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Emergency Response: Air Ambulance in India


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India is proud to be the pioneers in air ambulance service, medical transport in the Subcontinent and continue to be the largest and safest provider of air transport services and medical assistance.

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Emergency Response: Air Ambulance in India

  1. 1. Emergency Response: Air Ambulance in India India is proud to be the pioneers in air ambulance service, medical transport in the Subcontinent and continue to be the largest and safest provider of air transport services and medical assistance. We are the largest provider of air ambulances (fixed wing and rotor) in this part of the world and have earned a reputation of high safety standards and professionalism both nationally and internationally. Our extensive experience of over THREE decades of serving the aero medical field allows us to confidently and efficiently evacuate seriously injured or sick patients from even the remotest of areas. Emergency air medical transport service providers of Delhi and Mumbai have best air ambulance service in India. We are at your disposal, 24 hours a day. The reason why air ambulance is so vital is as follows. If a person is on vacation in Mexico and has a medical emergency such as, a heart attack, kidney failure, third degree burns, a spinal fracture etc. He requires immediate attention and the best doctors or surgeons to perform an operation. This is just one example of where the services of an air ambulance would be essential, to transport the patient immediately to trusted professionals. An air ambulance is essential for any medical facility, since a medical emergency can sporadically arrive. If you have this service, you will be ready and well equipped to handle the emergency and very likely save a life. Make sure that your hospital or nursing home provides this service and will always be ready to save lives. An air ambulance is the same idea as an ambulance truck; the only difference is that one drives, and one flies. Another term that's also used to describe an air ambulance is Medevac. An air ambulance has all the required tools and machines for a medical patient in order to transfer them safely to a hospital. The air ambulance jets are all equipped for advanced life support. All the Jets are equipped with ventilators, medication, CPR equipment, an ECG, stretchers, and all necessary medical supplies. There is no loss to the hospital or any medical facility that uses it (Government use, Nursing homes, assisted living etc...) because they are only charged a fee when they actually use air ambulance service in India. For instance, if anyone has this service there will be an air ambulance waiting for them until they call in an emergency. There is
  2. 2. no charge for having the air ambulance waiting around for possible use. Our mission is to provide unconditional transport to any person in need. We will never accept or deny a request for transportation based on financial "bottom line". It is our mission to provide high- quality, condition-specific, cost-efficient medical transport; innovate constantly and adapt best practices for transporting critically ill safely and scientifically. For more information regarding air ambulance service in India, please visit us at: or send your queries at or contact at +91-9579034641. Tags: Air charter India, Air emergency service India, Air charter Goa, Aero medical Evacuation, Medevac India, Emergency medical service, cost effective Air charter service, Emergency service, Aero medical evacuation India, Economical Aero medical service Delhi, Medevac, Air support India, Emergency service Mumbai, Air charter, Helicopter, air emergency service, Helicopter India, Emergency air charter service, cost saving Air charter service Delhi,