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Kerakoll pvt. ltd.

  1. 1. LAYING RANGE / Mineral adhesives with SAS technology for ceramic tiles and natur H40R Eco Tenaflex Code: P318 2010/09 - UK H40 Eco Tenaflex R Kerakoll India Pvt. Ltd.
  2. 2. H40 Eco TenaflexEco-friendly, mineral adhesive for high-performancelaying or overlaying with no vertical slip,ideal foruse in GreenBuilding. Single-component with verylow volatile organic compound emissions,recyclable as an inert material at the end of its life.H40R Eco Tenaflex develops full stability to theaction of alkaline hydrolysis, ensuring the effectivelaying of coverings in structures in constant contactwith water.
  3. 3. Product Strengths H40R Eco Tenaflex white Suitable for underfloorcontains extra-white recycled heating systems.raw materials. SASR and STC technologySuitable for porcelain tiles, guarantee adhesion in realceramics, large formats, on-site conditions.low thickness slabs andstable natural stone. Open and adjustability time ≥ 30 min.Thicknesses up to 15 mm. Floors and walls, for internal and external use.
  4. 4. Green Building Rating Recycled VOC Recyclable 3 Mineral >=60 % Mineral >=30 % <=250 g/kg Low Emissionecogrey white Natural Recycled Can be mineral Very low recycled mineral 4 content VOC as inert Grey 61% content emissions eco White 62% White 62% materialCategory - Inorganic Class - Mineral Adhesives Rating -Mineral Products with SAS Technology +Grey Eco 3 +White Eco 4
  5. 5. Area of usecement-based plasters, lime and cement, mineral screeds made using hydraulic binders such as KeracemR Eco, cement-based levelling and self-levelling products, concrete and cellular concrete, existing flooring and walls with glazed tiles, cement-based and resin paving,homogeneous tiles, underfloor heating systems cement and synthetic resin-based waterproofing products, cast asphalt screeds.
  6. 6. Don’t UseOn plastic or resilient materials, metals, woodand on substrates subject to continuousmoisture rising.
  7. 7. Instruction for usePreparation of substratesSubstrates must comply with BS 5385, parts 1-5, be compact, free fromsubstances that reduce adhesion such as dust, oil, grease and with no loosematerial. The substrate must be stable, nondeformable, without cracks andhave already completed the curing period of hygrometric shrinkage.Uneven sections must be corrected with suitable smoothing and finishingproducts such as KeralevelR Eco LR or KeratechR Eco R30. Anhydrite screeds must have a damp content of ≤ 0.5 CM-% and be adequately sanded,cleaned using a suitable vacuum cleaner and primed with Primer A Eco.Cement-based screeds must be cured for at least 28 days and have a residualhumidity ≤ 2 CM-%. Can be laid on mineral screeds prepared using theeco-friendly binder KeracemR Eco after only 24 hrs (≤3 CM-%). When laying on screeds containing heating systems, follow the instructions givenin the BS 8204 used to test the heating system itself. When under floor heatinghas been used the residual humidity of anhydrite screeds must be ≤ 0.3 CM-%, whereas that of cement screeds must be ≤ 2 CM-%.Cast asphalt screeds with well-bonded sand must be cleaned by vacuumingoff the excess sand before laying.
  8. 8. Specialnote On highly absorbent screeds and plasters, apply the eco-friendly water-based surface isolation product Primer A Eco to improve the workability of the adhesive, following the instructions provided on the technical sheet. Cast asphalt screeds that are not evenly sanded or in which the sand is not well anchored must be primed with Keragrip Eco before laying.
  9. 9. Warning- Product for professional use- do not use the adhesive to correct substrate irregularities greater than 15 mm- lay and press tiles onto fresh adhesive, making sure it has not formed a surface skin- expansion joints must be incorporated as defined in BS 5385, parts 1-5- protect against direct rain and freezing for at least 24 hrs- the temperature, ventilation and absorption of the substrate and covering materials,may vary the adhesive workability and setting times- if necessary, ask for the safety data sheet- for any other issues, contact the Kerakoll Worldwide Global Service
  10. 10. Thank you