Viral Status Update


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A concept of mine which uses power of social networks to propagate news.

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Viral Status Update

  1. 1. Automatic Status Update Sachin Gaur
  2. 2. Idea  Making the status updates flow from friends and networks to reach maximum impact in the network.
  3. 3. Problem  People are limited to communicate within their social reaches. Not all have been able to get visiblity in the network world as celebrities or top bloggers.  The rising breed of citizen journalists, which have been reporting events much actively then traditional media especially in war zones and other inaccessible places.
  4. 4. Solution  Using an already messaging platform like twitter, SMS etc.  Users define a priority list for friends. − Indicating whose status message gets a priority for replacing their own status message. These rules are also stored by the server.  Users define a priority level when they set their own messages, so that people in their own network can get updates if it is urgent.
  5. 5. Detailed solution  Client side. − An application for user to update their status messages [something like Twitter] − User indicates the priority level say 1-10. − Client sends this message to server [where it can be seen by everybody like twitter page of user.] − When client probes the server for new messages from other users, it checks the priority level and reset its own status if the priority indicated is high and the user has allowed that friend to override his own status.
  6. 6. Detailed Solution  Server Side. − When server receives the message with a higher priority from a friend of user and the rule allows the message to be overriden. Server changes all the status messages of friends of users in the network who has given permission to the user to do so.
  7. 7. Notes  It is possible to implement a server only solution which might be handy in case of low end mobiles only based on SMS. − Users sends two SMS telling server allowed list of friends, first list, people whose SMS gets a priority. Second list who gets the incoming forwarded SMS. − The first list indicating that a priority SMS coming from those users just get forwarded to people in the second list. − So the users in the network form a chain reaction. [becoming a forwarding pipe, mostly exponential] − So when a user sends a SMS indicating priority/urgent news to a friend. The SMS gets forwarded to friends of friends and so on .....automatically.  This would be a very cheap solution for developing country citizen journalist to broadcast their news.
  8. 8. Diagram. Network Citizen Journalist / hobbyist SMS blogger