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Mud turtles


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Mud turtles

  1. 1. Mud TurtlesWALT: Read non fiction storiesRemembering - What are the facts1. The colours of Mud turtles shell is yellow and brownand dull green.2.Mud turtles grow 12 cm to 5 inchs.3.a)Where can mud turtles be found?They are found in Mexico ,central and south Americaand Africa.b)What type of water do mud turtles live in?They like to live in ponds, Marchs and draining Ditchs.In shallow water.c)What do mud turtles eat?Mud turtles eat insects tadpoles and small fish.d)How many eggs do mud turtles lay?They can lay lay 1 to 6 eggs in a hole.Understanding - show that you understandthe information4.
  2. 2. Applying - Using information in another way6. Acrostic PoemMud turtlesUniqueDamsTurtlesUnder water they eat fishRoughTinyLive in damsEats fish, insects and tadpolesSmall they grow 12 cm7. A day in the life of a Mud Turtle.Mud turtles can be found in Mexico, Central and SouthAmerica and Africa.They like ponds Marches, Draining ditches, but thewater has to be quiet shallow and slow movingbecause they are not good swimmer and they have toget to the surface to breath.Mud turtles spend most there time in the water.Mud turtles are small turtles they grow up to 12cm long.Their shell is dull green and yellow - brown.Mud turtles have webbed feet to help them swimbecause they spend most there time in the water.They have claws on there toes so the can move aroundon land.Mud turtles eat insects fish and tadpoles.
  3. 3. Mud turtles are able to breed after the age of 5 - 7,eggs are laid out of the water in nests,They 1- 6 eggs ina hole in the sand or under the leaves.The eggs take 5months to grow, once they have hatch the babies havethey have to fend for themselves.Analysing - Identifying the features that helpmud turtles survive8. Information WebWebbed feet - Help them swimClaws on toes - so they can move around on landWater has to be slow moving and shallow - they arentgood swimmersThey eat there food under water - so they can breathEvaluating - How safe is mud turtles9. Predator rating5/10 because they could get eaten by big fish or sharksthat’s in the water.And raccoons and birds because thebirds could see that the mud turtles are on land andswoop down and grab them and then eat the mudturtle.10 Extension RatingThe rating i give is a 6/10 because people probablywont want to eat them because they are a mans bestpet. And there habitat is getting destroyed because ofnew
  4. 4. house’s and making farms. And many mud turtle arekilled because of passing cars while they cross roads tfind nests.Creating - Coming up with new ideas11. Mud turtles upgrade - overcoming treats