Blogging For Money - Are You Building Asset Or Holding Am Job


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What does being “paid to blog” mean to you? Are you blogging for money or you’re building an online asset?

To me, is not about being a professional freelancer taking gigs and other stuffs like that. Is about building an online asset, a company and using that asset to meet the demand of cash flow now, long-term and in the future.

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Blogging For Money - Are You Building Asset Or Holding Am Job

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNairaBlogging For Money – Are You Building Asset OrHolding A Job?2013-05-29 07:05:26 Shamsudeen AdeshokanFor A Limited TimeMake $1000 Monthly In Our Free Internet Business CoachingClick Here To Get StartedBy: Adventures of Pam & FrankWhat does being “paid to blog” mean to you? Are you blogging for money or you’rebuilding an online asset?To me, is not about being a professional freelancer taking gigs and other stuffs likethat. Is about building an online asset, a company and using that asset to meet thedemand of cash flow now, long-term and in the future.Allow me to further explain this, if you still don’t get it, the joy that comes with owninga business of yours is the freedom to decide how it run, when it run, where its work,why its work and whom you do business with.When you have to post certain amount of articles everyday to make money fromyour blog, then you’re holding a job not a business. Don’t get me wrong here, I knowblogging is all about posting regularly. But, it doesn’t have to be mandatory tomaintain the traffic, the income, you don’t have to do it when you’re not right to do it.
  2. 2. What happen if you fell sick?What if you have to attend to family responsibility for a week or two?What if you’re on vacation?What if there is an opportunity somewhere?What if………………………………………………………?Your goal is to create an internet business that run off system and not your hardwork. What professional bloggers don’t understand is this, when you have to meetcertain criteria everyday to make money from your blog, then you’ve just set yourselfanother 9-5 day job. This is not what we called business freedom.To me blogging doesn’t have to be a full-time job, its only have to generates anincome good enough for me to live full-time on it. I make most of my money off-lineby blogging online.By making money off-line, I mean teaching people how to blog, setting up blogs,running seminars e.t.c. People see what I do online, they are interested to learn orknow how I do it, they contact me, we discuss details on how to get started together.I get paid for teaching them how to do it.I don’t have to depend on my blog directly to make money online, that’s one bigmistake most newbie bloggers make. Believing the blog is the only avenue to riches.A blog is a tool to make money.Focus on creating stability, consistencies and income sources that will not solelydepend on your hard work or presence to generate cash into your bank account.Blogging is a very good job for at least it gave you the opportunity to work from thecomfort of your bedroom, many people all over the world has benefit from it. Butwhat makes it sad is when you have to be forced to do it just to make the moneykeep on coming, then you’re not having freedom over your time.Earning consistency and stable from your blog should not depend on articlesvolume or else you’re heading towards tsunami.So, enough of the sermon Shamsudeen, how do I escape being trapped fromblogging slavery?Before I lets you in my brain, let me explode a little of what you and I know about themost popular blog monetization out there.Google Adsense.Adsense is by far the most popular and easiest way to monetize a blog. But I justdon’t feel secured with it.Reason(s) : What if your blog no longer exist?What if Google banned your account?What if you can no longer drive traffic?
  3. 3. What if you’re tired of posting or running your blog?More so, Adsense doesn’t fit into all blog, despite how well its contextual adsprogram is, is still don’t provide a well targeted ads that relate to your blog topics.One major reason I would prefer affiliate program to Adsense program.Earning Recursive Income With Affiliate Marketing.To me this is by far the best way to make money from your blog that guarantee youdon’t slave yourself working full-time on online.When I talked about earning recursive affiliate income, I mean affiliate program thatallow you to earn commission on regular basis as long as your prospect remainsign up with the affiliate program you refer him to.Affiliate program that sells subscriptions, either paid membership sites, web hosting,e.t.c. Each time someone you refer, pay their annual bill, you get a commission foras long as they remain on the program.SFI afiliate program is a great example of such program, with the sfi affiliateprogram you have option to will your account to next of keen. As long as otheraffiliate you refer, remain active and generating income and sign up, you get apercentage of what ever they make or earn.With the web hosting affiliate program, you get paid when someone you refer alsorenew their subscription for life. An auto responder services affiliate program also isgood and one with good potential.Currently, as at the time of writing this post I used prompt-support auto responderservices which happen to have its own affiliate program too.This is also is a subscription services which means if you sign up and become anaffiliate, you receive commission as long as those you refer to them remain usingtheir services.Even if your blog is taken off completely from the internet, or you decide not run itanymore, whatever happen to your blog, your affiliate commission keep coming toyou as long as those you refer keeps their subscriptions.Presently I promotes numerous recursive affiliate program that is running tosomething tangible monthly and hope to increase it as time pass by so in thenearest future I can decide what I do with my time, where I spend, and how I spendmy time.One should blog because he choose to blog, not forced to clue to his computer allday because he need must make money from his blog.*The above links are my affiliate membership ID, if you like the programs sign upusing the link. Thank you.
  4. 4. How To Blog-BeginnersGuide To SuccessfulBloggingHow To know YourAudienceHow to Make Money WithBlog Being a ProfessionalBlogger.The best way to stay up to date with our blog post is by subscribing to our Newsletter so you dont miss out on any of our most valuable information. Thank you !For A Limited TimeWe Are Offering a Free Internet Business CoachingCourse, Take The Advantage to Start Your OwnMoney Making Internet Business Now!Enter your email address:SubscribeDelivered by CybernairaRelated posts: