Page 5 winter issue of empowerment magazine


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Page 5 winter issue of empowerment magazine

  1. 1. connecting with our heart and spirit. Keep in mind, that every season has its beauty and its joyful aspects—ifwe are willing to pay attention to it. The holiday season is rich with happy moments being offered to you--no matter what your spiritual/religious path is (or even if you don’t have one.)This is the time of year that much of the world is focused on the values of connection, love, joy and peace andeveryday miracles. These messages are like important Post-it notes to remind us of what brings life purpose,meaning and connection. Even as people engage in the hustle bustle of the season, we are reminded of“peace on earth, goodwill toward men” and “let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me”. When wehear those messages, we have an opportunity to let them touch our heart and spirit.And, of course, the lights are so symbolic. They can prompt us to allow the light to radiate through ourheart, providing healing and nurturing. The light represents the thought that even when darkness appears toprevail, as we light a candle the darkness is transformed. The light is always more powerful than the dark.The light can remind us of the flame that burns continuously within ready to reveal our precious essence—and connect us to its powerful beacon of hope, faith and possibilities. And how do we know the light iswithin? We know this because when we become quiet, when we become still, when we connect with thebeautiful transformative power of the relaxed breath, we discover something already within. And, with thatbreath we come home to what is highest, and merge with our most sacred self.Author’s BioTerry Zick has a Master of Arts Degree in Counseling from University of Colorado-Denver. She has 30 yearsexperience working with adults, children and family preservation. She has worked in settings such as: non-profits, schools, justice system, alcohol/drug programs. Her role as counselor, consultant and trainer main-tains a focus on spirituality, health and wellness. Terry currently facilitates groups and supports individualizedmentoring at the Wellness and Recovery Center North . Challenges stand in our way as we start climbing the mountain of dreams We find many boulders blocking our path making progress difficult We wonder- can we make it? But as we proceed we see a small trail which will make the trip easier We notice the wild flowers and hear the birds singing their sweet tune Look! There is a fellow traveler! Perhaps he would like to join usCindy Tuttle provides spiritual retreats forfamily members of adults with mental illness Yes, the mountain is still steepand consumers. These non-denominational but now the journey is less difficultretreats provide a time and space to reflect with a companion to share the loadon our purpose in life, our holiness, and howlove is with us each day. You can contact We will keep climbing this mountainCindy at or visit step by step with faithher website