife. But at first, Co-Founder and CEO tonics, a name derived from their ability regularly, are said to have a history of Ray Faltinsky was skeptical. “At first I to keep the body’s systems and energies in living to a very old age. could not believe my eyes,” said Faltinsky. tone. Tonics are a mainstay of Traditional “The health benefits claimed for this Chinese Medicine (TCM), the world’s In the last 30 years, extensive research plant were so broad and far-reaching that most comprehensive system of natural has been carried out around the world, it appeared impossible. But, after a very healing. In TCM, a tonic is said to have and more than 300 scientific papers detailed and in-depth investigation by our a protective, balancing, and energizing on jiaogulan have been published in scientific team, we were convinced that quality that benefits one’s entire well-being respected journals. This makes jiaogulan we had found the most important health and creates “radiant health.” Many of the one of the world’s most well-researched discovery we had ever seen.” ancient tonic formulas in TCM still enjoy herbs, and no other plant has been great popularity today, both at home and scientifically demonstrated to have FreeLife could have chosen to market an around the world. And yet, the tonic herb broader applications for the betterment existing jiaogulan product, but, according with perhaps the most profound benefits of human health and wellness. Today to Faltinsky, “Our goal in developing for human health is little known outside of this miracle herb is used by health our jiaogulan product was to utilize the China. Its name is jiaogulan (jee-ow-goo- practitioners in China to support virtually very best minds in the world to create the lahn), and it is Nature’s Greatest Treasure™ every aspect of human health. for health and longevity. The Story — Continued on page 3 What Is Jiaogulan? Benefits Nature’s Greatest Treasure™ offers help for modern stressful lifestyles FreeLife’s Jule of the Orient is the Jiaogulan (pronounced jee-ow-goo-lahn), a Chemical analysis has shown that adaptogens work premier jiaogulan tonic. Here’s what it member of the cucumber family, is a low- because of active principles called saponins. can do for you! lying vine with five-leafed clusters, hence Ginseng, for example, is renowned as an its botanical name Gynostemma adaptogen because of its complement As a super-adaptogen, Jule brings pentaphyllum (from the Greek of 28 saponins, but jiaogulan contains balance to the body under a wide penta = “five” + phyllon = “leaf”). more than 100 different saponins, an astounding number that experts range of stressful circumstances.† Jiaogulan has a long history of use proclaim to be the broadest and most as a daily tonic in China, but is powerful range found in nature. Jule offers powerful anti-aging and just now gaining popularity Jiaogulan’s saponins include the immune system support.† worldwide because of new major ones found in ginseng, plus scientific research supporting unique forms called gypenosides Phytonutrient-rich Jule delivers the a range of health and longevity that are found in jiaogulan alone. antioxidant capacity of 15 servings benefits that may very well eclipse that Different gypenosides are found in different of fruits and vegetables in just 4 of any plant yet discovered. To date, more than parts of the plant, so it is thought to be most ounces.† 300 research papers attest to jiaogulan’s diverse beneficial to use the entire plant. benefits. In addition to jiaogulan, Jule is Jiaogulan is also a powerful antioxidant, which is Many herbalists consider jiaogulan to be the most important in today’s world of toxins, chemicals, poor formulated with 21 synergistic potent herbal adaptogen. This term refers to special dietary habits, and other sources of free radicals.† Free- supernutrients for optimal health plants that can increase the body’s resistance to radical damage—also known as oxidative stress—is and wellness.† everyday stress, trauma, anxiety, and fatigue.† a major contributor to many of today’s common Adaptogens accomplish this by a unique two-way health concerns. Research suggests that jiaogulan Jule delivers smooth, long-lasting balancing action on neuro-endocrine and immune can help by promoting the body’s own production of energy that you can really feel!† function.† its most important antioxidant enzymes.† Copyright ©2009 FreeLife International † These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. HLJULE091009 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  2. 2. A Letter from What the Science Says Dr. Jialiu Liu Below are summaries and quotes of just a few of the more than 300 Honored medical professor studies completed on jiaogulan and its primary active compounds. has researched plant for more than 20 years Saponins isolated from jiaogulan were tested for their effect on lipid metabolism. Administration of the saponins had beneficial effects on serum levels of triglycerides, lipid peroxide, total cholesterol, Dear FreeLife Friends, phospholipids, and glutamic pyruvic transaminase.† Kimura, Y et al. I am happy to take this opportunity to introduce myself, and also to introduce you to Natural Medicines/Japanese Society of Pharmacognosy. 1984; 37(3):272-275. jiaogulan, an herb from my native southern China that I believe possesses the most wide-ranging benefits for human health and wellness of any plant yet discovered. This may seem like a bold statement, but having studied this remarkable tonic herb for more A study of 80 patients who took a gypenoside extract twice daily for than 20 years, I can assure you that there is strong scientific support to back up my five months showed that the gypenosides could increase the levels of passion for jiaogulan. cellular superoxide dismutase (SOD), one of the body’s very powerful antioxidants.† Lu, G.Hl, et al. Guizhou Medical Journal. 1998; 22(3):25. In my long career as a university professor of pathology in Guizhou, my research has focused on helping the body to fight and protect against disease. In this regard, I have studied and taught aspects of both the Traditional Chinese and modern Western The Guiyang Medical College study found that athletes taking an oral medical systems, which I have always believed can and should live in harmony. This is best exemplified by jiaogulan, an herb with legendary traditional benefits that have form of jiaogulan and gypenosides experienced a definite adaptogenic now been proven in rigorous modern research studies. response—they were more vigorous and alert, with quicker reflexes and less nervousness.† Zhou, Ying-Na, et al. Journal of Guiyang Medical College. My own experience with jiaogulan began in 1987 when I was asked by the Guizhou 1993; 18(4): 256. government to lead a team of 16 scientists to investigate the healing properties of plants from the Mt. Fanjing rainforest in southern China. After many years studying hundreds of herbs, we ultimately came to the realization that jiaogulan was not only Chinese researchers recently determined that polysachharides in jiaogulan the rainforest’s most precious gift, but was, in fact, nature’s greatest treasure. We began are “a very important ingredient” responsible for the herb’s ability to to use jiaogulan in our medical university hospital with great success for a wide variety enhance immune function.† Yang, X, et al. J Agric Food Chem. 2008 Aug of conditions, and before long, it was also being used at numerous other hospitals 27;56(16):6905-9. throughout China. This attracted the excited attention of scientists around the world, and today there are more than 300 studies and research papers on jiaogulan from China, Japan, Ireland, Germany, Italy, the Czech Republic, and even the United States. A recent study from Taiwanese researchers found that jiaogulan was able I am humbled that the Chinese government has chosen to honor me for my work, but to slow the abnormal development of human lung cells. The findings what is even more pleasing to me is to be able to share my years of research experience confirm other studies on jiaogulan’s ability to protect cellular health.† to help FreeLife formulate and bring to you the most complete and effective jiaogulan Lu, HF, et al. In Vivo. 2008 Mar-Apr;22(2):215-21. tonic in the world—Jule of the Orient. Warmly, A recent study from National Taiwan University investigated the immune- Jialiu Liu, M.D boosting potential for jiaogulan and found that the herb was able to increase the production of different immune cells.† Huang, WC, et al. Yakugaku Zasshi. 2007 May;127(5):889-96. Quick Bio Dr. Jialiu Liu Is widely acknowledged as the “Father of Jiaogulan,” and is hailed by scientists Australian researchers recently found that certain gypenosides in as the leading jiaogulan researcher in the world. jiaogulan are able to protect the function of endothelial cells in the blood Led a government-sponsored research team of 16 scientists studying the vessels, thereby promoting cardiovascular health.† Huang, TH, et al. Eur health-giving properties of jiaogulan for nearly a decade. J Pharmacol. 2007 Jun 22;565(1-3):158-65. Enjoyed a long tenure as Professor of Pathology at Guiyang Medical College. A study involving 610 people ages 50-90 found that the levels of the Has been awarded numerous honors by the Chinese government, including the antioxidant SOD in this group increased 300%, to be equivalent of healthy prestigious title “Advanced Scientist” by the Ministry of Public Health and the National Committee of Science. Also honored with the “Outstanding Scientist” teenagers. SOD is an extremely powerful antioxidant produced in the award by the Guizhou Provincial Government. body.† Liu, Jialiu, et al. Journal of Guiyang Medical College. 1994: 19(1):17. Jiaogulan: The “Secret of the South” Why the “Immortality Herb” was unknown to ancient scholars Jiaogulan is now acknowledged as perhaps the those familiar plants that grew in the northern most health-giving herb in all of Traditional and central parts of the vast country, a region that Chinese Medicine (TCM), but this was not always is known as the “ancient domain” of Traditional so. For thousands of years, this remarkable plant Chinese Medicine. It would have been virtually was unknown to TCM practitioners. In fact, the impossible in those days for the herbal scholars earliest written description of jiaogulan came only to travel outside the ancient domain to the nearly in the late 14th Century, and although that may seem inaccessible mountain forests of southern China like ancient history to us in the West, 700 years by where jiaogulan was grown. Chinese standards is almost like yesterday! Even when jiaogulan was described in that first Ming Even had there been a means of traveling to the Dynasty text, it was confused with another, wholly South, the ancient herbalists might well have unrelated medicinal plant, and further descriptions chosen not to venture there. As elite scholars, they in later textbooks did not give accurate accounts of may very well have believed that there was nothing its properties. Perhaps because of the confusion and left for them to learn, especially from unschooled inadequate descriptions, jiaogulan was virtually mountain folk. And yet, those good people of the ignored and was little used in TCM formulas and southern mountains knew something that all of prescriptions. the schooling in the world could not teach—they understood the incredible power of jiaogulan, the Besides the confusion, there was another good twisting vine with five-leafed clusters that they reason for jiaogulan’s lack of mainstream lovingly called xiancao, the “Immortality Herb.” acceptance—geography. The ancient founders Today, with the introduction of Jule of the Orient, of TCM were an elite group of physicians and FreeLife invites the whole world to share in the academicians, most of whom had been appointed tremendous health and longevity benefits of the to the Emperor’s court in Beijing in the north of “Secret of the South.” China. They chose their herbs, therefore, from page 2 HealtHy living
  3. 3. The Story Continued from page 1 ultimate jiaogulan tonic—a product that would be based on the most cutting-edge science and that would Q&A with Haru Amagase, Ph.D. Chief Scientific Officer With a rich history in the nutraceutical industry, Dr. Amagase holds a doctorate in Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences from Hiroshima University in Japan, and performed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship in give people the health-promoting Nutrition at Pennsylvania State University. With more than 27 years of experience in research and development, results they wanted.” With that goal Amagase has published more than 30 scientific papers and holds 12 patents. in mind, FreeLife began an in- depth investigation, which included traveling to China to meet with the Q. What is jiaogulan? function as hormones, they have a Q. Is Jule safe? “Father of Jiaogulan”—Dr. Jialiu Liu, A. Jiaogulan is a member of the remarkable ability to influence the A. Jule is extremely safe and same family as cucumbers, melons, body to produce a healthy balance jiaogulan has been consumed in Asia a kindly and learned medical school and gourds. It grows in five- of its own hormones.† Jiaogulan for thousands of years. However, if professor who is widely regarded as leaf clusters, hence its botanical contains a broader and more you are pregnant or nursing, please the leading jiaogulan researcher in name Gynostemma pentaphyllum. powerful range of saponins than seek out the advice of a nutritionally- the world. Jiaogulan has a long history of use any other plant in nature, and its oriented medical practitioner before in China, but is just now gaining bioactive gypenosides are not found using. Creating the Premier popularity worldwide because of in any other species. Jiaogulan Tonic new scientific research supporting Dr. Liu explained that jiaogulan a wide range of health benefits that Q. Where is Jule manufactured? may very well eclipse that of any Q. How much jiaogulan A. Jule is manufactured under works as a potent, body-balancing plant yet discovered. is in Jule? Federal Good Manufacturing adaptogen. He emphasized the A. The exact amount of jiaogulan or Practices at an FDA-compliant facility importance of using elements from the other supernutrients contained in the United States, and is made the entire jiaogulan plant, including Q. Where does jiaogulan grow? in Jule is not disclosed. This is from the highest-quality ingredients juice from the leaf, stem and root— A. Although jiaogulan is now considered one of the greatest that are sourced from reputable not just the leaves as are used in most cultivated in many Asian countries, it intellectual assets of FreeLife®. vendors around the world. other products. He also stressed that is widely acknowledged that the best However, rest assured that each a complete jiaogulan tonic should and most effective jiaogulan grows in serving contains a highly efficacious the forests and foothills of its original amount of active ingredients Q. Why are there contain other synergistic Chinese natural flavors in Jule? home in China. specifically formulated to deliver herbs to complement jiaogulan’s maximum nutritional benefit. A. People in China have been activity. Following Dr. Liu’s wise drinking herbal tonics and remedies counsel, FreeLife scientists created Q. What are gypenoside saponins? for generations, but for those of us a formula that they further enhanced A. Saponins are a diverse group of Q. Is Jule FDA-approved? in the Western world, they may be by the addition of select high- chemicals found throughout the A. There is no official approval an “acquired taste.” High-quality antioxidant, phytonutrient-rich super plant kingdom, and many have been process or certificate issued by jiaogulan is somewhat bitter by studied for their health benefits. the Food and Drug Administration nature, but by use of a small amount foods. The end result is Jule of the Jiaogulan contains an elite subgroup (FDA) to approve the sale of any of natural fruit juice and flavor, Orient, the premier jiaogulan tonic. of saponins called gypenosides, food or dietary supplement. The Jule is able to deliver a consistently This energizing patent-pending blend which may prove to exert the most FDA has established stringent Good pleasant taste and aroma. If you combines full-spectrum jiaogulan profound influence on human health. Manufacturing Practices (GMP) to prefer, you can mix Jule with water or with 21 key supernutrients to give Their structure is similar to the ensure the safety and manufacturing a beverage of your choice. you the adaptogens, phytonutrients, chemical structure of key hormones, of foods sold in the United States. and antioxidants you need to live life and although gypenosides do not Jule is manufactured in a GMP- to the fullest! compliant facility. What’s in Jule of the Orient™? While the patent pending blend of jiaogulan is the foundation of Jule™, this unique product also contains 21 other supernutrients for unmatched tonic and health-promoting benefits for optimal wellness Jiaogulan. The immortality herb is Aronia Berry. One of the highest Jujube Fruit. One of the world’s Schisandra Berry. Promotes considered as the premier adaptogen reported antioxidant scores on ORAC oldest fruits; used in Chinese energy, supports liver and kidneys, to balance body systems and enhance scale.† medicine as tonic for 4,000 years. and supports a healthy heart and energy production.† central nervous system.† Astragalus Root. A staple of Luo Han Guo Fruit. Contains Goji Berry. Contains glycoproteins Traditional Chinese Medicine to unique antioxidants that support Bilberry. Contains powerful called Lycium barbarum improve immunity.† healthy immunity.† antioxidants to protect eyes, brain, polysaccharides with wide-ranging and other organs.† benefits for human health. Camu-Camu Fruit. Contains Pomegranate Fruit. Hundreds of more natural Vitamin C than any studies validate its health-promoting Longan Fruit. Contains several Açai Fruit. Has a very high other known botanical. effects. compounds, including ellagic acid, antioxidant capacity and possesses a that bestow antioxidant and cell- wide nutrient spectrum.† Cranberry. Promotes healthy Rhodiola Root. Used traditionally protective effects.† urinary tract function.† in Tibet, northern China, and Eastern Japanese Sophora Bud. The Europe as an adaptogenic tonic. Codonopsis Root. One of the world’s richest source of the flavonoid Elderberry Fruit. Rich in most widely used Chinese tonic quercetin, a powerful antioxidant.† flavonoids and other compounds to herbs; supports digestive, respiratory, Blueberry. May protect the heart, support immune function.† brain, and vascular system against and immune health.† Amalaki Fruit. The centerpiece of many traditional Ayurvedic free-radical damage.† Ginger Root. Promotes healthy Cherry Juice. Contains 17 formulations; exerts natural pro- antioxidants; may help with joint digestive function and may support Lychee Fruit. High in nutrients, digestive properties.† discomfort.† healthy blood and vascular health.† especially Vitamin C; supports gastrointestinal health.† † These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. HealtHy living page 3 This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
  4. 4. 26 Reasons to drink JULE of the Orient™ 1. Find Balance with the pRemieR 12. pRotects against toxic side 25. impRoves digestive Function. adaptogen. Jiaogulan works by balancing eFFects oF dRugs and chemicals. Jiaogulan is renowned in China as a digestive the body’s energies, making you more resistant Jiaogulan has displayed protective effects tonic. to stress and the effects of aging. against toxicity from harmful chemicals and toxic drugs. 26. Balances hoRmone levels. Jiaogulan 2. get saponin poweR! Saponins exert helps to balance hormone levels in both men powerful effects on health by balancing 13. enhances oveRall immunity. and women. hormonal activity. Experts proclaim that By activating lymphocytes and antibodies, jiaogulan contains a broader and more jiaogulan has been shown to enhance powerful range of saponins than any other immunity. plant in nature! 14. addResses inFlammation 3. extends youR healthy liFe. Since the Response. Jiaogulan fights against free- discovery of extraordinary health and long radical activity, which assists with the body’s life among jiaogulan drinkers in the 1970s, normal response to inflammation. much research has been conducted showing jiaogulan’s life-extending capabilities. 15. manages youR cholesteRol and Blood lipids. Jiaogulan has been clinically 4. incReases insulin sensitivity. shown to be beneficial for maintaining Jiaogulan helps the body to use its own insulin cholesterol and blood lipids already in the better, and helps maintain glucose tolerance normal range. A Letter from already in the normal range. 5. enhances ciRculation thRoughout 16. pRotects against eFFects oF eveRyday stRess. Jiaogulan helps the body FreeLife CEO the Body. By increasing nitric oxide synthesis, jiaogulan helps critical blood vessels to relax. to adjust to all types of everyday stress. and Co-Founder 17. achieves youR ideal weight. “The greatest wealth is health.” Virgil 6. incReases youR antioxidant Jiaogulan improves metabolism and reduces fat pRotection. Studies have shown a significant and sugar in blood. Dear Friends, increase in SOD, the body’s most important antioxidant enzyme. 18. detoxiFies youR Body. Jiaogulan helps Ever since I was 15 years old and my mother maintain healthy bowel function and rids the was healed of a crippling case of osteoporosis 7. decReases FRee-Radical body of accumulated toxins and wastes. through the use of nutritional supplements, damage. Jiaogulan significantly I have been passionate about sharing with reduces toxic free-radical activity 19. RestoRes youthFul mental people the “good news” of nutrition. That’s why in the body. Function. Jiaogulan has shown we started FreeLife; a company dedicated to many benefits for the mind, including bringing people the most effective nutritional 8. Fights Fatigue. Jiaogulan improvements in focus, concentration, and products in the world—products that can truly has been shown to have a mental sharpness. make a difference in their lives. pronounced anti-fatigue effect. 20. pRotects youR BRain. By inhibiting Jule of the Orient represents the most important product we have ever introduced. 9. stRengthens youR lipid peroxidation, jiaogulan helps protect brain With a reputation as the “Immortality Herb” in heaRt. Jiaogulan has been cells and supports repair functions. China and backed by more than 300 clinical shown to optimize the studies demonstrating the broadest range of strength of the heart 21. suppoRts mental health. Japanese health benefits of any plant we have ever seen, muscle. studies have shown usefulness for nutritional jiaogulan is now being considered the ultimate support of mental and neurological functions. It supernutrient. Working together with Dr. Jialiu 10. maintains youR helps to lighten mood and brighten the spirit. Liu, “The Father of Jiaogulan,” we have created Blood pRessuRe. the premier jiaogulan tonic in the world, Jule of Jiaogulan has shown 22. incReases youR eneRgy levels. the Orient. clinical benefit in Jiaogulan increases the production of maintaining blood cellular energy molecules ATP and creatine I invite you to starting drinking Jule each pressure already within the phosphate. day as an easy way to radically improve your normal range. health and well-being. And if you like the 23. impRoves athletic peRFoRmance. results, please share the good news of Jule with 11. pRomotes noRmal Testing on professional athletes has shown your friends and family so they too can enjoy increased vigor and alertness with quicker radiantly good health! cell gRowth. Jiaogulan promotes normal cell reflexes and enhanced recovery. Warmly, growth and improves white cell count, antibody 24. get BetteR sleep. Research has shown Ray Faltinsky levels, and T- and significant improvement in the quality of sleep. B-lymphocytes. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug To experience the power of Jule™, please contact: Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Sadie Murray 847-301-7675 For additional copies of Healthy Living visit or call 877.954.6244. Copyright ©2009 FreeLife International®. All Rights Reserved. page 4 HealtHy living