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Contract winter 2011 issue empowerment magazine


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Contract winter 2011 issue empowerment magazine

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Contract winter 2011 issue empowerment magazine

  1. 1. Empowerment Magazine Submission AgreementThank you for your submission to Empowerment Magazine. Please fill in the blanks bellow and sign at thebottom. Its good idea to keep a copy of this agreement for your records. Remember that although youare giving Empowerment Magazine permission to publish your interviews, photos,manuscripts, videos, and so on, you still own the copyright.Description or Title of interviews,photos, manuscripts, videos, and so on :Name of the contributor:Submission Terms and ConditionsBy signing this document, the contributor guarantees that he/she owns all the copyrights of interviews,photos, manuscripts, videos, and so on described above and is authorized to grant the EmpowermentMagazine: 1) the right to publish the material described above in its magazine, on its websites or any advertising or promotional material it wishes and 2) to edit, rewriter, and re-organize the interviews, photos, manuscripts, videos, and so on as necessary for style, length, clarity, content and philosophical considerations.Again, even though the contributor is giving these rights to Empowerment Magazine, the contributor still ownsthe copyrights and is free to submit his/her material to other publications at will. The contributor herebyirrevocably agrees to release Empowerment Magazine from any and all responsibility or liability. Contributor further understands that his/her participation in Winter 2011 issue of the Empowerment Magazine is voluntary, without compensation of any kindDate this Submission Agreement is made: _____/______/_____.Name (printed):Signature:E-mail:Phone: ( ) H H