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a concept to set up privacy service.

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Privacy market public

  1. 1.   Private data of users is stored by service providers.   Learning of user data/behavior is done by service providers   Users generally have to sign EULA, after which (the ownership of their) data is transferred to service provider   Service provider sometimes provide in exchange access to free service. Eg: Google mail or search etc   Many a times users do not control their data and is traded on their behalf by third parties. Eg: Google bought double click for user data   Users do not control their data and are not a part of value chain when users data is traded   Ideally users must be able to control their data and must be able to lease (for their own benefit) to whom they desire! [1,2]
  2. 2. We are not very clear with the value proposition of CoreUI (single service/ webpage to control users) platform data. So,   We propose to extend the scope of this technical feature into a business model   The concept is: it provides a transparent view of all the users profile data, user subscriptions across services (like groups joined, friends added)   It also provides a capability to control who (friends/services) can see what (profile data).   It also provides user to opt in for a market place where they can anonymously lease their data to partners   The partners have to pay OtaSizzle, to access user data and post to users.
  3. 3.   This is indeed creation of a market place for users to lease their data and have a control on it.   Users decide what to lease and what not to lease and at what price Example: The bookstore in Helsinki, “Suomalainen Kirjakauppa” can post notifications of new books to OtaSizzle users who all have chose to subscribe in their mailing list provided by the service. However, the bookstore do not know whom they are posting to, they just know what the different users like! They will have to pay to OtaSizzle platform for participating in this kind of posting. This earnings can also be passed on to users in form of discounts.
  4. 4.   User (seller) estimation of (economic) value of their data   Market (Buyer) estimation of (economic) value of their data   Possible framework for making user data traded legally   Important lessons
  5. 5.   This proposal makes the privacy research with a business model   Also, let us know, what is the price people put on their data.   The end goal of the service aligns with expert opinion on future of privacy. [1,2]
  6. 6. [1] H.R. Varian, “Economic aspects of Privacy” in Internet Policy and economics. Link: Book Springer Link [2] Markets and Privacy, K. Laudon, 1996 Link ACM Paper