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  • 1. told in myths, legends, tales, lyrics 2. 500 different languages and tribal cultures 3. governments could be democracies, councils of elders, theocracies, etc.
  • 1. Compare with Greek and Christian ideas 4. Tricksters may be compared to everyone from Odysseus to Buggs Bunny
  • 1. so called b/c they lived in long houses that held several families 2. Mohawk, Seneca, Oneida, Onondaga, and Cayuga -- later the Tuscarora of N. C. 3. Near lakes Ontario and Erie around the St. Lawrence and Ottawa rivers and southeast of the lakes toward the Hudson River 4. Women owned property and made major social decisions while the men engaged in warfare and hunting 5. It was transcribed and translated by David Cusick (Tuscarora) in the 19th century
  • 1. Does this give him more or less credit as an interpreter? 2. How does this challenge our view of a unified Native American culture? 3. Should this version actually be studied?
  • 1. lived along the Gila and Salt rivers 2. Spanish originally recorded their stories 3. Once run from their lands and adobe homes by the attacks by more aggressive eastern tribes, the Apache were chief among their aggressors.
  • EH201.2MythVSLegend

    1. 1. Date MYTH VS. LEGEND Native American Creation Stories vs. Columbus, De Las Casas, and Smith
    2. 2. What isamyth? a myth gives a religious explanation for something a myth is timeless a myth may be considered true or not a myth may provide supernatural characteristics to help explain seeming improbabilities myths are often entertaining, instructional, and inspirational Examples: Zeus and the Greek gods, animism, Shiva, Thor
    3. 3. What isalegend? a legend is a story which is told as if it were a historical event a legend may or may not be elaborated a legend will incorporate as much verisimilitude as possible to maintain its integrity, but it will also employ imaginative touches Examples: King Arthur, Robin Hood, Helen of Troy, Vlad the Impaler
    4. 4. NativeAmerican Literary Tradition orally transmitted no written literature each tribe maintained its own religion governments were widely varied only a few generalizations may be made
    5. 5. Reverence for nature as a spiritual as well as a physical mother Nature is alive and endowed with spiritual forces Main characters may be animals or plants, often totems associated with a tribe, group, or individual Main characters may not all be honorable (tricksters).
    6. 6. Iroquois “People of the Longhouse” composed of five nations lived in the northeast of North America women played a dominant role in the culture there are 25 versions of the creation story in the oral tradition
    7. 7. David Cusick One of the first Iroquois to record the oral literature of his nation in the alphabetic writing of Western civilization It has been implied he inserted “missionary interpretations” into his translations He may be viewed by many as a dissenter
    8. 8. TheIroquoisCreation Story Main Characters -- the woman who fell from the sky, the twins, the “monsters” The good mind creates the sun, the moon, the stars, the land, and man and woman. He also bestows souls on his twin’s creations. The bad mind wants to live in chaos in the darkness and creates apes. The two brothers fight for control of the universe. The good mind wins and the bad mind has control over the “souls of mankind after death” (21).
    9. 9. Pima Lived in the Arizona desert Avoided European interference because of their remote location Given the name Pima by the Spanish Extremely peaceable tribe unless provoked
    10. 10. J. W. Lloyd Edward H. Wood, full-blood Pima Pan-American fair in Buffalo Thin Leather, Wood’s grand-uncle
    11. 11. PimaStoriesof theBeginning of the World Juhwertamahkai (the Doctor of the Earth) creates everything (four times). Noo-ee, the buzzard, was the first person. Toehahvs -- the coyote Seeurhuh/ Ee-ee-toy -- older brother