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Madan mobile music-2

  1. 1. Mobile and Music: “SoLoMo” and Beyond Dr Madanmohan Rao Editor, “The Asia-Pacific Internet Handbook”
  2. 2. The World of Musicq Music as heritageq Music as entertainmentq Music as ‘content’q Music as serviceq Music as an eventq Music as a mediumq Music as technologyq Music as a businessq Music and globalisation: ‘cross-overs’ and beyond
  3. 3. Quiztime: New Media, New Languages!q Tweeple, tweetups, twitterverse, megatwendq Textmateq Flirtextatiousq ObseSMSedq Textiety, text addictq The Golden Age of App-ortunity!
  4. 4. “The new music community is just that: a community. The culture and technology evolves, but human nature remains consistent. We’re made to be together, and often; music catalyses that impulse.” Kyle Bylin Live Nation Labs
  5. 5. The “8 Cs” of Mobile Mediaq Connectivityq Contentq Communityq Cultureq Capacityq Cooperationq Commerceq Capital
  6. 6. From passive listening to companion mediaq SMSq Tweetsq Facebookq Appsq Content creation
  7. 7. Mobile + Social Media: Spectrum of Activities in Musicq Level I: filter, rate, tag, relayq Level II: social profiling, social networkingq Level III: remix, modify, mashupq Level IV: compose original content, applicationsq Level V: collaboratively create content, applicationsq Level VI: online + offline (eg. “tweetups”)
  8. 8. “Companion Apps”q GetGlue: fans "check in" and let others know what they are watchingq Yap: tweeting, live chats with other fansq IntoNow: connects to current on-air showsq Miso: plot lines, polls, discussionsq Character Chatter: social-messaging platformq HashTag Killer: social media campaignq Club Psych: applies gaming mechanics to the viewer experience.
  9. 9. Cultivation, Gatekeepers, Network power proportional Propaganda, Influence,Structural flows of to # of members, Framing/de-coding,international news, Agenda- Telecom/broadband density Mobilisation/confrontation,setting correlates with GDP “Foreign factor” Manuel Castells: two-way Information design “mass self-communication”, Media reach v/s richness Compressor/accelerator/ Taxonomy, ontology, catalyst/amplifier, folksonomy Tipping point Usability, testing; localisation
  10. 10. Maturity Levels of Music Industry and Mobilesq Mobile-neutral/phobicq Mobile-awareq Mobile-capableq Mobile-centricq Mobile-transformed
  11. 11. Analytics: ‘Big Data’q Who, when, what, how, how oftenq Followers, ‘trenders’q Genres, topicsq Engagement (with host, with each other)q Pre-show, post-showq Traffic from radio to social; social to radioq Interactions (voting, judging, gossip, circulation, creation)
  12. 12. The Monday Morning Checklistq What are my counterparts and competitors doing?q What are my success areas, pain points and blind spots so far?q How to integrate the media mix?q Who will run my mobile media strategy?q Should I in-source or out-source?q What are the risks, how expensive/long is the learning curve?
  13. 13. “Music and mobile are fantastic partners.” Dan Rosen CEO, Australian Recording Industry Association
  14. 14. Questions? Email: madan@techsparks.comTwitter: