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What is Product Management?

Product management boils down to owning the vision, design, and execution for your product. This presentation walks you through the roles and responsibilities of product managers and attributes of the most successful product folks.

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What is Product Management?

  1. What is Product Management? Sachin Rekhi
  2. 2 Agenda  About Me  What is Product Management  Attributes of Successful Product Managers  Lessons Learned from LinkedIn
  3. 3 About Me Entrepreneur LinkedIn Products Mac OS X MavericksLinkedIn Contacts
  4. 4 What is Product Management? Product management boils down to owning the vision, design, and execution of your product.
  5. 5 Vision 1. Formulate your vision – Audience you are targeting – Distinct problem you are solving – Unique solution that will win the market 2. Evangelize the vision to your team – Start by building strong conviction in yourself – Craft your vision into a compelling narrative – Deliver the narrative continuously
  6. 6 Design 1. Determine the right feature set – To achieve a 10x improvement over existing solutions – Feature prioritization is a balance between art and science 2. Collaborate with your designer – Ensure the user experience appropriately delivers on the vision and core differentiation 3. Author detailed specifications – Guide developers to efficiently implement the final design
  7. 7 Execution 1. Drive project management – Break down the roadmap into concrete tasks – Track progress of tasks – Triage bugs and feature suggestions 2. Be resourceful to resolve any blockers – Fill in gaps in resources – Resolve open issues – Respond to industry changes, competitors, customers 3. Improve execution cadence – Seek ways to improve team performance
  8. 8 Attributes of Successful Product Managers
  9. 9 Importance of Focus You have to make every single detail perfect. And you have to limit the number of details. Jack Dorsey Twitter/Square
  10. 10 Role as Product Editor My role as the product editor is to curate ideas and make sure the best ideas bubble up to the top. Jack Dorsey Twitter/Square
  11. 11 IDEO HCD Model: Desirability / Feasibility / Viability David Kelley IDEO
  12. 12 Eric Ries: Minimum Viable Product (MVP)  Eric Ries popularized the concept of focusing on developing a minimum viable product as a lean approach to new product innovation  A minimal viable product has just those features that allow the product to be deployed, and no more  This approach reduces waste by getting crucial feedback on the core experience early on before investing heavily in R&D Eric Ries Lean Startup Author
  13. 13 Lessons Learned from LinkedIn
  14. 14 Growth Growth lifts all boats. Elliot Shmukler LinkedIn
  15. 15 Importance of Metrics You can’t fix what you don’t measure. David Henke LinkedIn
  16. 16 Leadership Leadership is inspiring others to achieve shared objectives. Jeff Weiner LinkedIn
  17. 17 @sachinrekhi