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4 no nonsense ways to drive free targeted traffic to your website


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I guess what you’re searching for is, how to drive free targeted traffic to your website, offers, or perhaps, blogs that give return on investment.

If that’s the case, then pay close attention to what advice you’ll get here.

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4 no nonsense ways to drive free targeted traffic to your website

  1. 1. Articles from CyberNaira 4 No Nonsense Ways To Drive Free Targeted Traffic To Your Website 2013-12-08 11:12:23 Shamsudeen Adeshokan By: Joan Campderrós-i-Canas Am going to be straight with you on this, “not all traffic generation methods worth trying”. You’d better not waste your hard-earned money buying into some nasty program promising some xxx amount of traffic for some xxx $$$ especially when you have Adsense on your blog. I guess what you’re searching for is, how to drive free targeted traffic to your website, offers, or perhaps, blogs that give return on investment. If that’s the case, then pay close attention to what advice you’ll get here. In my short journey on the net, I’ve tried my hands on several methods of getting free targeted traffic to my blog, but many of those where just not as good as promised or better not even delivered at all. Beware of traffic programs that promises unbelievable great amount of success overnight. Many of those delivered nothing but bounce traffic, bots and spikes in traffic. All these does nothing good to your business, they read not your blog post or click on anything. What’s the use then?
  2. 2. I rather not even talked about them. What you’re about to read now are proven methods that I have used and many other successful internet marketers over the years, tested and believe to be working for anyone who is ready to put in the required hard work for its achievement. These are not magic pills or some sort of New evolutionary discovery, you and I know them for ages but might not have tested or too lazy to really put in the required work. The better part of these strategies are, they guarantee long-term traffic. I mean, they drive you traffic for as long as your blog exist. So, next time you’re craving for more free targeted traffic to your website, see what, how, where and when you can apply these tactics into your blog marketing. But before I move on, remember, I said free targeted traffic. So every methods I would write about here may not cost you a dime to carry out but rather your time and ability to put in the required hard work. #1. Write Never To Ignore Headlines For Your Articles. If there is one thing that determine the success of any sales copy, that thing is the “Headline”. Without a perfect headline for your article, there is little or nothing it will do in the sea of marketing. The first and foremost part of any copy a potential visitor will see is the headline. If the headlines convinced the visitor to take a second look, then the body of the copy get read. If the headlines fails, the copy body does not exist. So, when search engine users type in their search query and your article pop up in his face, the only thing that stand to entice him to click-through to your webpage is the headline. Do all you can within and outside your power to learn the act of mastering how to craft the perfect headline for your content. There is nothing that push traffic to your blog like an ATM machine does to money more than your article headline. Think about it this way, either you use social media, search engines, banner ads display, sales pages or landing pages or whatever, the first thing your visitor see is your copy headline. Many content would have gone viral like bacteria or virus on the net only if the author had taken more of his time to perfect the content headline. #2. Get Link From A Trusted Blog.
  3. 3. Many webmasters think link building or SEO is all about creating gazillion back links from sites or doing keywords research. Yes, they are and can take you far. But building successful blog on the net is more than just that, you need to be trusted and worthy in the eyes of both internet users and search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. So how do you manage to achieve that? A link from Brian Clark of CopyBlogger or Darren Rowse of problogger is way better than an entire link from spam directory portal. Search engine like Google believe these people are clean and only link to something worthy enough to be linked to. They linked only to reputable sites and are good judge of quality links themselves. Now, the big question is “how do you get a dofollow link from these people”? The answer is simple. Create something worth while. Move closer to their hang out and follow them on their social platform so you can get notice when you create some astonishing content that deserve linking to. Though, I know this is not an easy task but one that worth all the headache and sleepless night if you achieve it. This link from a trusted site will not only help your search engine ranking but also drive you free tones of targeted traffic if you’re lucky this “A” blogger link to you within his article’s body. Hmmmm, imaging John Show, Pat Flynn or any of these blogger link to your blog from within his own blog post. That’s a massive hell of traffic coming your way. #3. Guest Post On Authority Blog. I know you’ll say oh! Guest post again! How many times have I done that without any better result to show for it. Wait a minutes before your start labeling me all sort of names. Take a look at the headline of this section, it reads “Guest Post On Authority Blog”. So, what category of blog are you pitching for guest post opportunity? If you want to get the best of your guest posting campaign, then, do a bit more than just leaving your post on any blog you find accepting your post. If you want to drive free targeted traffic with your guest post campaign, then look for authority blogs with the kind of audience you want and have your article publish on their blog.
  4. 4. I have one post on that till date still driving free targeted traffic down here. I don’t want to have 100 articles on just any blogs, I prefer to have just 10 guest post on 10 authority blogs in my niche. I hope you get the difference? #4. Interview Popular Blogger. This is one of the most easiest methods of driving free targeted traffic. There is a simple logic to why interviewing popular bloggers works well. Getting traffic comes from two important factors; links and the existing connections you’ve established. So,if you can find a popular blogger to interview on your blog, it not only drive free targeted traffic to your website, but also lay the foundation to a good lasting relationship. This is where point #1 comes into play. Make sure the name of the blogger you’re interviewing on your blog appear in your article headline. This create instant connection between an existing audience of that blogger and your article. So, is that all to how to drive free targeted traffic to your website or offer? Of course not. There are many ways to do that, but like I said above, the four ways highlighted here are not in any way design to make you spend a dime from your pocket. They only required your commitment and discipline. Let’s go further…… Many people will tell you is so easy to drive traffic from social media sites. But in my experience with how social media works with driving good quality traffic, you’ll need money to spend than just the time. Driving traffic with Facebook need you to run some good ad campaign, you’ll need to spend money on Facebook advertising or else you might spend your whole day pasting update and never reach your desired audience size. PPC is simple to digest, the name itself justify its usefulness. You pay for what you get. If you have enough money to spend on advertising and you have good sales funnel set up for you, then, PPC adverting is very good to go. You could run Google AdWord, or the Facebook advertising program which also works like the AdWord program. It allow you to target your visitor based on locations, age, sex, nationality, interest, demographic, etc.
  5. 5. Well, I can’t cover all that is to how to drive free targeted traffic in one article, that’s why you may need to read more further in this post that deal with the 3 surest way to drive free crazy targeted traffic to your blog or offer. Download Our FREE 16 WordPress Themes Enter Your Best Email : ea mN : l i aE m t imuS b Check Your Inbox To Confirm Your Free Download click he re for your fre e a utore sponde r Related posts: Craigslist Marketing- How to Drive Tarffic to Your Blog Using Craigslist Share and Enjoy How to Drive Massive Blog Traffic When There Is No Money To Buy Big Advertising Budget. 3 Surefire Ways To Drive Loads Of Free Targeted Traffic.