how to make money with blog being a professional blogger


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Am not going to bit around on this, cause is going to be a long walk, be patient, and read through, this might be the very last piece of information you need to get there. How to make money with blog being a professional blogger.

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how to make money with blog being a professional blogger

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNairaHow to Make Money With Blog Being a ProfessionalBlogger.2013-05-23 05:05:13 Shamsudeen AdeshokanFor A Limited TimeMake $1000 Monthly In Our Free Internet Business Coachingwww.cybernaira.comBy: Tax CreditsAm not going to bit around on this, cause is going to be a long walk, be patient, andread through, this might be the very last piece of information you need to get there.How to make money with blog being a professional blogger.Certainly, if you’ve been doing business, you will agree with me that all business canonly survive if there are customers, and returning customers that are really buyingthe goods and services you’re rendering.The doctors can not survive without the sick, neither could a lawyer do businesssuccessfully without the trouble makers, the offenders, the oppressed and on itgoes like that for every known industry in the world.
  2. 2. The same principle applies on the internet, every niche or business model here onthe internet must recognize and attract its own kind of audience in other to make themost money from is business.This is why traffic is the most important factor that determine the success of anyonline business. And the reason bloggers must learn how to market the qualitycontent he is creating, - content is king – but this king need subject and people torule successfully.It really doesn’t matter how you make money on the net, either Adsense program,Affiliate marketing, Direct ads placement, Sponsor post, Paid Review, OnlineCoaching, Forum, e.t.c.. All these means of making money from your blogs are tiedto “traffic“.Don’t be curious, we’re going to discuss how you can start to attract your own kindof audience that are ready to listen to what you have to say. And build qualitytargeted traffic overtime that guarantee you make money from your blog.How to Attract Targeted Traffic To Your Blog.By: epSos .deThere are two keys or two most important element of attracting quality targetedtraffic to your blog or offer. And these are “Quality Content” and “Marketing”.Where most bloggers who go about struggling with their blog get it wrong is bythinking that building successful profitable blog depend only on creating qualitycontent, no, we need to re-think on that.Bloggers must also be a good marketer to make money from his blog, otherwise hewill go about creating content upon content that never get off the ground floor.Lets take it one after the other……#1 Content.The foundation of every successful blog is “quality content“, without it, visitors
  3. 3. found your site useless and of no reason for them to visit next time.No one wants to read a blog that offer no quality information, just a bunch ofadvertising, affiliate promotions, paid review, sponsored post and the likes willdefinitely turn your visitors off your blog.A blogger primary duty is to provide content that enhance the quality of lives of itsreaders, they should feel good after reading your content and have something totake home from reading your information.Your content creation should focus on helping, educating, inform, enhance andengaging the audience. With these, you will have the pillar on which your blog willbecome successful and attract the attention needed to make the money you want.There are tactics or strategies that ensure you always come up with quality content.Focus on a topic and build your blog on a niche that you consider best for you at themoment. The old saying still apply here, write your blog topic based on what you’repassionate about, this is best to maintain longevity and stability.Focus on attracting with your content a small proportion of the internet users,targeted traffic is what you need, not just a bunch of traffic that does nothing to yourbusiness – drive by traffic – start a niche blog.There are lots of advice on how to choose your blog topic, some will tell you to gowith something profitable and others will tell you to choose based on what you’repassionate about.Either both advice are good or not, am not in-position to tell you what you should dowith your blog, but choosing a blog topic based on your passion and the things youcare about will make writing your blog topic easy and ensure you don’t get tired ofwriting.So, is all up to you.Consistency is the key ingredient to successful blogging and part of the reason youneed to blog based on what you’re passionate about and forget about the money,even if seem nothing is working according to your expectation.How to create quality content.There is no special rule or pattern for creating pillar articles that goes viral on thenet, is all about luck and online connections.You may not believe it when an article you just wrote while navigating through theforum or while you’re engaging with your audience on Facebook just go viral and theone you pour your whole heart into, researching for a week just went under thecarpet without anyone even notice it.What a pillar content does…….. so you know it, when you create one.
  4. 4. A pillar content drive in targeted new traffic, create back links (other bloggerslink to it.)Continue to generates traffic overtime from organic search and from otherrelated blogs.It is evergreen, which means in many years to come, is still relevant.Here is a list of types of quality pillar content you can experiment with on your blog.#1 . How to -Articles.You’ve probably come across this type of articles dozen of times on the internet, thesearch result pages, and a host of blogs.Consider writing articles that teaches how to do something, how to achieve a goaland so on. Is important you write your how to article around subject matter you’vepersonally have experience in and have done it your self.This type of article are the one with such title like – 7 incredible ways to lose fatsfast, how to write a blog post in 30 minutes, how to get bank loan without collateral,how to do this , how to do that.The important thing to take here is, make sure your how to article is write aroundyour blog topic and niche. Be focus, educate, inform, and engage your audiencewith your how to article and chances are you may get lucky with it.#2. Technical Define Articles.Many industry have new concept, new ways of doing things which may not be easyfor the followers to understand or implement at the moment.You can help create a pillar article that will define and simplify the process into bitthat make others able to handle the process without having to worry over itscomplicity.This type of article need you to be an expert in the field to truly define the conceptthat will make other believe and accept your theory.The concept may seem simple to you, but hey, there are lots of newbie out therewaiting for you to break it down for them to digest.#3. Create Free Report.If done correctly, a free report can go viral in no time. Nothing special in this, just apiece of information about 10-20 pages are enough to make a free report. Or youcan combine your favorites blog post to make a free report and distribute it online.More options at your disposal to create your free report. You can make it in pdfformat or as an article on your blog which your readers can have access to eitherthrough the archives or downloading it as pdf file.
  5. 5. A free report is a very powerful weapon for bloggers as this will prove you as anexpert in your industry and consistently bring in new traffic and loyal readers.An example of free report is this blog post you’re reading now, is a free report madeto be a blog post, you can also help spread this information to others who might beinterested in it.You can download it in pdf format with the help of the small box at the very top of thispost and help give it to others. Thank you as you do so.#4. The List Article.This is the most powerful of them all and it has been proved to be the most effectivetype of article that work most at all time.For a couple of reason list article work well :Direct Practical Lesson. List articles provide the readers with a direct pointto take home and easily understood. It also get easily shared on the internetand people love them most. Internet user don’t like to read, they scan throughpages and skip to what is relevant to them, list article provide easy navigationwithin the article.Easy to Digest. This as being prove to be true, that article with list point,bullet list and subheadings to make things clear and scan-able make easy forbetter reading and easily understood by the readers.Away from content creation……. Now lets talk about marketing.How to Market Your Blog.By: Melanie EdwardsOnce you have your quality pillar content ready and you know how to create them onregular basis, next is to start marketing them to your targeted audience. In one ofmy recent article I wrote, “Build it and take it to them to buy“, .Yes, this is how it works on the internet now, gone are the days of “Build it, theywill come” .If I should ask, why do you blog? or why are you reading this report?
  6. 6. You probably would answer, You want to start making money from your blog andthat’s why you’re blogging and reading this report.No, I bet you, that’s shouldn’t be the reason you blog, those are the outcome ofeffective blogging over a period.We all want to make money from our blog right, but if we focus all our attention inmaking money from blogging, then we will never achieve it. Making money from blogis the result of positive implementation of plans, strategies, tactics, consistencies,patients, blogging, that are well executed from time to time in professional blogging.Marketing your pillar content is almost the same with making your content go viral onthe net, is all about connection, the people you know, the communication channelyou’ve built over time. And with a slit different of purchasing advertising. If you’rereally dead serious about making money on the internet.A few easy ways to start off your marketing channel :a. Blog Commenting : This is not a new theory among bloggers, but while itsconsider a good way to start promoting your blog, driving back traffic to yourblog and building relationship, the effectiveness of its impact on improvementof the success of your blog is relatively low or slow.From personal experience, I have receive a good amount of targeted traffic fromleaving comment on popular blog like and copy but nonof those traffic can really bring any significant success story worthy enough fortestimony to the success of this blog.The one that has actually bring me a good reasonable amount of traffic was myarticle which was featured on’s how to articles post contest. Youcould see is not really a blog comment, it was actually a post that the headline wasdisplayed among the 84 articles submitted and received by*That article still drive traffic till date.However, there is a better way to use blog commenting to market yourself and yourcontent. Spend time in reading the blog post before leaving your comment, andwhen commenting, leave remarkable thought and expression.In fact consider your comment as another short blog post on your blog, bedescriptive and detail in your comment. Not enough to say hi, nice post, Well done,good write-up. Phrases like this won’t spark any relationship between you and thehost blogger.A key lesson here is that most things in blogging that are easier to do , will relativelyproduce small or low result like commenting on blog, pinging, tagging your post andall that stuffs, which once consider powerful where now less so, as thousands ofblogger now use them to achieve same purpose.
  7. 7. If something takes longer time and investment in resource to produce, then fewpeople will engage in it, the once that take the pain to do it will easily get noticed andthe result will pay for their effort.However, is unlikely that only blog commenting will bring in good quality of blogmarketing, so if you want better result, take it one step beyond blog commenting.I strongly advice, if you want bigger success, then go for the bigger investment.Things like paid advertisement, appearing on digg front page, feature on,top bloggers feature you on his blog, interview on TV or radio, publishing your articlein popular newsletter and so on, will produce massive result and see that youachieve your aim in real-time.But, before you start with all these make sure that at least you have more than 10great pillar articles posted on your blog, so you don’t waste your effort.There are other ways of communicating channels that will produce good result too,like forum commenting and discussion, submitting to articles directories, ping back,blog carnival and the likes.But, like I said above, all these will produce relatively small or low result and you willalways work at it everyday to produce the result.Spend money on big communication channel like paid advertising and see the resultrolling.If you’re reading this word, that means you’ve come to the end of this free report onhow to make money from your blog, and if you consider this article good and wellinformative please, share it.To your success, happy blogging.The best way to stay up to date with our blog post is by subscribing to our Newsletter so you dont miss out on any of our most valuable information. Thank you !
  8. 8. How To Blog-BeginnersGuide To SuccessfulBloggingGoogle Reader Alternatives What Traffic Level Do YouNeed To Start MonetizingYour Blog?For A Limited TimeWe Are Offering a Free Internet Business CoachingCourse, Take The Advantage to Start Your OwnMoney Making Internet Business Now!Enter your email address:SubscribeDelivered by CybernairaRelated posts: