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Quantified Self Toronto #10: Sacha Chua's update


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Published in: Technology, Health & Medicine
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Quantified Self Toronto #10: Sacha Chua's update

  1. 1. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)I track so that I can ask questions about life.
  2. 2. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)Where do I spend my time?Does that match my priorities?
  3. 3. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)Do I get enough sleep?Is my life balanced?
  4. 4. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)What do my sleep patterns look like?What do I spend the most time on?
  5. 5. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)Where’s my stuff?
  6. 6. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)Do I make the most of what I have?
  7. 7. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)
  8. 8. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)What do I spend on?Does it match my priorities? Expenses in 2011 Taxes House Travel Gadgets Charity Connection Hobbies Internet Personal Care Gifts Cash Pet Care Books Play Phone Supplies Improvement Bank Fees Education Outsourcing Adjustment
  9. 9. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)Just how much squash did we have toget through?
  10. 10. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac) alpha! (shh)
  11. 11. Sacha Chua (,, @sachac)Things I want to work on next: • Coach people and help them develop the tracking/experimentation habit • Build things that I and other people want to track into Free coaching for one month! (as schedule permits) Ask questions, set goals, get started, stay on track. Saturdays or evenings, phone/Skype/e-mail/cafe Sacha Chua Twitter: @sachac