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5 Useful Websites for College & University Students


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Facebook and Twitter are not something new to you, yet there still many other social networking tools or websites that are noteworthy and useful to you. No matter you are a BBA student or student from any other science and art field, you probably have to prepare reports or presentations for your assignment coursework; so where do you get all these information? Likely you will first start with “google-ing” the relevant keywords. Below are some direct alternatives proposed to you to ease your burden. - See more at:

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5 Useful Websites for College & University Students

  1. 1. Alternative presentation tool
  2. 2. 10 million slides shared!
  3. 3. Largest professional social networking site
  4. 4. Interesting? Pin it!
  5. 5. Present your information beautifully
  7. 7. E X T R A WordWeb English Dictionary Evernote Note-taking app Freeware that enhance productivity & learning
  8. 8.