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Graphics tool project

  1. 1. CAP-209 (GRAPHIC TOOLS) TERM PAPER Create a Quirky Twitter Bird In Corel DrawSUBMITTED TO:Mandeep Mam SUBMITTED BY: Sachin Raj A34 G(A) RD3901
  2. 2. ACKNOWLEDEGEMENTI would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to the following persons who havemade the completion of this Term Paper possible:Our Chancellor, Mr. Ashok Mittal for his vital encouragement and support. Our Executive Dean, Mrs. Rashmi Mittal for her understanding and assistance.Mandeep Mam(Lecturer) for the help and inspiration he extended.Most especially to my family and friends for assisting in the collection of the topics for the termpaper.and to God, who made all things possible.
  3. 3. Table of ContentsIntroductionTwitter Birds are winged, bipedal, endothermic (warm-blooded), egg-laying, vertebrateanimals.Basically twitter bird is little blue bird which has two legs,two eyes,one nose,twowing.Twitter bird is very chunky bird,twitter bird can fly fast and it consist many morefeatures.twitter bird is one of the most beautiful bird in the earth .1ST Step In first step I have to create a body shape of twitter bird for this I have drawn a body style withthe help of below given tool:  Freehand Tool  Shape Tool  Envelope Tool
  4. 4. 2ND StepIn second step I have applied sky blue color on twitter bird .
  5. 5. 3RD Step
  6. 6. In third step i have done, Copy the shape and paste in the same place. Now using the Up Arrowkey, move the second shape 4 pixels up. And then change the color of the second shape to alighter blue. In third step I applied radial gradient fill tool which makes the bird more attractiveand real and I applied radial gradient tool in below part of bird.4TH StepAfter then copy the shape and place in same place and then use pick tool to move the copiedshape in other place then also copied the shape and paste the shape in same palace then I have to
  7. 7. make a shape bigger which will helpful be helpful for cut the thinner shape of bird.5TH StepAfter then I copied the cut shape and paste it into the main shape ,and then select all shapethrough pick tool and apply wield option from option bar,weild option will be behave likejoining the shape and it also show some 3d effect in bird.
  8. 8. 6TH StepAfter then I have to created eye for bird .for this option I have taken a circle and apply colorwhite then place this shape into bird part .After then I have applied intersect option (that will bereact like adjust the shape in bird body .)
  9. 9. 7TH Step
  10. 10. After then I have taken a other circle and make it small and apply color black after then applyintersect option between white part of eye and black part of ball.after then again I have taken avery little part of circle shape and apply it into black part of eyeball.
  11. 11. In the above shape I have done eye of bird after then I have to insert a circle part in bird belowpart .for this circle part just I have selected all part of bird and apply intersect option.8TH StepAfter then I have to create leg for bird .i used polyline tool to create leg part of bird .in the legfinger part of bird I have drawn three triangle shape in different direction and after then I haveapplied wield tool in bird leg finger part.after then apply orange color on the bird leg part.
  12. 12. 9TH StepIn this step I have to adjust the bird leg into main body .first of all in previous step I had creadtedonly one leg for bird now copy the bird leg and paste we have to leg after then I have usedorder option for leg adjustment.for first leg I have used front of the page option and for secondleg I have used back of the page option.
  13. 13. 10TH StepAfter then I have to create mouth part of bird.for this part I have used polyline shape and applyit into bird part then use order (to back of page)after then I adjusted bird mouth part with the helpof shape tool and also apply rotation and adjust of bird mouth size. after then apply orangecolor on the bird leg part.
  14. 14. 11TH StepAfter then I have to create wing part of bird.for wing part I used free hand tool and make it nicewith the help of envelope tool,and shape tool and radial gradient tool.After the I placed thewing in the bird and adjust it with the help of pick tool.
  15. 15. 12TH StepAfter then I have made more attractive bird. For this I have used basic shape tool and selectperfect shapes.after then I have adjusted the parfect shape and apply color orange and place thebird into above part of perfect shapes.Now our quirky twitter bird is ready.For more attractive I have used artistic media tool(brush and sprayer option),text tool.After thenI have created a hat for bird with the help of below tools:  First draw a circle and make it small.  After then I used rectangle tool and make it best with the help of shape tool.  After then selected all hat part and apply wield option and give color magenta.  I applied radial gradient tool and make it best.  After then I applied drop shadow in bird hat part.
  17. 17. Refrences And Web Design(Vikash Gupta)