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  • Before creating a PPT, instructors should go over the basic layout.
    This slide will be visible when users open the premade file. The word “Statement” is misspelled on the student version for spellchecking purposes.
  • Students’ second slide will be empty except for a text box that says “RESIZE ME.” They should practice resizing the text box, then they should delete that slide and add a new slide. Start the 2nd slide with this slide content.
  • Have student try different layouts
  • In this slide students should understand the process of selecting text, by using both the mouse to drag-highlight, and using the Ctrl-A function. Also the right-click formatting menu should be demo’d. Have students highlight and adjust text font, font color, and styles.
  • Have students experiment with bullet points and sub-bullet points…the 6 x 6 or 7 x 7 rule could be covered (see PPT design and copyright handout)
  • Have them save their file on the computer…explain the fact that Office 2003 is unable to open Office 2007 docs unless they are saved in a compatible version.
  • Have them choose a layout w/room or move text box. Then add Clip Art, move the pic, and adjust the size. Emphasize the multimedia aspects of PPT and the importance of avoiding text-heavy presentations.
  • Have them choose a layout w/room or move text box. Then add Picture, move the pic, and adjust the size. If desired the instructor oculd also cover copying and pasting images from the Internet.
  • Have students apply a theme to the slides, and experiment with colors and backgrounds. Emphasize that a properly designed PPT should look unified, i.e. the slides should be the same stylistically.
  • Students should apply an animation style to all slides.
  • Have them animate bullet points within the presentation- emphasize that if they do not select this option, all text in a slide will appear
  • This is the point where instructors should emphasize the design tips that are in the PPT design and copyright handout.
  • Hanzila

    1. 1. • • • To add a slide, click on the “New Slide” icon in Home tab. To work on a slide, go to the slide column (left side of screen)-click on it. To delete a slide- go to slide column- click on itpress “Backspace” button
    2. 2. • • • To shrink/enlarge text box borders- click on a “sizing handle” and drag. You can click on the Layout tool (next to New Slide) to change to another type of slide layout. Different layouts give room for pics, charts, tables.
    3. 3. • • • Ctrl-Z to undo changes, Ctrl-Y to redo changes. To select text, highlight with mouse or press Ctrl-A to select all text in a text box To change font, color, & size, text and then right–click on it to get mini pop-up toolbar & menu
    4. 4.   Automatic…click on Bullets icon in Home tab to turn off. To start new bullet, press enter  To make a sub-point, press tab  To go back to a regular bullet pt, right-click and then click on the “Decrease Indent” icon (in mini pop-up menu or in Home tab).  Keep bullet pts. concise
    5. 5. • • Check your text for errors by pressing F7. To save, go to Office Button- Save As. – – • Good ideas- save as a 2003 compatible document In pop-up window, give PPT show a simple file name To print PPT, go to Office Button- Print. Under “Print What” choose “handouts” and choose the # of slides per page.
    6. 6.  First make room for pics!  Click on the Layout tool (Home Tab) to change layout.  Or shrink/move the text box.    Click on Insert Tab/Clip Art. Type a search word- click on your choice Adjust image by dragging it or using the “sizing handles”
    7. 7. • • • • • First make room! If you want to add a pic saved on computer or digital camera, go to Insert Tab/Picture. In pop-up window, find the pic on your computer. Double-click on it to add it. Adjust size as needed
    8. 8. • Choose a pre-made background- go to the Design Tab, choose a Theme. • Colors in the Theme can also be adjusted by clicking on the Colors tool. • You can also adjust the background color by clicking on Background style. • Affects all slides
    9. 9. • • • • Affects the way slides appear on the screen- good finishing touch Go to Animation Tab- Transition to This Slide group- click on a slide icon to preview it. After choosing, click on “Apply to all slides” Timed slide advance option on the far right under “Advance Slide.”
    10. 10. • • • The Animate command affects text in a PPT show (if you do not select an animation, all text will appear with slide). Click on the text box- go to Animations Tab/ Animations group/Animate command (must be done for every slide). Choose the animation style. “1st order paragraph” means bullet pts.
    11. 11. • • • To start show, press F5 To start from a certain slide, click on slide, go to Slide Show Tab, and choose “From Current Slide.” To advance a slide, press Enter (keyboard) – • • • or click mouse To go back a slide, press Backspace (keyboard) To end the show press Escape (keyboard) Keep presentations simple- remember that PPT is just a tool, not the presentation.