Sap business objects data services toc


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Sap business objects data services

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Sap business objects data services toc

  1. 1. SAP Business Objects Data Services 4.0 – TopicsDuration: 40 hrsCourse Introduction: SAP Business Objects Data services are SAP’s ETL (Extractiontransformation and Loading) Platform. It combines industry-leading data quality andintegration into one platform. With Data Services, an organization can transform andimprove data anywhere. It provides a Single environment for development, runtime,management, security and data connectivity.• Fundamental capabilities of Data Services is extracting, transforming, and loading (ETL) data from heterogeneous source systems, transform that data to meet the business requirements of your organization, and load the data into a single location.• You create applications (jobs) that specify data mappings and transformations using the Data services designer. Use any type of data, including structured or unstructured data from databases, flat files and ERP systems (such as SAP) to process and cleanse and remove duplicate entries. You can create and deliver projects more quickly with a single user interface.1. Introduction to BODS • BODS Architecture • Components2. Designer • Project area • Tool palette • Workspace. • Local object library • Object editors and Working with objects3. About Projects and Jobs • Executing Jobs • Overview of Data Services job execution • Preparing for job execution • Monitoring Jobs4. Defining Source and Target Metadata • Use data stores • Working with Flat file sources
  2. 2. • Use data store and system configurations5. Creating Batch Jobs • Work with objects • Create a data flow • Use the Query transform • Use target tables • Execute the job6. Troubleshooting Batch Jobs • Use descriptions and annotations • Validate and tracing jobs • Use View Data and the Interactive Debugger • Use auditing in data flows7. Using Functions, Scripts, and Variables • Overview of Functions • Functions combining multi categories • Introduction to scripting • Overview of variables and parameters8. Using Platform Transforms • Describe platform transforms • Use the Map Operation transform • Use the Validation transform • Use the Merge transform • Use the Case transform • Use the SQL transform9. Setting up Error Handling • Recovery Mechanisms10. Capturing Changes in Data • Update data over time • Use source-based CDC • Use target-based CDC
  3. 3. 11. Using Data Integrator Transforms • Describe the Data Integrator transforms • Use the Pivot transform • Use the Hierarchy Flattening transform • Describe performance optimization • Use the Data Transfer transform • Use the XML Pipeline transform12. Using Data Quality Transforms • Describe the data quality framework and processes • Describe Data Quality transforms13. Using Address Cleanse • Understand the purpose of address cleansing • Prepare your input data for the Address Cleanse transforms • Define the Address Cleanse transforms • Work with global address data • Complete an Address Cleanse transform14. Using Data Cleanse • Understand the purpose of data cleansing • Describe strategies for Data Cleanse transforms • Complete a Data Cleanse transform • Understand parsing dictionaries • Refine data cleansing results • Set up Universal Data Cleanse15. Matching and Consolidating Data • Understand the purpose of matching and consolidating records • Use the Match Wizard to set up matching • Configure the Match transform manually using the Match Editor • Perform post-match processing • Define advanced match strategies16. SAP Interfaces using BODI • Creating custom ABAP transforms • IDoc sources in Batch jobs
  4. 4. • IDoc Targets in Batch jobs • Adding an to a Batch job • To Add an IDoc to a Batch job17. Using the Data Profiler • Column level profiling • Detail profiling18. Migration • Job Export to ATL File • Job Import from ATL File • Job Migration across EnvironmentsTrainer Profile Summary:Trainer, Mr.Srikanth Addagiri, a veteran Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence expert with wellover 14 years of Software Development, Project Management experience, of which about a decadeof experience in the area of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projects. Mr. Srikanth hasrendered his technical expertise for large scale Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence projectsimplementation for Fortune 500 companies, Government and public sector clients in variousbusiness domains in Singapore and Asia Pacific region in the last decade.