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Quikrete creative brief


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A creative brief I wrote for Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating

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Quikrete creative brief

  1. 1. Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating What are the business issues and objectives?Quikrete is the leader and largest manufacturer of concrete. Chances are if you have concretearound your house, its Quikrete. However when it comes to cement coating, consumers don’t think of the Quikrete brand as a logical option. Our opportunity is to leverage the Quikretename as a real contender in the coating solutions game that can seal, protect and strengthen one’s concrete garage floor. What are the communication objectives?Put the Quikrete Epoxy Garage Floor Coating brand in the consideration set of men looking for cement coating products. Target overview Males, ages 25-54, who own a home with a garage. Who are we talking to and what do we know about them? Garage enthusiasts who love to fix and create things. To him, the garage is the most sacredplace in the house – an escape from everyday responsibilities. While his wife controls the other rooms in the home, the garage is the one place that is truly his space and can dictate how it looks and feels. He takes pride in keeping it in good condition and maintaining its integrity issomething that is very important to him. The foundation of the garage starts from the floor, so keeping it in good shape is an important aspect. He wants to be reassured that his floor canstand up to the punishment that he and the natural elements inflect on it, but also looks good and is easy to maintain. The Idea Give your garage floor a coat of confidenceQuikrete gives you the confidence that your garage floor stays tough, durable, easy to clean, and still look good – no matter what. Reasons to believe it: •Provides extra Strength and Protection- Bond-lock technology provides a coating that is 2 times stronger than standard concrete flooring alone protecting against any type of peel, scratch or stain. •Enhances your floor’s overall Image – One-coat leaves floors with a beautiful semi-gloss finish. •Leaves no hot tire pickup - Quikrete Epoxy guarantees never to lift, melt or peel the paint off your garage floor. •King of Concrete - Quikrete is the largest manufacturer of concrete in the United States. What is the tone and feel of the communication? Tough, Confident, Experienced