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Air Ambulance service in India


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In India, our Mede vac Service capabilities are supported by our 24 hours Flight Coordination Center and air ambulance specialists.

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Air Ambulance service in India

  1. 1. Air Ambulance service in India In India, our Mede vac Service capabilities are supported by our 24 hours Flight Coordination Center and air ambulance specialists. Our Flight Coordinator's specialize in assisting our customers in all aspects to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient transfer of the patient. The commitment to quality and cost effectiveness is delivered by combining the talents of our highly trained medical flight crews, our safety and service oriented Flight Crews and a quality driven management team dedicated to treat each of our patients as if they were members of our own family. Our complete service for Air Ambulance ensures quality care to all our patients in India and worldwide at competitive prices. In the field of providing Emergency Medical Services, time is an important factor. You need to reach the patient as soon as possible to give them immediate care and deliver them to the nearest hospital. A fraction of a second is very crucial and may also cost the patient's life. To cope with this, a series of improvements were done to provide a more efficient response to critical situations. There are some places that are not accessible to the regular ambulance. These areas may be remote areas or places that can't be reached quickly by a regular ambulance. In these cases, it would be more convenient if we use an air ambulance. The air ambulance is an aircraft that is used for emergency medical assistance for much quicker response to areas where air transport is only mostly available. Like the traditional ambulance, air ambulances have medical equipment like ECG, ventilators, medicines and stretchers. A group of medical personnel’s are in an air ambulance. Medical helicopters are part of a team dedicated to provide that extra measure of support when it is needed the most, when life is dependent upon quick, effective medical response. So, when our life or lives of our beloved ones are threatened and we're really in need of a secure and fast transportation to save ourselves or our beloved ones, India Air Ambulance is one good option for fast transportation. After all, emergency cases need fast and secure services. No matter what type of aircraft is used as an air ambulance today, it is typically stocked with state of the art medical equipments and a superior trained staff, both medical and flight as it
  2. 2. is the ambulance for long distance transportation of a medically fragile patient. To know more about Air Ambulance in India, visit us at: or send your queries to or contact at +91-9579034641.