How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog


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Bounce rate is when a visitor land on a page on your blog and did not open another before leaving, i.e a visitor land on your home page and leave without opening any other page or checking out your article on the home page.

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How to Reduce Bounce Rate on Your Blog

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNairaHow to Reduce Bounce Rate On Your Blog2013-04-12 23:04:24 Shamsudeen AdeshokanBy: Sean MacEnteeBefore we discuss on how to reduce bounce rate on your blog, lets take a look atwhat is bounce rate?Bounce rate is when a visitor land on a page on your blog and did not open anotherbefore leaving, i.e a visitor land on your home page and leave without opening anyother page or checking out your article on the home page.Before you decide on reducing bounce rate on your blog, there are certain factors toconsider and don’t just go ahead thinking bounce rate is absolutely bad for yourblogging. No, it depend on you and what you want from your blog.If your blog is created to earn money from ads placement on it, then bounce ratemay be good for you and no need to worry over it. Yes, as long as you have yourvisitors clicking on those ads on your blog and taking them away the moment theycame, why worry over bounce rate?But, if your blog is created to build readership and community around it, then bouncerate may be bad and the need to worry over it.If the latter is what you want, here are a couple of things to consider doing to reducebounce rate on your blog.1. Write Quality Content.If there is anything that will make a visitor stay longer on your site and view aroundlonger than he had expected, that thing is the “Quality of Content” on your blog.This get worse and dirty when the content is written and structure badly. Don’t copy
  2. 2. and paste articles, this won’t get you no where. Internet users are quick in spottingduplicate content.People love to read, and they love reading quality information presented in a wellwriting style and format.2. Don’t Interrupt Content With Ads.This is tricky, I know you are blogging to make money, but be careful where youplace those ads so they don’t get push into the face of your readers and sometimeget annoying.Use the above the fold wisely and don’t push your content too way down to tell auser that you care most about the ads placement there and not the content.3. Inter-Linking Articles Together.Another great way to keep your visitors around much longer on your site is by linkingevery of your post together from the home page. Make sure you keep linking newarticles to old ones and related post with other.Use anchor text related to the post you’re linking to, this keep visitors wanting toknow more and read that post.4. Show Related Post.I don’t know of other blogging platform, but if you’re on WordPress, there are pluginsthat will make this easier for you.Showing related posts that are relevant to the post being viewed helped a lot inkeeping a visitor engage with a blog longer.It is now a most for bloggers to displayed post related to the one in view eitherbeneath the post or at the side bar.5. Avoid Pops-Up.This is annoying and irritating.Stop throwing annoying ads or e-mail subscriber form at users the moment theyland at your blog. E-mail subscriber form should either be at the top of the side baror below the post.Don’t push it into the face of your readers, its annoying and irritating.6. Loading Time.In our modern-day technology and time, navigating within the internet is consider asnap of your finger tip. If your blog had to keep someone waiting for 15 secondsbefore it display then, your bounce rate may be something close to about 99.9%.
  3. 3. 7. Targeted Traffic.People get this traffic issue twisted, having 1,000,000,000 page view a day doesn’tmatter anymore to the success of a blog. What matter most now is the quality of thetraffic you’re getting.How targeted is the traffic to your blog niche or topic?What is the traffic doing for your business?Are You looking for traffic in the right places?Not all traffic worth the investment. If you blog about Health related issues, don’t startlooking for traffic in a sport betting blog, even if the sport betting blog has millions ofusers on daily basis.It might not turn out to be a worthy traffic at the end, after all those people are thereto make money and have fun.8. Blog Design.A bad-looking ugly web page has a direct effect to high bounce rate on a blog. It’snow a most to offer your visitors with a quality web page design and not just somescrappy blog lay-out.Careful attention should be giving to the font style, color and its size on your blog.Sometimes the cause of a high bounce rate on a blog is the text on it.Make sure the text on your blog are readable for almost all categories of internetusers. Don’t style your text or make it look the same color with your blog background color.Well, let’s try out these eight strategies to reduce bounce rate on your blog, or betterstill, help us with more useful resources to reduce bounce rate on a blog.The best way to stay up to date with our blog post is by subscribing to our Newsletter so you dont miss out on any of our most valuable information. Thank you !Enter your email address:Subscribe
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