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Pc Hotel Lhr.


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Pc Hotel Lhr.

  2. 2. HistoryPakistan Services Limited (“PSL”) was incorporated in 1958 as a publicLimited company and is quoted on Karachi Stock Exchange since 1964. The primary business of PSL is hospitality. It initially operated under themanagement of Inter Continental Hotel however, when Hashoo Groupacquired PSL in 1985 it changed the name of the Hotels to PEARLCONTINENTAL Hotels and became the largest and oldest five star hotelchain of Pakistan.In October 1985 all the Inter Continental hotels inKarachi, Rawalpindi, Peshawar & Lahore became the PEARL CONTINENTALHotels. Another pearl was added to the chain in1992 at Bhurban. PEARLCONTINENTAL Hotels is the first Pakistani chain which has achievedexcellent international standards of services, quality and product.
  3. 3. Introduction Over the years PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL Lahore has gained the reputation of providing variety of foods in different restaurants and managing outside caterings. The Pearl Continental Lahore is a 5 Star Deluxe hotel centrally located in the heart of Lahore and 25 minutes away from Allama Iqbal International Airport. Most of the surrounding hotels lag far behind PEARL CONTINENTALHOTEL Lahore in standards because it has always been the choice for budget meetings seminars symposium, conventions weddings training courses corporate meetings and conferences.
  4. 4. Contact Us• Pearl-Continental Hotel, Lahore.• Shahrah -e- Quaid-e- Azam• P.O.Box#983,Lahore• Tel:+92(42) 636-0210, 111-505-505• Fax:+92(42)636-2760,636-4362•
  5. 5. VISION“We’ll open the doors; you’ll see what’s in store.”
  6. 6. MISSION“Our mission is to be the hotel recognized as the leader in the industry in any aspect. We are committed to train and develop all our staff members allowing them to grow in their careers and provide services and standards which exceed guest expectations.”
  7. 7. OBJECTIVES OF THE HUMANRESOURCE DEPARTMENT1. Job analysis2. Selection3. Recruitment4. Orientation5. Training6. Review benefits
  8. 8. Structure Of Human Resource Department At PC
  9. 9. CORPORATE PORTFOLIO ANALYSISManagers manage portfolio (or collection) of businesses using corporate portfolio matrix such as the BCG Matrix. BCG Matrix Developed by the Boston Consulting Group Considers market share and industry growth rate Classifies firms as:  Cash Cows: low growth rate, high market share  Stars: high growth rate, high market share  Question Marks: high growth rate, low market share  Dogs: low growth rate, low market share
  10. 10. BCG MATRIX
  11. 11. PC has the following Human Resource Management functions
  12. 12. PC has the following Human Resource Management functions
  13. 13. Recruitment at PC
  14. 14. Recruitment Procedure1 . PC does not rehire employees which have gone. They prefer fresh graduate’s employees.2. Job posting is maximum of 9 months and minimum of 3 months. During this period if the hired employee is found to be unsuitable the next most suitable candidate is called from the waiting list to replace him.3. They hire permanent, monthly basis, and also daily basis employees.4. For labor work PC uses contractors to provide them with the specified no. of employees as required. These employees are hired by contractors on daily wages.
  15. 15. Recruitment Procedure5. The organization does not go for child labor as it is unethical and against the policies of major business firms.6. They provide 100 % Diversity (Equal opportunity to both genders).7. Applications from candidates are kept in separate files according to the job titles and whenever there is a vacancy available they use it.
  16. 16. Sources Of Recruitment at PCInside Candidates:As soon as a position is vacant a memo is issued throughoutthe organization. The employees interested in the vacantposition drop their application forms at HR department. Theother source for internal candidates is referrals.Outside Candidates:There are no means used for attracting the outsidecandidates. PC makes no advertisements. The word of themouth from the existing candidates does the job of gettingout side candidates. Internees are one of the sources of theoutside candidates.
  17. 17. Sources Of Recruitment at PCInternees a Source Of Outside Candidates: Basic requirements for internees are the hotel management degrees and diplomas/certificates in hotel management. The referred candidates are given priority. Minimum duration of internship is one month whereby internees are not paid. Free food and laundry services are however provided.
  18. 18. Job AnalysisUnder job analysis followings heads are comes: 1. Job Description 2. Job Specification 3. Job Evaluation
  19. 19. Job Description Job descriptions are lists of the general tasks, or functions, and responsibilities of a position. In PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL, the job description contains: Skills and Efforts. Tasks. Responsibility. Outlines of the Duty. Whom to Report the Task Everything is mentioned in it for the employees in a very detailed manner.
  20. 20. Job Evaluation According to PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL following factors are considered important while making job evaluation which is: Complexity of the Job. How much Stress one can Bear. Available Budget for Compensation. Experience Required for the Job. Company Need for the Employee for that Job. Abilities required performing a Job. Method used for Job Evaluation.
  21. 21. Job Evaluation Method According to PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL, the method used for Job Evaluation is as follows: 1. Classification Method. 2. Ranking Method. 3. Point Method.
  22. 22. Selection Selection varies according to the job post. At PC for some jobs (i.e. chefs) they use work sample testing technique, whereas the basic criteria for testing and selection listed are: Appearance & Grooming. Professional Qualifications. Experience & Knowledge of Job applied for. Communication Skills in English. Balance Poise & Maturity. Potential for Growth. Reasoning & Judgment. Computer Skills.
  23. 23. Selection Procedure at PC1. Firstly they trickle downs the CV’s. Then call only those for the interview which have been selected.2. Selection is based on the eligibility of qualification and experience. If the candidate has the qualification and experience according to the job specification then he is called for the interview.3. Minimum qualification is matriculation starts for the lower level staff, and4. The minimum qualification is bachelors starts for the upper level staff.
  24. 24. Interview Step by step procedure is followed in the interviews: The candidate is first interviewed by the manager of PC and the Director HR. This interview is unstructured, the HR manager asks frequent question to screen out the eligibility and potential of the candidate. The second step, in this step the selected candidates are called again for the structured interview which is to be conducted by head of the particular department. In such interviews general knowledge questions which are related to the job are asked from the candidates. This helps them to judge the personality, temperament, attitude, and the minimum stress could be handled by the candidate.
  25. 25. Orientation New employees of 2 days orientation program. The employee is given a brief introduction of the hotel, about every department, working environment in which he has to work, and of the work related colleagues. The employees are also provided with the job description of their work at the time of orientation, which guides them for there services they have to provide, and also introduced to the rules and regulation of the company which includes. There is a difference in the dress code of each employee from top to bottom. Employee should respect the privacy of another employee.
  26. 26. Training and Development Steps used for the training and development of employees at PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL are as follows; They provide training their employees on the job and also off the job. In Pakistan very few organizations are able to provide trained workforce for the hotel industry in accordance with international standards. The human resource department of PEARL CONTINENTAL HOTEL has to recruit and select the untrained candidates and train them according to their own needs. PC hotel also use different Training centers at locations like they send their employees out of country for training. Safety training is also provided to the employee.
  27. 27. Training Appraisal After training, the trainee performance is appraised by the immediate supervisor. This appraisal also helps to evaluate employees for promotion. This appraisal shows trainees: Ability/Desire to learn new things. Knowledge. Leadership qualities. Quality Consciousness. Discipline. Attitude. Flexibility. Personality. Strengths. Weakness.
  28. 28. Performance Appraisal Processand Method At PC appraisal is done by the head of the specific department whose employee is being appraised. The appraisal method used at PC is “Graphical Rating Scale”.
  29. 29. Challenges for the HumanResource DepartmentSome of the internal and external challenges faced by the human resource department are presented below: Relationship between the Workforce and Management. Managing a Dynamic Environment. Conflict Management. Managing Workforce Diversity. Lack of Trained Workforce. Global Competitive Environment. Economic Challenge. Loyalty of Employees.
  30. 30. SWOT ANAYLISESStrength: Quality product Excellent services Competitive Advantages Financial Strength Favorable Reputation Creative innovations Organized ManagementWeakness: It is the negative pro of the hotels its price is very high and not affordable by the middle class. Pay the low incentive for the worker. Less coordination of worker between each others.
  31. 31. SWOT ANAYLISESOpportunities: Expand product line Enter new market Attract the touristsThreats: In the market there are more than two or more brands of the same types exist then face threats among themselves or among customers but one can always plan before hand. Law and order situation can also be a threat such as strikes and terrorism etc.
  32. 32. Pest AnalysisPolitical: PC faces the problem of business bound because of government policies and run their business under these policies if the VIP movements occurs they provided special protocol in this process a lot of amount bears the pc.Economical: The inflation rate is high, so people have money but the value of money less and the middle class cannot afford only elite class visit. Social: Pc has multinational business many branches of different countries. So they balance the social factors according to every country. Like Pakistan made food according to here people taste and so on.Technological: Pc provides the facilities our customers according to these needs like room temperature depend upon weather and provided the air booking or internet etc.
  33. 33. Recommandation1. PC should send its managers/employees to abroad for training purpose for it will ultimately improve the organization’s overall performance.2. Internees should be paid for their services.3. More flexible benefits plans should be introduced for employee so they can choose which suit them the best.4. As PC doesn’t have any special program to bring the outside talent in, so they need to take this area under consideration.5. More incentive programs should be introduced to maintain employee motivation.
  34. 34. Conclusion After a thorough study of Human Resource Department at Pearl Continental Lahore, we can conclude that PC is a huge name in the hotel industry and its Human Resource Department is working dynamically to pursue its organizational goals. This project has given us the realistic view of how Human Resource practices are followed in any organization.
  35. 35. ….A&Q