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Business Model


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e book of web based business models with examples

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Business Model

  2. 2. Advertising Business Model An advertising model is the strategic use of an advertising medium, with the goal of reaching a specific target audience. An advertising medium is the type of media or vehicle the advertising is placed on. Started in 2000 Revenue : $ 43.7 billion Google adword success is because of it allows the user to bit for advertising in a particular website and google adword provides cheap rates of ad cost . Google adword is allowing to maintain a clarity for bidding. launched : 02/03/1995 Revenue : $ 4,618,133 billion 281 million total users Yahoo Search Marketing is a keyword-based "Pay per click" or "Sponsored search" Internet advertising service provided by Yahoo
  3. 3. Brokerage Model Brokers are market-makers: they bring buyers and sellers together and facilitate transactions. Brokers play a frequent role in business-to-business , business-to-consumer , or consumer-to-consumer markets. Founded: September 3, 1995 Revenue :- US$17.90 billion (2014) Founded : 1997 Revenue :- 8.44 billion U.S. dollars Reason Of success outside North America, the company drops its name-your- own-price model and uses a traditional booking model that has allowed it to become the world’s biggest seller of hotel rooms by selling 141.6 million room nights in 2011. Reason to success: - eBay is perhaps best described as an Auction House. As critics have pointed out, the key to eBay's continued growth and success lies in its rather simple business model. As Rappa points out (2010), as businesses seek fresh, untapped markets on the Web, so many traditional business models have also found their way online
  4. 4. Infomediary Model Formed from a combination of the words information and intermediary, an infomediary is a WEBSITE that gathers and organizes large amounts of data and acts as an intermediary between those who want the information and those who supply the information founded in 1923 Number of employees: 40,000 (2014) Headquarters: New York City, USA Revenue: $6.288 billion (2014) Success Story help you narrow down multiple concepts into the few with the highest likelihood of success. By helping you zero in on your most marketable concepts, calculate and reduce risk associated with new product launches Edmunds was founded in 1966
  5. 5. Merchant Model Merchant Model is a model of dynamic rates, being responsibility of hotel to fix mark-up to achieve best Available Rate, working always over net rates. Wholesalers and retailers of goods and services. Sales may be made based on list prices or through auction. Found : July 1995 It offers Earth’s biggest selection. Reason Of Success seeks to be Earth's most customer-centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavours to offer its customers the lowest possible prices Started in 1998 Initially conceived as a simple music player, over time iTunes developed into a sophisticated multimedia content manager Reason of Success iTunes combined the player, the library and the store into an easy-to-use, unified experience.
  6. 6. Manufacturer Model It is predicated on the power of the web to allow a manufacturer (i.e., a company that creates a product or service) to reach buyers directly and thereby compress the distribution channel. The manufacturer model can be based on efficiency, improved customer service, and a better understanding of customer preferences Founded on 1924 as Gebrüder Dassler Schuhfabrik (registered on 18 August 1949) €14.49 billion (2012) is the Revenue Success Story it’s has truly lived up to its tagline “Impossible is Nothing” With over 1000 stores around the world, the company has risen to extreme heights of success. It has been successful in creating an influential marketing with advertising and other marketing tools. Its current slogan is “Adidas is all in”. Dell traces its origins in 1984 Success Story DELL offer customers better quality at a lower price by eliminating the middle man and selling to the end user directly. Revenue - $59 Billion last year America's Largest Private Companies #3
  7. 7. Affiliate Model the affiliate model, provides purchase opportunities wherever people may be surfing. It does this by offering financial incentives to affiliated partner sites. The affiliates provide purchase-point click-through to the merchant. It is a pay-for-performance model - - if an affiliate does not generate sales, it represents no cost to the merchant. The affiliate model is inherently well-suited to the web, which explains its popularity. Found : July 1995 It offers Earth’s biggest selection. Reason Of Success seeks to be Earth's most customer- centric company, where customers can find and discover anything they might want to buy online, and endeavours to offer its customers the lowest possible prices 1917 first bookstore opened The largest retail bookseller in the United States Success Story With over 1,200 college and retail bookstores across 50 states, Barnes & Noble is the No. 1 bricks-and-mortar book retailer in America. The company is currently staffed with 35,000 employees. Barnes & Noble stores average 25,000 square feet and carry up to 200,000 titles along with a wide selection of music, DVDs, magazines and toys and games
  8. 8. Lead Generation Model This is a type of site that collects users info. And then sells that information to other companies that would be interested in selling marketing to them. Revenue $35M Founded in 1995
  9. 9. Community Model The viability of the community model is based on user loyalty. Revenue can be based on the sale of ancillary products and services or voluntary contributions. The Internet is inherently suited to community business models and today this is one of the more fertile areas of development, as seen in rise of social networking. Founded : 1994 by visionary entrepreneurs Bob Young and Marc Ewing The world's leading open source and Linux provider Revenue:-$1.13 billion Red Hat is leading Linux and open source solutions into the mainstream by making high quality, low cost technology accessible. Red Hat provides operating system software along with middleware, applications and management solutions Launched: January 15, 2001 Revenue:-$2.8 billion Wikipedia is a free-content encyclopaedia, written collaboratively by people from all around the world. The site is a wiki, which means that anyone with access to an Internet-connected computer can edit entries simply by clicking on the edit this page link. Wikipedia is a project of the non-profit Wikimedia Foundation.
  10. 10. Subscription Model Users are charged a periodic -- daily, monthly or annual -- fee to subscribe to a service. It is not uncommon for sites to combine free content with "premium" content. Subscription fees are incurred irrespective of actual usage rates. Subscription and advertising models are frequently combined Revenue:-$46.9 million Launched :-2001 became a subsidiary of Real Networks, Inc., the global leader in digital media services and software for consumers and businesses is a leading online music company that develops and distributes RHAPSODY, a digital music service. RHAPSODY gives consumers unlimited access to the world's largest library of music established in 1997 headquartered in Los Gatos Netflix had over 23 million subscribers in the United States and over 26 million worldwide As of October 2015, Netflix reported 69.17 million subscribers worldwide, including more than 43 million in the U.S Revenue:-$5.50 billion last yr.
  11. 11. Utility Model The utility or "on-demand" model is based on metering usage, or a "pay as you go" approach. Unlike subscriber services, metered services are based on actual usage rates Founded : March 1983 Revenue :$15.3 million Soon after going public the company was Fatbrain , owned by Barnes & Noble in the early 2000s the company worked with new and established writers by allowing them to post their work online. When someone purchased the work , the writer spit the fee with Fatbrain on a 50/50 basis. Revenue:-$18,000 Slashdot is one of the largest IT news sites on the Web. With over 50 million page views per month, Slashdot is a leader in its category, with coverage ranging from ultra technical to ultra controversial. It is more than just news though. Today Slashdot is owned by the Open Source Development Network, Inc. (OSDN), which is a subsidiary of VA Software Corporation Founded : 1997