Niche Blogging - 4 Reasons You Need to Blog on a Niche


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Niche Blogging - 4 Reasons You Need to Blog on a Niche

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNaira4 Reasons Why Niche Blogging Is Better than GeneralBlogging2013-05-14 09:05:05 Shamsudeen AdeshokanGet paid to share your links!By: Phil CampbellThere are billions of blogs out there writing on whatever topics you can everimagine, essay, traveling, health, sports, finance, inspiration, spiritual, love,education, entertainment, e.t.c.Now, you want to start a blog and hope to make it a successful blog, you hope yourvoice is heard among the many sea of voices, you hope of commanding authority onthe internet and dine with the men who make the things that happen, not amongthose that read about what is happening or those that write about what hashappened.If that is your case, niche blogging is the route to follow.I know you will say, what is he talking about?What about the Wikipedia? Yes, you’re right to think that way and free to believe inyour thought and opinion. But, do you have that kind of power behind you to move
  2. 2. your blog to the top while you blog about whatever comes to the mind?Most bloggers don’t have that kind of power to run a blog like that, besides you’rejust starting out and want your voice to be heard in time and get the attentionneeded.If you’re still in doubt why niche blogging is better than multi topics or generalblogging, here are few things to consider.1. Expert.When you blog about a topic regularly and you’re determine to succeed in it, thishelp to move you from novice to expert status quickly.When I started this blog about a yr ago, before renovating it in march of this year, Iblog about nothing more than blogging tricks, tips and tutorials and each day thatwent by I learned new things, new technology, new style, I meet new faces, all theseare well relevant and helpful to one thing, and that’s my blog topic.In other words, learning and mastering one thing regularly will help you move up theladder easily and quickly. You become more comfortable with what you do regularlyand people see that in you, they come to you for expert advice and there you go.2. Building a community.One of the best part of building a niche blog is the community you build around it.Once you have define your blog niche and start putting your whole into it, theamazing thing that follow is the readers community of like-minded people whoreligiously follow your blog.They know exactly what to see when they arrive at your blog, they can easilyrecommend your blog to family and friends who are interested in the same topic.They take part in the discussion, and contribute to your blog through the commentform and you’re sure of audience when you’re speaking.3. Search engine optimization love.These spiders are like human to some extent, they are more likely to recognize thefood they eat last time and are sure of where to get it when next they want the samediet.These spiders like blogs that blog about a topic regularly and more likely to rank ithigher in the search engine result page above blogs with multi topics blogging.Don’t get it upside down here, blogs with general topics also rank well in searchengine, but like I said above you have more work to do in this regard compared toniche blogging.4. Making Money From Your Blog With Ads.
  3. 3. Contextual advertising has proved to work more effectively in niche blogging thangeneral blogging blogs. This is made simple to understand by the fact that thereaders or visitors to niche blog are more targeted to the blog and its ads than blogsin general blog topics.When you blog about a topic and grow your traffic effectively, the readers are morelikely to click on the ads on your blog because those ads are well relevant to the blogtopic they are interested in.If you agree with me and down with the fact that niche blogging is better thanblogging on multi topics, below are some tips to choosing the perfect niche for yournext blogging project.5 Tips to choosing a Blog Topic.1. Create Your blog on Passion.This rule has been told and beaten to death by thousands of content marketers outthere, and is not only applicable to blogging alone but to all business start-up.Choosing a blog topic that you’re passionate about is the first and most importantstep to creating a successful blog that will see you there. Don’t blog about topic thatyou’re not passionate about at the moment or not interested in at present.Every blog need to be updated regularly -at least once a day- blog about topic you’repassionate about, otherwise you get dried and fade out easily and quickly.2. Choose a marketable topic.Your blog topic must be something marketable and acceptable by a group of largeaudience, in other words your blog topic must be profitable otherwise you losepatient and get discourage and consequently, you quit.Research the market before going with your blog topic, and see the chances youhave to survive in it. Take a closer look at your competitors and see how they aredoing in the field, survey the ins and out thoroughly.3. Choose a topic you like arguing with others.Sometimes this is the best step to start a blog, when you find yourself constantlyarguing with others on a particular subject, instead of making it a local debate withinyour neighborhood, why not start a blog around it and have others all over the worldto join in the discussion.There are lots of blogs that are created from this principle, most spiritual blogs,entertainment blogs, political blogs, religious blog, sport blogs are all founded uponthis idea.4. Look within yourself.
  4. 4. Be yourself and let the world know who you are.Look within your inner life and examine your life style and see if there is somethingabout your ways of doing things, or what you enjoy most while you’re a kid that canbe of benefit to others.You can start a blog based around it, if you discovered that these things areaccepted by large audience and its marketable with good potential of generatinggood income in the near future, cause I guest you don’t want to start a blog thatgenerate nothing at the end of the day, well that’s my opinion, you’re free to decidewhat you want from your blogging career.In conclusion, if you want to start a blog that will make you an expert, generatedecent income good enough to take-care of your wants and need, generate goodquality traffic in time, build community of like-minded people, meet new people andmake new friends, then start a niche blog.Though, this will as well cost you money and hope you don’t expect anyone to takeyou serious if you build your blog on free platform and leverage on all free methodout there to move your blog to the top.Happy blogging career, see you at the top.The best way to stay up to date with our blog post is by subscribing to our Newsletter so you dont miss out on any of our most valuable information. Thank you !For A Limited TimeWe Are Offering a Free Internet Business CoachingCourse, Take The Advantage to Start Your OwnMoney Making Internet Business Now!Enter your email address:SubscribeDelivered by Cybernaira