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How to build back links


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The more people who link to web pages, the better your chances of ranking higher in search engines. So, is out of the question how important is back links is to your search engine optimization of your web pages.

The question is "how to build back links"

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How to build back links

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNairaHow To Build Back Links2013-06-23 22:06:37By: SiteFoxThe more people who link to your web pages the better your chances of getting rankhigher in search engines. So, is out of question how important building back links isimportant to search engine optimization of any website or blog. The question is“How to build back links“?.Unlike on-page optimization which is a lot easier to do since all is within your reach,building back links is more difficult, you have to depend on other webmasters foryour success.The theory behind building back links is that more web pages that links to yourpages from outside your own blog prove that your content are of high quality andGoogle uses this basis as a way of determine the rank of web pages in searchengine.But what the world-wide-web as seen in recent years is that this is not so inpractices, webmasters or content creators never wait for their content to get pickedor found to get linked to. You don’t rely on that your content is of high quality and willdefinitely linked to or at least webmasters will notice your great content and linked toyou.If your content is of high quality, is obvious it will get shared and linked to by otherwebmasters but you still need to market it. Gone are the days of build it, they willcome. Now you have to build it and market it to the right audience and the rightmarket. This is why you have to resort to other ways of building quality back links.And this is what we’re going to look into next.Before we start discussing on how to build back links, there is need for you to know
  2. 2. those ways or methods you should never attempt to secure links from and thisincludeInter linking – Linking from one site to another, mainly site that is owned by thesame owner for the sole purpose of link building.Getting links from illegal site or scam sites. Sites that don’t comply withGoogle webmasters guidelines.Buying links in bulk, especially links from sites that are not relevant to yourblog topics.Getting links from sites that engage in link farm.There are other ways you should not attempt building your links from, which if yourun a Google search you will get to know more of it.So, with that out, lets move on to our topic of today “how to build back links“.Finding Links Opportunity.Your first stop to building quality back links is to find back links opportunities usingthe online back links tool builder. What this tool does is to help in finding sites orblogs with which you can post your articles, message, url of your blog in other to getlinks back to your blog based on the keyword of your choice that you enter.Now, after you have a list of potentials sites where you can submit your articles forpublishing on their sites, write and submit your quality content to them. What makesthis interesting is that both of you need each other services, these sites needcontent for their readers, you need links back to your blog.You don’t get paid for submitting your article on their site, what you get in-return isthe link back to your blog. This is pretty an easy way to get quality links back to yoursite without having to spend money.Building links From Directories.This is time-consuming and a most if you’re dead serious about building an onlinebusiness. Getting listed on DMOZ is a most, but I have to tell you this, is not easy toget listed on DMOZ. There are many directories out there to submit your site to,Yahoo listing is one worth the time and stress too. But mind you it may take up tomonths or weeks to get listed on these sites.To make thing easier do a Google search.Getting Links From Forums.Naturally, I liked using forums for link building. Why? Forums get index quickly bysearch engine spiders as these spiders frequent theses places more often. Andthey are better ranked higher than most blogs or sites due to their massive traffic.However read the forum rules and policy before starting to post your articles andlink. Some forum don’t allow link in either your sig file or post until you’re a member
  3. 3. for certain period. When you’re eligible to add your link, include your keyword in.Another way to get the best of forum for link building is to post often with your anchortext included in your post and title. However make sure you adhere to the forumpolicy and rules.Submitting your articles to document sharing sites.In fact you need to be doing this for every of your article posted on your blog. It takesnothing to turn your post into pdf files and share it on these sites. This gave anadvantage in two ways : One you get a link back for every article you post on theirsite. Two you get exposure for every article you post on these sites and in returndrive traffic back to your blog.There many document sharing site where you can easily share your blog post toanother audience and community.Slide ShareFiles TubeMedia Fire4SharedHotFileBox.netRapidSharezShareThere are more and more……………….. Just run a Google search.Conclusion….Don’t get involved in black hat method of building links back to your blog or websites.There are more legal ways on how to build back links, all you have to do is be patientwith the way you approach it.To your success.The best way to stay up to date with our blog post is by subscribing to our Newsletter so you dont miss out on any of our most valuable information. Thank you !