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Abrasive basics and solutions offered by 3M

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  • 2007 Corporate Overview v8 3.30.07
  • 2007 Corporate Overview v8 3.30.07
  • 2007 Corporate Overview v8 3.30.07
  • 2007 Corporate Overview v8 3.30.07
  • Final tech forum abrasives

    1. 1. Welcome to the World of Abrasives© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    2. 2. ASD = Abrasive Systems division 3M offers a wide range of abrasive products: Belts, discs, sheets, rolls, wheels and specialty items in a limitless combination of minerals, backings and bonds creating high quality solutions from a name you can trust.  New technologies- 3M consistently invests in research and development creating new technologies that improve efficiency and performance.  High performance products- 3M products perform well on different metals and provide a fine and consistent finish.  Long lasting- 3M advanced technologies enable significantly longer lasting products.  Comfort- 3M products were designed uniquely to be as comfortable as possible- lower vibration, noise levels, heat build up etc.  Cost reduction- using 3M products increases feed rates, reduces labor costs and decreases down time, all causing long term savings.  Professionalism- you can rest assure that our products will not only do a better job but that our product range is backed by support materials and specialist advise.© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    3. 3. How we utilize the IC Internal testing before showing to the customers Hands on training for Distributor Sales Reps. Testing competitor product performance Experiments with various products to get to same finish Get customers to know more . Get key decision makers and use top down approach Win Customers loyality Conduct Seminars© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    4. 4. Introduction to Abrasives An abrasive is a material, often a mineral, that is used to shape or finish a workpiece through rubbing which leads to part of the workpiece being worn away Abrasives generally rely upon a difference in hardness between the abrasive and the material being worked upon, the abrasive being the harder of the two substances. The abrasive and the material to be worked are brought into contact while in relative motion to each other. Force applied through the grains causes fragments of the worked material to break away while simultaneously smoothing the abrasive grain and/or causing the grain to work loose from the rest of the abrasive.© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    5. 5. Abrasive Machining Process© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    6. 6. Factors affecting Workpiece Abrasion Difference in hardness between the two substances: a much harder abrasive will cut faster and deeper Grain size (grit size): larger grains will cut faster as they also cut deeper Adhesion between grains, between grains and backing, between grains and matrix: determines how quickly grains are lost from the abrasive and how soon fresh grains, if present, are exposed Contact force: more force will cause faster abrasion Loading: worn abrasive and cast off work material tends to fill spaces between abrasive grains so reducing cutting efficiency while increasing friction Use of lubricant/coolant/metalworking fluid: Can carry away swarf (preventing loading), transport heat (which may affect the physical properties of the workpiece or the abrasive), decrease friction (with the substrate or matrix), suspend worn work material and abrasives allowing for a finer finish.© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    7. 7. Mineral Technology 80 Knoop hardness [GPa] 60 40 20 0 al O C Z A/ 3 Si on on N d et Al 2 itr itr CB m on M b b a d ar RC Cu Cu Di H H 65© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    8. 8. Mineral Technology 6 5 fracture toughness 4 3 2 1 0 al O 3 C Z et Al 2 Si A/ on on N on d itr itr CB M b b am d ar RC Cu Cu Di H H 65© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    9. 9. Abrasive Minerals© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    10. 10. Grit and Grit Size© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    11. 11. © 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    12. 12. Abrasive Selection Factors Application determines use of appropriate abrasive Excessively hard abrasive wastes money by wearing it down when a cheaper, less hard abrasive would suffice. Too soft, abrasion does not take place in a timely fashion, effectively wasting the abrasive as well as any accruing costs associated with loss of time. Different chemical or structural modifications may be made to alter the cutting properties of the abrasive.© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    13. 13. Key Industrial Segments –. Gulf Metal Working  Architectural/decorative  Mechanical Construction/fabrication Oil and Gas  Electromechanical Contracting  Truck Body Building  Ship Construction and Repairs  Kitchen Equipments both commercial and residential Wood Working  Interiors and Fitments  Cabinet and Furniture manufacturing Machine Shops Glass and Ceramics© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    14. 14. Non Industrial Segments –. Gulf Automotive After Market  Denting Section  Painting Section Marine and Aerospace  Maintenance  Manufacturing Dental Practice Consumer and Home Imrpovement© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    15. 15. Applications of Abrasives Hand application- Sanding sheets ,Rubbing Compounds, Hand pads Machine Applications  Portable Hand Held Power Tools  Back Stand Grinders  Stroke sanders  Bench Grinders  Large CNC Machines© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    16. 16. Applications of Abrasive Machining© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    17. 17. Abrasive Grinding© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    18. 18. Chip Formation© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    19. 19. Problems Associated with Usage Loud Noise Sparks Dust Generation Excessive Heat  Vibrations© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    20. 20. 3M abrasive solutions: 3M products provide solutions for a wide range of metalworking applications:  Deburring- solutions for burrs on precision parts where tolerances are critical, to coarse chamfering of rough edges. Grinding and stock removal- solutions for weld preparation, weld removal, deflashing, edge grinding of flame cut parts, dimensioning.  Refining and blending- refining defects and handling marks, blending scratches from previous processes.  Finishing- effective solutions for finishing: matching and blending surface finishes, final blending and paint preparation.  Cleaning- fast, efficient cleaning solution to remove paint, corrosion, sealants, adhesives or coating, without damaging the underlying surface.© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    21. 21. Abrasive Forms© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    22. 22. Bonded Abrasives  Flexible Grinding Discs  Cubitron Ceramic Mineral  Low Vibrations  High Material removal  Long Life
    23. 23. New 3M Process Implemented Application Description:  Grinding while fabricating Geared Side Column  This column is used to vertically lift the Rig platform© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    24. 24. Excessive Vibration can lead to Permanent Disability Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 The Control of Vibration at Work Regulations 2005 (the Vibration Regulations), came into force on 6 July 2005 and aim to protect workers from risks to health from vibration. The regulations introduce action and limit values for hand-arm and whole-body vibration.© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    25. 25. © 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    26. 26. Coated Abrasives  Abrasive Belts  Abrasive Rolls  Sanding Disc  Sheet Products
    27. 27. Surface Conditioning Products Roloc Discs Deburring wheels Unitized Wheels Bristle discs
    28. 28. Surface Conditioning Products© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    29. 29. Abrasives Conversions© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    30. 30. 3M abrasive products: 3M variety of products: Discs  Roloc discs  Wheels  Bristle abrasives  Belts  Sheets and Rolls  Others© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    31. 31. Sheets and Rolls  Paper sheets and rolls  Cloth sheets and rolls  Scotch-Brite sheets and rolls© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    32. 32. Discs  Grinding discs  Fiber discs  Flap discs  Hookit & Stikit discs  Scotch-Brite discs  Micro-finishing discs© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    33. 33. Belts  Coated abrasive belts  Scotch-Brite belts© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    34. 34. Wheels  Deburring and Finishing wheels  Unitized wheels  Flap wheels© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    35. 35. Technologies  Microreplication- Trizact belts and discs  Cubitron- Ceramic minerals belts and discs  Non woven Products- Belts ,Hand pads,Discs  Moulded Technology-Bristle discs  Film Backings-Microfinishing and lapping films
    36. 36. Special 3M abrasive technologies:  Scotch BriteTM- A tough, non woven nylon web impregnated with resin and mineral creating uniform consistent results with no undercutting.  CubitronTM- A ceramic aluminum oxide mineral designed by 3M using a patented sol gel process to enhance fracture toughness and hardness of the grain.  TrizactTM- A unique 3D structure of multiple layers of abrasives. Fresh mineral is delivered constantly and evenly to the work surface so cutting and consistency remains stable throughout the life of the abrasive.  Green CorpsTM- Bonded abrasive discs formulated from Cubitron™ mineral enabling impressive performance, long life, fast, high quality grinding and cutting.  BristleTM- Plastic with Cubitron™ mineral provides flexibility that enables superior cleaning and finishing to a wide variety of surface areas, without damaging the work piece. Eliminates flying wires common with traditional wire brushes© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    37. 37. Wow!!!© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    38. 38. Fiber Disc 982C© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    39. 39. Bristle abrasives  Bristle brushes  Bristle discs© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    40. 40. Roloc Discs = quick release system  Fiber discs  Cloth discs  Scotch-Brite discs  Bristle discs  Clean & strip discs© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    41. 41. Large Range Product Offering  For every segment, we offer some or the other abrasive product  Be the product as  Bonded Abrasives  Coated Abrasives  Surface Conditioning ( Scotch Brite)  Superabrasives (Using Diamond) © 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    42. 42. Summary Minerals that cut faster Last Longer Produce lowest Vibrations Give the best finish Produce Least amount of Dust Environment Friendly© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    43. 43. Contact Details Prashant Sadalgekar Technical Services- Abrasives Systems Division 3M Gulf Limited –Innovation Centre Dubai Internet City ,Building No 10 ,2nd Floor Dubai, U.A.E P.O. Box 20191 Mobile number +971506558954© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.
    44. 44. Thank You !!! Win The Hearts of the Customers and Satisfy their Needs© 3M 2007. All Rights Reserved.