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Resources of pakistan slides

  1. 1.  A resource is a source or supply from which benefit isproduced. Typically resources are materials or otherassets that are transformed to produce benefit and inthe process may be consumed or made unavailable.From a human perspective a natural resource isanything obtained from the environment to satisfyhuman needs and wants. There are four major resources in Pakistan: Naturalresources, Mineral resources, Forest resources andEnergy.
  2. 2. Mining and Quarrying: world class resources of lignite coal deposits at Thar, Sindh. porphyry copper-gold deposits in Chagai, Balochistan Iron ore deposits at Dilband, Balochistan, Lead-zinc deposits in Duddar, Balochistan, gypsum, rock salt, limestone, dolomite, china clays etcin the Indus Basic, ornamental and constructionstones in the various parts of the country and about 30different gems and precious stone deposits in northernPakistan
  3. 3.  Pakistan has 4.01 million hectares covered by forests, whichis about 5 percent of the total land area. Eighty-five percentof this is a public forest, which includes 40 percentconiferous and scrub forests on the northern hills andmountains. It plays an important role in Pakistans economy byemploying half a million people and fulfills one-thirdof the nations energy needs. Forest and Rangelandssupport about 30 million herds of livestock.
  4. 4. 1. Raw material for paper, sports, silk, furniture andtanning industries.2. Medical herbs and seeds for pharmaceutical industries.3. Recreation facilities for tourism and camping.4. Timber/woof for fire.5. Reduce floods intensity.6. Increase fertilizer of land.7. Provide employment opportunities.8. Causes rains.9. Control soil erosion.10. Fodder for cattle.11. Provide employment opportunities.12. Chemicals such as turpentine oil.13. Leaves of forests provide natural fertilizers.14. Forests are great source of recreation, natural beautyand attraction.
  5. 5.  Pakistans economy has been growing at an averagerate of 7.6 percent per annum. At present Pakistan meets its energy requirement ofover 75 % from domestic resources. Around 50.4 % of its energy need is met by theindigenous gas. 28.4 % by domestic and imported oil and 12.7 percentby hydro electricity. Coal and nuclear contribution to energy use is limitedto 7% and 1% respectively.
  6. 6. • Fossil Fuels (coal, natural gas, CNG)• Hydro-power• Solar-power• Thermal energy• Nuclear power
  7. 7. • No industry can run without power/energy. Allmachines require energy to operate them.• No agricultural machine can function without it. Tubewells, tractors, trolleys, threshers all require energy i.e.electricity, diesel or petrol.• No transport and communication service such astrucks, cars, railways or aero-plane can operate withoutenergy/petrol/diesel etc.• No domestic appliances such as electric bulbs,television, fridge, juicer and blenders can functionwithout the use of energy/electricity.
  8. 8.  Installation of automatic shut off of lighting Use of energy efficient materials in buildings Use of glazed glass at building facades To promote environmental education for creatingconditions for the greening of Pakistan and establishingenvironmental peace. To promote a simple life style by the more affluent peoplein society so that savings can be invested in economicwelfare of Pakistan. To campaign through media for betterment andimprovement for the economic development of Pakistan. To create new policies for the conservation of naturalresources of Pakistan. To develop networking with National and InternationalOrganizations for development of resources.
  9. 9. Allah has gifted us with all kinds of resources. Our countryis rich in natural resources. Natural resources are necessaryfor National Development. Natural resources are veryimportant for the development and prosperity of anycounty. The important thing is that low to utilize them forthe welfare of the human beings and development of thecountry economically.The population of Pakistan is increasing rapidly. It is a verygood sign that the people of Pakistan are working hardsincerely for the development of country and governmentis also working for the progress and prosperity of Pakistan.We should have to use the national and human resourcesto the maximum to develop our country so we can achievean important position in the world.