Wk 1 technology mgmt.


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Wk 1 technology mgmt.

  1. 1. • Definition of Technology• Technology Components• Salient Features of Technology• Classification of Technology• Concept of Technology Management• Nature of Technology Management• Drivers of MOT• Responding to Technology Challenge
  2. 2. • Define technology and understand different technology types• Explain the concept and significance of technology management• Understand the challenges of technology changes and the way organization can respond to it
  3. 3. OrganizationSustainable competitive advantage and long-term profitability Management of Technology Academic Institutions A new discipline
  4. 4. TECHNE The LOGESThe skills or knowledge of Discussion or howcraft needed knowledge of something is to make something made something “the knowledge, products, processes, tools, methods and systems employed in the creation of goods or in providing services” [ Tarek Khalil (2000) ]
  5. 5. Hardware• Any physical productSoftware• The knowledge of how to use the hardware in order to carry out the required tasksBrainware• The reasons for using the technology in a particular way
  6. 6. ChangeWidespread EffectsSelf-reinforcingComplexAmoral
  7. 7. New Tacit Emerging TechnologyCodified High Low Medium
  8. 8. New Tacit Emerging Any newly introduced or Technology implemented technology that hasCodified High an explicit impact on the way a company produces products or provides services Low Medium Classified as a new whenever introduced for the first time in a Example : new situation New computer software Has a profound effect on introduced to develop improving productivity and engineering drawing and maintaining a competitive thus replace manual drafting business enterprise
  9. 9. Any technology that is not yet fully New commercialized but will become so within a few years Tacit EmergingIt may be currently in limited use but is expected to evolve Technology Codified High significantly Create new industries and may Low Medium make existing ones obsolete Have the potential of triggeringlarge changes in institutions and in society itself
  10. 10. New Tacit Emerging Refers to advanced or sophisticated technologies TechnologyCodified High Wide set of technologies that Low Medium fall between high and low technologiesTechnologies that havepermeated large segments ofhuman society
  11. 11. Non articulated knowledge – no uniformity in the way it is presented or expressed to a large group of people Based on experiences where the technology developers are the ones New who have the know-how in question Transmitted by demonstration or Tacit Emerging observation, followed by assimilation by those who seek the knowledge Technology Occurs by close contact andCodified High interaction between the source and the host Transferring process is harder, less Low Medium precise and more time-consuming
  12. 12. Technology can be preserved & New effectively transferred among Tacit Emergingusers if it is expressed in a coded form Technology Allow people to know how Codified High technology works but not necessarily why it works in a Low Medium certain way Example : Engineering drawing – expressing shape, dimension and tolerances about a product
  13. 13. Management of Technology “An interdisciplinary field concerned with the planning, development and implementation of technological capabilities to shape and accomplish the operational and strategic objectives of an organization” [National Research Council Report (1987)]
  14. 14.  It is a Process Planning Development Implementation / Commercialization It is Goal Oriented Satisfying human needs Improving the competitive advantage and profitability of enterprise It is an Interdisciplinary Mix It is a System It Involves Risk It is Socially Beneficial It is Evolutionary
  15. 15. Change in Change in Scope Technology Change in Change in Asset Competition ValuationChange in Focus for Change in Emphasis National on Knowledge Competitiveness Management
  16. 16. Shared Values Strategy Structure Systems Skills Staff Style
  17. 17. • Technology consists of 3 interdependent components.• Technology can be classified as new, emerging, high, medium, low, tacit and codified.• Technology management is a process, goal oriented system and interdisciplinary mix. It is evolutionary in nature.• Technology management is an engine of economic growth and improves quality of life of people in society. 18