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Ppt on transdermal

  1. 1. ByShrikant AthavalePrathith ConsultantsPune India117-06-2013
  2. 2. 217-06-2013BackgroundA Transdermal Patch is a medicated adhesive patchthat is placed on the skin to deliver a specific dose ofmedication through the skin and into the bloodstream.Often, this promotes healing to an injured area of thebody. An advantage of a transdermal drug delivery routeover other types of medication delivery such as oral,topical, intravenous, intramuscular, etc. is that the patchprovides a controlled release of the medication into thepatient, usually through either a porous membranecovering a reservoir of medication or through body heatmelting thin layers of medication embedded in theadhesive.
  3. 3. 317-06-2013TransdermalpatchesTransdermal PatchMuch more than a Surgical Tapeare simple to usedeliver drugsstraightinto thebloodstreamthrough theskin.
  4. 4. 417-06-2013Medicinesinpill formhave a long,tortuous journeyto get todestinationmust gothrough thedigestivesystemthey areabsorbedinto thebloodthey passthrough theliver, beforecirculating tothe rest of thebodythe liver musteventuallyeliminate them
  5. 5. 517-06-2013TransdermalMedicinespillComparison of Medicine TravelPill v/s Transdermal
  6. 6. 617-06-2013Transdermal Drug DeliveryDesigningThe essentialFactors are PolymerSelectionDrugStabilityReleaseControlMinimizeSkinIrritationImprovementof drugabsorptionSelectionof Drug
  7. 7. 717-06-2013Transdermal Drug DeliveryDesigningPolymerSelectionThe main polymers usedare silicone, polyisobutyleneand acrylic ( most dominating )
  8. 8. 817-06-2013Transdermal Drug DeliveryDesigningRelease Controlsolubilizes, and solubilizingadjuvants
  9. 9. 917-06-2013Transdermal Drug DeliveryDesigningImprovement ofdrug absorptionTransdermal absorptionEnhancersLikeIsopropyl myristateOleyl alcohol
  10. 10. 1017-06-2013Drug in Adhesive SystemBackingAdhesive withDrugReleaseLinerSimple DIA designs are popular, as they can be made by addingthe drug and other components to the adhesive, mixing them, andthen laminating them to a backing layer.
  11. 11. 1117-06-2013Matrix SystemBackingAdhesiveReleaseLinerDrugreservoirLiquid reservoir designs have the drawback of needing greatprecision in manufacturing to avoid the drugs leaking,
  12. 12. 1217-06-2013Liquid Reservoir SystemBackingRate Limiting membraneDrug reservoirAdhesiveReleaseLinerwhile the extra membranes create a more complex manufacturingprocess. The matrix is often created by mixing a high concentrationof drug into an adhesive, as high as 30 per cent, compared toaround 5 per cent in DIA designs.
  13. 13. 1317-06-2013Advantages of Transdermal Drug Delivery do not put too much load on digestivesystem and liver avoid the pain on injection eliminate the adverse effects associatedwith excessive absorption of drugs takenorally thereby alleviate anxiety offer more comfort to patients produce excellent prolonged effects administration can be visually confirmed
  14. 14. 1417-06-2013Transdermal Drug Delivery patchesMay cause side effectslikeo light headednesso dizzinesso redness or irritation of the skin ( covered bythe patch )o flushingsome other side effects cab be serious slow or fast heart beat worsening chest pain fainting rash itching difficulty in breathing or swallowing
  15. 15. 1517-06-2013symptoms ofoverdosemay includeTransdermal Drug Delivery patchesThe patient can suffer a overdose• Headache• confusion• Fever• dizziness• slow or pounding heartbeat• nausea• Vomiting• fainting• shortness of breath• sweating• Flushing• cold and clammy skin• loss of ability to move the body• coma ( loss of consciousness fora period of time )
  16. 16. 1617-06-2013Applications of TransdermalPatchesTreatment of Ischemic Heart DiseaseTDD with isosorbide dinitrade contain in adhesivetreats ischemic heart diseases such as angina pectoris,when applied on chest or upper abdomenrelease the drugcontribute to therapeutic improvement of cardic function.For Local Anesthesiawith tulobuterol( Respiratory function has a circadian rhythem and is known to decrease fromaround midnight to early morning , generally known as "morning dip"paients suffering from bronchial asthma, accacks often occur in the early morning, caused by morning dip,is a major stress factorthis patch offers a long lasting brochodilating effect
  17. 17. 1717-06-2013Special precautionswhen using transdermal patches• apply patch to clean, dry, unbroken skin• apply patch firmly ( it may take 20-30 seconds to get itstick firmly in place)• wash your hands after applying• use only one patch at a time• if ou need to conduct MRI test , the patch may need tobe removed• if you develop skin irritation ( due to adhesive ) , appythe next patch on another area• when you remove the skin patch, fold it so theadhesive edges stick together• gently wash the area with soap and water
  18. 18. 1817-06-2013The mainComponentsThe main components to a transdermal patch are:Liner - Protects the patch during storage. The liner isremoved prior to use.Drug - Drug solution in direct contact with release linerAdhesive - Serves to adhere the components of the patchtogether along with adhering the patch to theskinMembrane - Controls the release of the drug from thereservoir and multi-layer patchesBacking - Protects the patch from the outer environment
  19. 19. 1917-06-2013There are five main typesof transdermal patches.Single-layer Drug-in-AdhesiveMulti-layer Drug-in-AdhesiveReservoirMatrixVapour Patch
  20. 20. 2017-06-2013Single-layer Drug-in-AdhesiveThe adhesive layer of this system also contains the drug. In thistype of patch the adhesive layer not only serves to adhere thevarious layers together, along with the entire system to the skin,but is also responsible for the releasing of the drug. Theadhesive layer is surrounded by a temporary liner and abacking.
  21. 21. 2117-06-2013Multi-layer Drug-in-AdhesiveThe multi-layer drug-in adhesive patch is similar to the single-layer system in that both adhesive layers are also responsible forthe releasing of the drug.One of the layers is for immediaterelease of the drug and other layer is for control release of drugfrom the reservoir. The multi-layer system is different howeverthat it adds another layer of drug-in-adhesive, usually separatedby a membrane (but not in all cases). This patch also has atemporary liner-layer and a permanent backing.
  22. 22. 2217-06-2013ReservoirUnlike the Single-layer and Multi-layer Drug-in-adhesivesystems the reservoir transdermal system has a separate druglayer. The drug layer is a liquid compartment containing a drugsolution or suspension separated by the adhesive layer. Thispatch is also backed by the backing layer. In this type of systemthe rate of release is zero order.
  23. 23. 2317-06-2013MatrixThe Matrix system has a drug layer of a semisolid matrixcontaining a drug solution or suspension. The adhesive layer inthis patch surrounds the drug layer partially overlaying it. Alsoknown as a monolithic device.
  24. 24. 2417-06-2013Vapour PatchIn this type of patch the adhesive layer not only serves to adherethe various layers together but also to release vapour. Thevapour patches are new on the market and they release essentialoils for up to 6 hours. The vapour patches release essential oilsand are used in cases of decongestion mainly. Other vapourpatches on the market are controller vapour patches thatimprove the quality of sleep. Vapour patches that reduce thequantity of cigarettes that one smokes in a month are alsoavailable on the market.
  25. 25. 2517-06-2013Popular usesThe highest selling transdermal patch in USA is thenicotine patch,Hormonal patchesEstrogen patchescontraceptive patchtestosterone patches for both men and womenNitroglycerin patchesTransdermal scopolamineThe anti-hypertensive drug ClonidineVitamin B12 may also be administered through atransdermal patch.
  26. 26. 17-06-2013 26Scope of our Supply1. The Complete Plant and Machinery for manufacturing2. The Adhesive formulations3. The Raw Material sources4. The Manufacturing Process parametersNot in our Scope1. The FDA approval2. Other Govt. approvals if any necessary
  27. 27. 2717-06-2013The Details of the Plantand Machinery ,supplied by us
  28. 28. 2817-06-2013The Manufacturing Process The preparation and homogeneity of the bulkdrug containingor non bulk drug containing adhesive mass the coating process , including thoseparameters to control layer thickness drying , curing and removal of residualsolvent lamination steps the storage and handling of intermediate rolls roll conversion to patches primary packing
  29. 29. 2917-06-2013The CoatingmachineWe offer a Fully automaticProgrammable Machine Designed asper GMP Standards ,Complete Stainless Steel ConstructionInside , provided with clean Roomfacility
  30. 30. 3017-06-2013The CoatingmachineSpecificationsPl referMS Word File attached
  31. 31. 3117-06-2013The Coatingmachine CapacityInstalledCoating plantCapacity / Shift of 8 Hrs : 3,600 sq. MtrsCapacity / PM ( one Shift of 8 Hrs/ Day ) : 90,000 sq. MtrsDie Cuts into patches ( gen size 50 mm X 75 mm )Capacity / Shift of 8 Hrs : 3,20,000 Nos.Capacity / PM ( one Shift of 8 Hrs/ Day ) : 80,00,000 Nos.
  32. 32. 3217-06-2013TheSupportingMachines( Production )1. Adhesive Blending2. Slitting Machine3. Slicing Machine4. Die Cutting Machine5. Shrink Warp
  33. 33. 3317-06-2013TheSupportingMachines( Testing )1. Complete set of Testing equipments forTransdermal Patch and Surgical tapeManufacturing.The same is not in our Scope of supply
  34. 34. 3417-06-2013The Installed Plant Location, whereContract manufacturingis PossibleThis Plant is Located in North Karnatakaabout 460 KM south of Mumbai . We willshare the details at a appropriate time
  35. 35. 17-06-2013 35Our Comments on your points1. Comparative analysis between contractmanufacturing and own production setup with aworking on capital and operational costsThe approximate Contract Manufacturing , cost persq. mtr. will be Rs. 40 - 45 ( Exclusive of Rawmaterial Cost ) , The same will be around Rs. 15 persq. mtr if you manufacture in house.Capital investment will be approximately , Rs.Lakhs.Working Capital will depend on the productionquantity in sq. mtr. / PM
  36. 36. 17-06-2013 36Our Comments on your points2. Liasoning with prospective contract manufacturers,if that route is preferred.This is also possible. We have spoken to theManufacturer and he is ready for ContractManufacturing
  37. 37. 17-06-2013 373. Putting together a production unit with machinery, ifan own unit is to be set upThis is also possible. We will offer you a suitableplant and Machinery , for manufacturing.4. Setting up a supply chain for raw materials (otherthan active pharmaceutical drugs); agreements withpreferred suppliersWe will assist you in providing Raw Materialmanufacturers contact details.
  38. 38. 17-06-2013 385. Assistance in formulations of new productsWe will take care of this , and assist you withformulations.
  39. 39. 17-06-2013 39The Products of your InterestTransdermal products:1. Elastic Bandages and Patches for relief from Injury pain,inflammation and swellingWe will help you in Adhesive formulations for the same.The suitable Drug additive for the same to be supplied by you.2. Nasal patches for relief from nasal congestion, cold etc.We will help you in Adhesive formulations for the same.The suitable Drug additive for the same to be supplied by you.
  40. 40. 17-06-2013 40The Products of your InterestTransdermal products:3. Elastic Bandages and Patches for relief from Joint Pain,Arthritis, Rheumatism etc.We will help you in Adhesive formulations for the same.The suitable Drug additive for the same to be supplied by you.4. Patches for relief from Headache, Fever, Anxiety, SleepDeprivation etc.We will help you in Adhesive formulations for the same.The suitable Drug additive for the same to be supplied by you.
  41. 41. 17-06-2013 41The Products of your InterestTransdermal products:5. Patches for Motion SicknessWe will help you in Adhesive formulations for the same.The suitable Drug additive for the same to be supplied by you.6. Hydrogel Cosmetic Masks and Psoriasis Patches for lesionsdue to dry and scale skinWe will help you in Adhesive formulations for the same.The suitable Drug additive for the same to be supplied by you.
  42. 42. 4217-06-2013Types of Transdermalpatches available today transdermal patch Nicotine transdermal patch for severe pain transdermal patch for harmone theorapy transdermal patch anti hypertensive transdermal patch anti depressant transdermal patch deficit hyper activity disorder transdermal patch vitamin b12 transdermal patch easy breath
  43. 43. 4317-06-2013Types of Transdermalpatches available today Transdermal patch NicotineNicorette Patch helps to give up smoking by relievingthe desire to smoke, and some of the unpleasant effectswhich smokers experience when they stop smoking.To successfully become a non-smoker it is important tounderstand how Nicorette Patch works.
  44. 44. 4417-06-2013 Transdermal patch for severe painA transdermal analgesic or painrelief patch is a medicatedadhesive patch used to relieveminor to severe pain. There aretwo primary types of analgesicpatches: patches containingcounterirritants, which are usedto treat mild to moderate pain,and patches containing fentanyl,a narcotic used to relievemoderate to severe pain inopioid-tolerant patients.
  45. 45. 4517-06-2013 Transdermal patch for hormone therapy
  46. 46. 4617-06-2013transdermal patch anti hypertensiveHypertension is one of the largest deaths causingdisease for the mankind. Since it is a chronic diseaseit necessitates long term treatment.Depending on the release required over a period oftime, the concentrations of polymer, plasticizer andpenetrant were varied.
  47. 47. 4717-06-2013Transdermal patch anti depressantIs a transdermal patch containing the Selegiline, in smalldoses, is most commonly used in the treatmentof Parkinsons disease. It is also effective in higher dosesfor the treatment of major depressive disorder.The patch "is a matrix containing three layers consistingof a backing, an... adhesive drug layer, and a release linerthat is placed against the skin.
  48. 48. 4817-06-2013 Transdermal patch deficit hyperactivity disorderADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) isthe most common behavioural disorder that startsduring childhood. However, it does not only affectchildren - people of all ages can suffer from ADHD.Psychiatrists say ADHD is a neurobehavioraldevelopmental disorder.
  49. 49. 4917-06-2013 Transdermal patch Vitamin B12
  50. 50. 5017-06-2013Transdermal patch Easy BreathWhen you suffer from nasal congestion, itaffects your whole day. Breathe Right helpsyou breathe better so you can sleep betterand feel better all day long.When placed correctly, Breathe Right nasalstrips provide:Nasal congestion relief due to the commoncold or allergiesBetter breathing for people with a deviatedseptumSnoring relief due to night time nasalcongestion
  51. 51. 5117-06-2013Photo GalleryA 21mg dose Nicoderm CQpatch applied to the left armContraceptivepatchClonidine tablets andtransdermal patch
  52. 52. Please feel free to contact usFor more InformationOur website : www.psadhesive.comPersonal Email : psatechno@gmail.comCell : 00 91 98502422825217-06-2013Background
  53. 53. 5317-06-2013