complete guide to start a blog in nigeria


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Just like you, I was searching for same thing some years back when I was all new to this crazy thing called “blogging”. You probably want to start A blog in Nigeria?

Definitely, reason you’re reading this post.

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complete guide to start a blog in nigeria

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNaira Complete Guide To Start A Blog In Nigeria 2013-12-21 18:12:27 Shamsudeen Adeshokan By: Sean MacEntee Just like you, I was searching for same thing some years back when I was all new to this crazy thing called “blogging”. You probably want to start A blog in Nigeria? Definitely, reason you’re reading this post. In the past, lots of Nigerian bloggers have written in lengths on the way forward for aspiring bloggers whom want to create a profitable blog of theirs. I also have written one article on this subject which happens to rank number one on Google as at the time of writing this post you’re reading. See image below-
  2. 2. I urge you to read that post first especially if you’re new to blogging and how internet marketing really works. In that post, I talked about the tools needed as a Nigerian who want to start a blog on the net. That post is sure a good Nigerians beginners guide to blogging. There are no much differences in starting a blog here in Nigeria and other parts of the world. Your approach, mindset, and level of commitment might need to be different. Considering the ease of access to internet marketing tools most bloggers in other part of the world enjoyed which at most times not readily accessible for most African countries especially, Nigeria. Due to the fraudulent acts of some of our past and present internet marketers, many of these internet companies don’t want to do business with Africans and most especially, Nigerians. ie PayPal – an online payment processor. Well, that’s by the way side. Let’s quickly take a look at how you can successfully start building a profitable blog from scratch as a Nigerian living in Nigeria. Here are the steps you’ll need to take in other for you to have a blog up and running on the net like this very one……….. A word of advice.
  3. 3. Many times over I have heard the gurus saying a blog is an easy path to making money on the internet. I beg to differ, without the proper orientation and the mindset of a business man, you might never move your blog to a level you can quit your day job and live only on your internet business. One of the major reason many bloggers have failed to make money with their blog. For you to live financially full-time on your blog, be ready to make an investment of both time and money. – Time and Money. Moving your blog to a point where you can live full-time on it is not a stroll in the park. You have to work your way up to it. I urge you to approach your blogging more of a business than a hubby. To your success. Start with your passion. This is very crucial and important to anyone who wants to start a profitable blog on the internet. Not just to Nigerians alone is this very first step to starting a blog important but to anyone willing to join the blogosphere. Look deep within your self and be honest, what is that thing you believe you’re deeply passionate with? Something you enjoy doing even if no one pays you a dime for doing it. Something you enjoy writing about freely, as a starter, I will suggest you start with something you can easily write about without too many or extensive research. This will ensure you continue to blog when you start facing the nitty-gritty in professional blogging. There are more than 1millions and 1 things to learn in professional blogging. There is absolute nothing wrong in starting a blog based on the income potentials. All you need is the technical know how and marketing strategy to manage the niche effectively. In fact, I wrote a post in the past on why you shouldn’t start a blog based on your passion alone. You should look at the income potential side of it as well. If seems your passion is not marketable, then you might consider something else similar to your passion with a better promising income potential. Know your Audience. If you’re well through with what your passion is, and you’re strongly convinced on what you want to start blogging about, then, knowing your targeted audience
  4. 4. shouldn’t be that difficult. If you want to start a blog around sport betting, then your targeted audience are the sport lovers. The next big thing to do is find where to get them in large crowd. Locate where they gather most and often, join their community and interact with them. This will give you an advantage to know more about their problems, concerns and how ready are they willing to find solution to their growing problems. Knowing your audience will go along way helping you in marketing your blog and what type of content you’ll be publishing on your blog. It gives more clarity to the process of optimizing your content for search engine visibility. Map out your marketing strategies. This is a very big mistakes most bloggers made while starting out with their blog the first time. To be honest with you, I too, made same mistakes with my first and second blog. It is very crucial and important for you to map out how you intend to drive traffic to your blog both in the short and long distance. If you’re starting a business blog, this aspect is very crucial you discuss it well with others who are in that niche already. Determine how much are you willing to start with pay-per-click advertising. What other methods of advertising are you willing to advertise with? How do you intend to run your social media campaign? Are you running a pay-per-click ad program? Are you going for banner ads or text ads? All these you need to put into consideration before going ahead to start a blog. If you’re starting a content based blog, then, is okay to go ahead. Is easy to learn along how blogging works with a content based blog than business blog. With a business blog, from the word go, you’re in for the profits and each kobo you spent on your blog is expected to yield return. More on blog marketing down the post…..continue reading. Getting Started With Building Your Blog. This is where your practical aspect of blogging starts. But to save you a whole lots of time, go for self hosted WordPress blog. WordPress is the industry self acclaimed number one blogging platform. It makes blogging more convenient and fun both for beginners bloggers and professionals.
  5. 5. Of course there are others blogging platform too, like blogger owned by Google which comes pretty handy and a very quick easy way to start blogging in minutes. The good part of blogger platform is you can start blogging in minutes without having to spend a dime on hosting and domain names. Blogger is completely free. One disadvantage of blogger platform is that you can wake up one morning and found your blog has being deleted from blogger server without any prior notice about why or what TOS you’ve gone against. If you’re dead serious about building a business with your blog, I urge you to start with the self hosted WordPress blog. Go here to get your hosting and domain name registered. You’ll need to spend some decent money. After getting your domain and hosting in place, I will advice you get the service of a professional web designer. You can do it yourself, but to save time and lots of headache, trials and errors, get the service of a professional web designer. Your overall blog layout and design should flow along with your blog topics. There are several WordPress themes specifically made for certain niche. Think about how you want your visitors to engage with your content or services before opting for a particular theme. Studiopress is a leading WordPress themes developers. You will sure find a theme that suit your needs by browsing through their website. Of course there are free available WordPress themes to use by anyone. You can start with it, especially if you’re on a tight budget or want to do it yourself. Based on my experience with free WordPress themes, they’re good to start with but not a better idea if you’re planning to go places with your blog. Most of them are not well SEO optimized, lack responsive design and sometimes don’t get regular support from their developer. But like I said in one of my post, blogging is a journey, so is good to start with free tools to learn how to blog and as soon as you get hold of it, move to premium services and tools. Publishing Content on Your Blog. When you’re done with the blog design, is time to write and publish your first post. This is where your blogging really start. Blogging is all about writing, don’t worry if it happens that your writing style looks ugly. Everyone fails the first time. Writing your blog won’t be an easy task at the beginning of your blogging career. It
  6. 6. takes lots of daily practice and constant effort to get the grip on it. Continue writing everyday, and with time, consistency, constant practice, focus and determination, you will master the act of writing articles blog readers wants to read. You can acquire the services of a freelance writer to help with content creation on permanent basis. If you have good budget to spend on your blog. There are many reliable places on the net to get these people work for you at a very cheap affordable prices. Such places include odesk, elance, fiverr, etc. On a personal notes, I never use free plr articles to populate my blog with content and I advice you not to go that way. Is easy to spot spin articles and readers get frown at your content. On top of that, you might get penalized for plagiarism by Google, so don’t just do it. Most of these plr package are spin articles, reused blog post and most of all, you’re not the only one with same article. So is easy to get penalised for plagiarism. Take a look at this blog post writing by me some months back, you’ll learn a whole lots on how to get great blog post idea for as long as your blog exist. Marketing Your Blog. I told you earlier in this report, to map out your marketing strategies before going ahead to create your blog. If you’ve done so, then let’s go along with blog marketing implementation. Over the course of my blogging journey, I have tested many traffic distribution channel. Many of whom have promise heaven on earth and at the very end, could not make the earth a fair place to live. You might want to consider starting low with your blog marketing to see how this things works. In my best experience, the best way to market a blog depend on what you’re offering. If you’re dealing with products and service you might consider spending some decent amount on Google adword or the effective Facebook advertising. A content based blog would be best marketed through social media followers, good solid SEO, forums, blog commenting, guest posting, bloggers communities, directories submission etc. The next big thing you will have to consider doing is submitting your blog url to all major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Submitting to most search engines is completely free, though there are some paid submission directories. But you probably good to go with the free available ones.
  7. 7. Blogging is a journey. There is no way we can discuss all that is to how to start a blog in Nigeria in one post, that’s why I urge you to check other related post on that particular topic. Blogging is a journey, a very long one for that matter. You probably have to learn as you grow along with it. The most basic thing important for you to learn and master is how to create great content and effective blog marketing. How you do this is pretty up to you. There are certainly millions of ways to market a blog on the internet. Find the one that suits your needs and audience, utilize the tools readily available to you and learn to get what you want form what is available to you. Certainly, there is more to this topic, I encourage you to leave your though and opinions in the comments form below. So others can take part in the discussion. Download Our FREE 16 WordPress Themes Enter Your Best Email : ea mN : l i aE m t imuS b Check Your Inbox To Confirm Your Free Download click he re for your fre e a utore sponde r Related posts: Length of Blog Post - How Long Should It Be? How to Start a Blog- Give Your Blog a Lift. Do You Make Money From Your Blog?
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