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Gre 400 words


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Gre 400 words

  1. 1. The Ubiquitous 400The GRE tests a surprisingly limited number of words. In the following lists, you will find words that occur frequently onthe GRE. Granted, memorizing a list of words is rather dry, but it is probably the most effective way to improve yourperformance on the verbal section. As you read through the lists, mark any words that you do not know with a check mark. Then when you readthrough the list again, mark any that you do not remember with two checks. Continue in this manner until you havelearned the words. The first list, The Ubiquitous 400, contains words that have appeared frequently on the GRE. Over the years, oursecond list, Vocabulary 4000, has been an invaluable tool for students who have both the time and the determination towade through it. It’s chock-full of words that are prime candidates for the GRE.abash humiliate, embarrass amalgamation mixture belie misrepresentabdicate relinquish power or position ambiguous unclear belittle disparageaberrant abnormal ambivalence conflicting emotions bellicose warlikeabet aid, encourage (typically of amenable agreeable benefactor patroncrime) amorphous shapeless boisterous noisyabeyance postponement anachronistic out of historical order boor vulgar personaboriginal indigenous analogous similar bourgeois middle classabridge shorten anarchy absence of government bucolic rusticabstemious moderate anathema curse buttress supportacclimate accustom oneself to aclimate animus hate cachet prestigeaccost to approach and speak to anomalous abnormal cacophony dissonance, harsh noisesomeone antipathy repulsion, hatred callow inexperiencedacquiesce agree passively antipodal exactly opposite canon ruleacumen insight antiquated outdated, obsolete capacious spaciousadamant insistent apathy indifference capitulate surrenderadmonish warn gently appease pacify castigate criticizeadulterate contaminate, corrupt approbation approval cathartic purgative, purifyingadversity hardship artless naive, simple catholic universal, worldlyaegis that which protects ascetic self-denying caustic scathing (of speech)aesthetic pleasing to the senses,beautiful assiduous hard-working censure condemn assimilate absorb chagrin embarrassmentaffable friendly audacity boldness charlatan quackaffinity fondness auspicious favorable chary cautiousaggregate total, collect austere harsh, Spartan coagulate thickenaghast horrified coda concluding passagealacrity swiftness autonomous self-governing cogent well-put, convincingalienate estrange, antagonize avarice greed collusion conspiracyalleviate lessen, assuage axiom self-evident truth commensurate proportionatealtruism benevolence, generosity banal trite commiserate empathize 459 TeamLRN
  2. 2. The Ubiquitous 400 460compensatory redeeming digress ramble exacerbate worsencompliant submissive disabuse correct a misconception exasperate irritateconciliatory reconciling discerning observant exhibitionist one who draws attention to himselfcondone overlook wrong doing discord lack of harmony exonerate free from blameconducive helping discrete separate expedite hastenconnoisseur an expert, gourmet discretion prudence extemporize improviseconsensus general agreement disingenuous deceptive extol praise highlycontentious argumentative disparate various facetious joking, sarcasticconundrum puzzle, enigma disseminate distribute facilitate make easierconvoluted twisted, complicated dissent disagree fallacy false beliefcovenant agreement, pact dissolution disintegration fathom understandcovert secret dissonance discord fervor intensitycredence belief distend swell fickle always changing one’s mindcredulous believing divest strip, deprive filibuster long speechcynical scornful of the motives of divulge discloseothers fledgling just beginning, dogmatic certain, unchanging indauntless courageous opinion strugglingdearth scarcity dormant asleep flout to show disregard for the law or rulesdefamation (noun) slander eclectic from many sources foment instigatedeference courteously yielding to efficacy effectivenessanother forsake abandon effigy likeness, mannequindeleterious harmful fortuitous lucky effloresce to bloomdelineate draw a line around, foster encouragedescribe effrontery insolence frugal thriftydemur take exception elicit provoke fulminate denounce, menacedenigrate defame eloquent well-spoken furtive stealthydeprecate belittle emancipate liberate gainsay contradictdesiccate dehydrate embellish exaggerate germane relevantdespot tyrant endemic peculiar to a particular region glib insincere mannerdestitute poor enervate weaken gratuitous unwarranted, uncalled fordesultory without direction in life engender generate gregarious sociabledeterrent hindrance ennui boredom halcyon serenedevoid empty hamper obstruct enumerate countdevout pious harangue tirade esoteric known by only a fewdiatribe long denunciation harry harass esthetic artisticdichotomy a division into two parts hedonism excessive pursuit of euphemism genteel expression pleasure in lifedidactic instructional euphoria elation hegemony authority, dominationdiffident shy evanescent fleeting, very brief histrionic overly dramatic
  3. 3. 461 GRE Prep Course homogeneous uniform intrepid fearless omnipotent all-powerful hyperbole exaggeration inundate flood onerous burdensome hypocritical deceiving, two-faced inure accustom, habituate, harden opprobrium disgrace iconoclast one who rails against invective verbal insult oscillate waver sacred institutions inveigle lure paean a song of praise idiosyncrasy peculiarity irascible irritable paradigm a model imminent about to happen irresolute hesitant, uncertain paragon standard of excellence impecunious indigent itinerary route parody imitation, ridicule imperative vital, pressing judicious prudent parsimonious stingy imperturbable calm laconic brief, terse paucity scarcity impervious impenetrable lassitude lethargy pedagogical pertaining to teaching impetuous impulsive laudatory commendable pedantic bookish implicit implied levity frivolity penchant inclination impolitic unwise lucid clearly understood penury poverty impulsive to act suddenly lurid ghastly pernicious destructive impunity exemption from harm Machiavellian politically crafty, perpetuity eternity inadvertent unintentional cunning perspicacious keen incendiary inflammatory magnanimous generous, kindhearted pervade permeate incipient beginning magnate a powerful, successful person philanthropic charitable incontrovertible indisputable malevolence bad intent, malice phlegmatic sluggish incorrigible unreformable malinger shirk piety devoutness indifferent unconcerned malleable moldable, tractable pious devout, holy indigent poor misanthrope hater of mankind piquant tart-tasting, spicy indolent lazy miscreant evildoer pithy concise indomitable invincible mitigate lessen the severity platitude trite remark ineffable inexpressible mundane ordinary platonic nonsexual inert inactive nadir lowest point plethora overabundance inherent innate, inborn narcissism self-love polemic a controversy inhibit restrain nascent incipient posthumous after death inimical adverse, hostile neologism newly coined expression pragmatic practical insatiable gluttonous nonplus confound precarious dangerous, risky insidious treacherous noxious toxic precipitate cause insipid flat, dull insufferable unbearable obfuscate bewilder, muddle precursor forerunner insular narrow-minded obtuse stupid preponderance predominance intangible not perceptible by touch obviate make unnecessary presumptuous assuming internecine mutually destructive odious despicable pretentious affected, inflated intractable unmanageable officious forward, obtrusive pretext excuse TeamLRN
  4. 4. The Ubiquitous 400 462prevaricate lie reprobate miscreant synthesis combinationprobity integrity repudiate disavow tacit understood without being spokenproblematic uncertain requisite necessary temerity boldnessprodigal wasteful rescind revoke tenuous thin, insubstantialprodigious marvelous, enormous resolute determined terse conciseprodigy a person with extraordinary reticent reserved torpid lethargic, inactiveability or talent retribution reprisal tractable docile, manageableprofligate licentious, prodigal reverent respectful transient fleeting, temporaryprofound deep, knowledgeable rhapsody ecstasy trenchant incisive, penetratingprofusion overabundance rhetoric elocution, grandiloquence truculent fierce, savageprolific fruitful, productive sanctimonious self-righteous ubiquitous omnipresent, pervasivepropensity inclination sanction approval ulterior hidden, covertproportionate commensurate sanguinary gory, murderous untenable cannot be achievedpropriety decorum satiate satisfy fully untoward perverseprosaic uninspired, flat satire ridicule urbane refined, worldlyproscribe prohibit schism rift vacillate waverprotuberance bulge secular worldly, nonreligious venerable reveredpundit politically astute person sedulous diligent veracity truthfulnesspungent sharp smell or taste severance division verbose wordyqualms misgivings skeptical doubtful vernacular common speechquash put down, suppress solicitous considerate, concerned vex annoyquerulous complaining solvent financially sound viable capable of survivingquixotic impractical, romantic sophistry specious reasoning vilify defameraconteur story teller specious false but plausible virulent deadly, poisonousrecalcitrant stubborn spurious false, counterfeit vitriolic scathingrecant retract squander waste vituperative abusiveredoubtable formidable, steadfast stolid impassive vivacious livelyrefractory obstinate stupefy deaden, dumfound volatile unstablerelegate assign to an inferior position stymie hinder, thwart voluminous bulky, extensiverenege break a promise sullen sulky, sour voracious hungryrenounce disown supercilious arrogant xenophobia fear of foreignersreprehensible blameworthy superfluous overabundant zealot fanaticreproach blame surfeit overabundance