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Self assessment


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Published in: Spiritual
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Self assessment

  1. 1. Self Assessment If we look at our daily life and we commit only one sin in a day we shall have hundreds of sin in our life. Before doing each act we should think, if the motive behind is for Allah then we should take it up and if for our own desires then we should give it up
  2. 2. According TO Holy Prophet(PBUH) He is wise who is one who keeps hid desires under control and does only that which would be beneficial to him after the death and deficient is the one who engages the fulfillment of his desires and expect Allah to be merciful to him
  3. 3. According to Hazrat Umer (RA) Make a self assessment before the day of judgment and weigh your actions before the same are weighed and prepare yourself for proper reckoning
  4. 4. According To Hazrat Junaid baghdadi(RA) • Hazrat junaid baghdadi(RA) says: • You must continue to assess at every moment, how close you have gone to Allah and how far from the satan, how near to heaven and how distant from hell