Blog Post Length - how long should it be?


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Blog Post Length - how long should it be?

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNairaLength of Blog Post – How Long Should It Be?2013-04-13 22:04:59 Shamsudeen AdeshokanGet paid to share your links!By: Cuito CuanavaleActually, there are no any set of rules to how long a blog post should be or its wordscount. Many beginners blogger asked this question often, how long should my blogpost count?Blogging has few rules, it all depend on you and your blog. What you want from yourblogging career will determine the set of rules and discipline you will applied on yourblog. But, there are certain factors to take into consideration when suggesting theideal blog post word count for your content.If it takes about 250 words to get your message across perfectly just the way youwant it, it’s okay. But, if you’re having it difficult to present your message withanything less than 500 word count, then aim at that.However, the best blog post word count is whatever the amount of words it takesyou to get your message across to your audience in the way they will digest andunderstand it.Long blog post or short blog post?Entertainment bloggers will have nothing to worry about either the post is short orlong enough to fill the blog space.
  2. 2. They need to tell the story just the way it is. If it takes 200 word to tell the story, don’tgo about dragging it to make 500 word, you will lose the true picture in the story.Bloggers who blog about breaking news, gist, websites that inform their audienceabout new release of products and services will mostly have their post under shortword count.Bloggers who blog about tips and tutorials, teachings, reviews, technical stuffs andthe likes will have most of their blog post written in long articles.This blog fell under the blogging tips and tutorials blog niche, hence, most of my blogpost length about 800 – 1000 word count. Some articles are more than a thousandword count. Though, you might want to break a post within that range in to series ofpost that will make your visitors always check back to read more.Google And Blog Post Word Count.Search engine spiders have just about only one food to keep them alive and stillcrawling your site and that is “content” enough of it on your blog post will keep thembusy and always wanting for more.For proper indexing of your page by Google, you need to feed this spiders withenough meat to feed on and to better understand what your articles are all about.Generally speaking, long post with rich keyword are favored most in the searchengine result pages. Google have laid more emphasis on the importance of highquality blog post and to really give quality not just some scrappy blog content, youneed to deliver your post in well detailed way.There are benefits to having long post written, it makes it easier to include yourkeyword and to have a good density to better structure the post for better experiencefor your readers.And also, your readers will see it in your blog content that you care about makingevery effort to deliver the best on every blog post you made. Don’t get this twisted,and compromise quality with quantity.No, no matter how long or short your posts are, make sure you deliver quality overquantity. And don’t go about using three words where one word will do. It doesn’thave to be like that.If you have something good and detailed to present your audience with, no matterhow long the post is they will read through. And you can help by breaking it down intopoint or list post with sub-headings and short paragraph.Lastly, I would conclude that it doesn’t really matter if a post is short or long andshorter post doesn’t do bad in the search engine but, low quality content does.Whatever you’re writing about make sure you deliver quality and not focusing on thequantity of the content.
  3. 3. 5 Reasons Why Your BlogPost Will Never Get ReadAnd SharedHow to Become a BetterWriterSEO Is Not DeadSo far with this post, you have read 658 word and we could go on and on, but likeyou’ve read above in this article, if I have that word count to get my messageacross, I don’t need to bother you with 1000 word.The best way to stay up to date with our blog post is by subscribing to our Newsletter so you dont miss out on any of our most valuable information. Thank you !Enter your email address:SubscribeDelivered by FeedBurnerRelated posts: