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Overview of Pearson's MyStudentSuccessLab 3.0.

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  • MSSL 3.0 We’ve been listening to your requests around MSSL, doing multiple focus groups/reviews/market touches, and we’ve applied all your feedback to create MSSL 3.0!
  • The 3 things you asked us to address, we’ve done the following to improve: Registration simplified – only 1 Topical MSSL; streamlined ease of entry Navigation obvious – call things what they are; organize intuitively; include ‘just in time’ learning/resources that are ‘student approved’ and vetted Assessment more/better – pre and post test; questions for each feature-video, practice, activities; time on task with CCNG; big-picture – its scalable now
  • This is how the contents look in the Learning Path .
  • This is the Critical Thinking Pre-Test start.
  • This is what the Critical Thinking Pre-Test looks like.
  • Here’s a Practice 1 example, Level 1-2 of Bloom’s. There are 2 Practices within each topic now.
  • The are 2 Activities per topic now. Activities are always graded based on performance (as opposed to credit for completion like with practice activities) Here’s an example project activity. Level Bloom’s 3-4.
  • Journaling is now an Activity. Instructors and students will be able to easily find it and assess on it.
  • Now, you’re back at your list of topics or contents in the Study Plan and ready to take the Post-Test Diagnostic .
  • You’ll love the 3 changes we made to the Student Resources tab! Added Student Facebook page – reviewed well with PSAB. Added FinishStrong247 YouTube channel – refined search of videos vetted ‘by students, for students’. Added MySearchLab.
  • This is what MySearchLab looks like. It helps students learn how to gather information for research.
  • This is the FinishStronger247 YouTube channel we created. We have been collaborating with students for “best of” how to videos and explanations that hit home…And are available on our main navigation panel & as a channel in each topic.
  • My ss lab_3.0_point_and_click_demo

    1. 1. Student Success Career Development 3.0
    2. 2. <ul><li>Registration – simplified </li></ul><ul><li>Navigation - obvious </li></ul><ul><li>Assessment – more/better </li></ul>3.0
    3. 3. Learning Path features 15 modules
    4. 4. Learning Path Module Pre-Test Diagnostic on Critical Thinking Step 1 : 20 question pre-test based on level 1 & 2 of Bloom’s taxonomy
    5. 5. Learning Path Pre-Test Diagnostic: Critical Thinking Each module pre-test includes 20 questions (Blooms 1 & 2) that diagnose students’ comprehension of the skill.
    6. 6. Topic Overview offers summary of Learning Outcomes/Skills Step 2 : Students receive an overview of what to expect in each step of the learning path.
    7. 7. Video Interviews now feature reflection questions Step 3 : Student Video Interviews featuring follow-up questions designed to ensure students spend time reflecting on opinions expressed. Student time-on-task is tracked in the gradebook.
    8. 8. 2 Practice activities per module Step 4 : Two Interactive Practice activities per module give students a comprehensive overview of the topic with multiple opportunities to test their knowledge along the way. Practice modules are “credit for completion” - embedded self-check assessments do not report to grade book.
    9. 9. 2 Graded Activities per module Step 5 : Two instructor graded activities per module give students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the topic using level 3 & 4 of Bloom’s taxonomy. In the first activity , students are asked to apply knowledge by completing a project.
    10. 10. Journaling always an ACTIVITY Step 5 : Two instructor graded activities per module give students an opportunity to demonstrate mastery of the topic using level 3 & 4 of Bloom’s taxonomy. In the second activity , students are asked to reflect and goal set by journaling about the skills they have learned in the module.
    11. 11. Return to the Learning Path to complete Post-Test Diagnostic for the topic Final Step :Students return to the learning path where they are now ready to take a 20 question module post-test diagnostic test. The post-test is based on levels 4 & 5 of Blooms and is designed to allow students to demonstrate mastery of strategy and decision making .
    12. 12. Learning Path results feed the grade book where we encourage instructors to rely on data Gradebook features multiple ways to view and manage student results
    13. 13. Student Resources feature 3 new items New Student Resources include the Pearson Students Facebook Page, the FinishStrong247 YouTube Channel, and MySearchLab !
    14. 14. MySearchLab teaches students how to gather credible information for research efficiently & on their own
    15. 15. Finishstrong247 YouTube channel Assembled in collaboration with students for a “best of” list of how-to videos and explanations that hit home. One channel per topic with multiple videos to choose from.
    16. 16. Now Live and Available for Fall 2011 Classes! 3.0