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  • Hi I amSachin Gupta and he is my co-founder Vivek. We both are graduates of IIT Roorkee and have interned at GSoC, Microsoft, and Amazon. Also I worked at Google before co-founding HackerEarth. Me and Vivek have known each other for quite some time. We spent 4 years of our lives together at college and that one thing that absolutely binds us together is our deep passion for programming and building technology.
  • So tell me, today where do you go when you want to discover great programmers ? And by discover I mean, say you’re a company looking to hire good programmers, OR you’re an entrepreneur looking for your technical cofounder, or leaving everything else you’re just a passionate developer looking for someone to collaborate with, on your next android app.Where do you go? Is there a platform that serves this need? (pause)
  • And finally there are programmers out there, who just want to code with their peers and build cool things.
  • There are a 100,000 IT graduates coming out of colleges each year in India. But what is sad is that not 20% of them are employable. What makes situation even worse is that their distribution is highly fragmented. 50% of employable engineers come from top 30% of the colleges and the remaining 50% come from the rest 70% of institutes. This fragmentation makes the task even tougher for companies to find and assess the right kind of programmers to meet their growing talent needs. The landscape of the tech companies can be divided into 3 segments, the first being the startups, the second being emerging companies like Flipkart and InMobi and the third being the giants like Microsoft and Amazon. Of these three the former two are the most under served sectors.
  • Subscription model for access to top candidates for each skill category and candidate analytics/rankings
  • Nationwide programming contests in partnership with tech companies, with events ranging over technologies and skill level.
  • Improve this slide, make the arrows properNot sure if this fits since each axis is something different, try another graph
  • So is it all talk or are there numbers behind it?Yes, in just about 5 months, we have had over 120,000 unique visitors, with 8000 registered users. These users have been both consuming content and generating content, and most of all writing code. As a result we have had 35,000 code compilations with a total of about 500,000 lines of code. InMobi, Canvera have sponsored the first event, and MyGola will be sponsoring the next. The VP of InMobi was saying he would like to conduct passive hiring events in the coming month.
  • HackerEarth Deck

    1. 1. HackerEarthHire programmers smartly! sachin@hackerearth.com vivek@hackerearth.com +91-7829-139-369 www.hackerearth.com
    2. 2. Team Sachin Gupta Vivek Prakash IIT Roorkee Collectively 150,000+ lines of code. More than 25 public repositories. HackerEarth
    3. 3. The Problem Hiring smart programmers is a tedious task! Wastage of time Extremely Tedious to track as 95% difficult to a programmers applications are objectively application and rejected in the assess the skill code across first round of sets of a multiple screening itself. programmer. interviews HackerEarth
    4. 4. Our Answer 1. Skill based assessment 2. Real world problems Interview Programmers HackerEarth only those who fit. 3. Github, Stackoverflow,, competitive programming, & Linkedin profiling HackerEarth
    5. 5. Market Size More than More than More than 30,000 IT 150,000 IT 4000 IT jobs being engineers look product companies generated for jobs each annually year India Statistics HackerEarth
    6. 6. Business Model Monthly subscription to e.g. SaaS platform that allows companies to create job opening for manage job opening and programmers, customize interview assessment tests. tests and track the applicants status. Flat fee for every hire hire e.g. Pre filtered candidates based on made through their skill sets matched by the technical needs of the team. HackerEarth HackerEarth
    7. 7. Go To Market Company career pages to allow people to discover the best places to work at. Reaching out to campuses to host their internal programming contests on HackerEarth, and hence evangelizing HackerEarth Creating a culture of hacking/programming by conducting international hackathons. Aspirational developer profile pages, that every developer would want to have. Technology focused hackathons to reach out to specific communities. HackerEarth
    8. 8. Competition These platforms have primarily built an assessment technology and have not been successful in solving the problem of programmer aggregation. Also our SaaS platform comes along with our the market place that we are creating.
    9. 9. Current Traction Returning VisitorsMonthly Unique 18,000VisitsAverage Time 8:12 mins Returningspent/visit NewAverage 3 hoursmonthly timespent Demographics 7 5 0 0 0 0 Indian Visitors Lines of Code Compiled US Visitors 1 5 0 0 0 0 Rest of the WorldCode compilation requests served HackerEarth
    10. 10. HackerEarthHire programmers smartly! sachin@hackerearth.com vivek@hackerearth.com +91-7829-139-369 www.hackerearth.com