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Reason of pakistan resolution


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Reason of pakistan resolution

  1. 1.  The Pakistan Movement refers to the successfulhistorical movement against British Raj andIndian Congress to have anindependent Muslim state named Pakistan. This movement was led by Muhammad AliJinnah, along with other prominent foundingfathers of Pakistan including Allama Iqbal, LiaqatAli Khan
  2. 2.  Muslims and Hindus being two separate nationsfrom every definition Culture difference and traditions. Language differences Different Historical background two different civilizations Oneness of God Urdu-Hindi Controversy
  3. 3.  1857 War of Independence 1885 Formation of the Indian National Congress 1906 Founding of the All-India Muslim League 1919-23 Khilafat Movement 1929 Fourteen Points of Jinnah 1930 Allama Iqbal Address 1940 Pakistan Resolution 1947 Creation of Pakistan
  4. 4.  Sir Syed Ahmed Khan is also known as the SyedAhmed Taqvi. They was the Indian educator andpolitician and Islamic reformer. They born inDehli,Mugal Emperor. Movements done by the Sir Syed Ahmed Aligarh Movement(reason)Two Nation theory
  5. 5.  After the war of independence 1857 the conditionof the Muslim was too bad. The Muslims remainking for centuries before British. British weresilent because they snatch the government. Theydamage the political and sociological condition ofthe Muslims. Hindus were also against Muslimsand they were with the British
  6. 6.  Sir syed was the protector of the Muslims. theymake Muslims heart strong. Sir syed put amovement "Movement Aligarh". There were twopurpose of it. Education Friendship of Muslims and British
  7. 7.  sir syed gave them idea to learn the English. 1st movement of the Sir syed is that they made theschool in "Allah Abad". After this they made a newschool in "Ghazi Poor". In which they can learn English. Sir syed gave them the idea of the Two nationtheory. They says that the Hindus and theMuslims are the two different religion theirtraditions and cultures are different they can’t livetogether.
  8. 8. Provide IslamicReligious EducationStarted from Saharanpur 14th April 1866FOUNDERS;Hajji M.Abid, Maulana MuhammadQasim, Maulana fazal ur RehmanM M.Mahmood
  9. 9. Two main parties in DeobandThanvi group; (jamiat-ul-ulema-i-islam)MaulanaAshraf Ali Thanvi and Mulana Shabbir AhmandUsmani Work with Muslim leagueMadni group;(jamiat-ul-ulema-i-hind)MaulanaHussain Ahmad Madni and Mufti Kifiyat Ullah wasinfluenced by Mulana Abu-ul-kalam Azad.
  10. 10.  The province of Punjab was under the Sikh, hindusand Christian domination. economic, social and educational condition was verybad. Provide Islamic and modern both education. Establishment of the educational institution wheremodern education provide to the Muslims. Look after the Muslims orphan children and to givethem proper education.
  11. 11.  Founder: Maulvi Abdul Ghafoor, Maulana Shibli Naumani. The main objective of this institution, as mentionedearlier, was to guide and prepare the Muslims wellequipped in the religion and modern knowledge.
  12. 12.  1885 Formation of the Indian National Congress Indian national congress is one of the two majorpolitical parties in India and it is also known as thecongress. Is is the largest democratic party in theworld. Supported the Hindus
  13. 13.  The dec 30,1906 is the day in history of the IndianMuslims. First meeting of it was held in dec 20,1907 and it wassucceeded in getting freedom from British and Hindusin later years. FOUNDER: NAWAB-VIKAR-UL-MALIK SAR AGHA KHAN
  14. 14.  Demands of khilafat movement The Turkish empire should not be dismembered The holy place should remain in the custody of Turkishgovernment . The institution of khilafat must be retained. Result Muslims become strong and united about their separateidentity